Mega Contest – Win 10 Premium Themes worth $700

Published On October 27, 2008
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Its been a long time since we had any contests on Blog Oh! Blog. To add to your winter happiness, I am announcing a mega contest where everyone gets a chance to win not one, not two, but 10 Super Premium WordPress themes made by the coolest theme designers from all over the Internet.

I am not including any of my Premium themes in this contest so that recent buyers don’t feel cheated (And yeah, that doesn’t mean I am not cool πŸ™‚ ).

Here is a list of the Premium themes (Single-User Licenses) that you can win by entering this contest :-

Update: One more Premium theme has been added to the contest. The theme is called WpShowcase from

How to participate in the contest?

The rules of participation are quite simple. Here is what you have to do to become a contestant :-

  • 1. Subscribe to the RSS Feed of Blog Oh! Blog (this will also help you to know if you are the winner)
  • 2. Write an entry about this contest on your blog (Usually my blog will track back your entry but if it doesn’t, you can leave the post link in the comments). Make sure that the entry on your blog contains a link back to this contest.
  • 3. One Premium theme per winner.

The contest runs for one full month and the ten winners will be declared on November 28, 2008 through a lucky draw (a separate post will be made declaring the results). The winning participants will be able to make a choice between any of the aforementioned Premium themes and the chosen theme will be sent to their respective e-mail addresses.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and write about this contest to secure your Premium theme πŸ™‚

By the way, HAPPY DIWALI to everyone! Read more about Diwali

86 replies on “Mega Contest – Win 10 Premium Themes worth $700”

Thanks for share about this site, its look very useful article. That article are very informative and quite useful for people who like to read like. Everyrhing is very open with a really clear description of the issue.

waw! great! I like thesis one, I now use Revolutin protech.

So, i wanna go to the contest, but it is only accept english site? or I (Indonesian) can also join this contest though my site has Indonesian language.

Please reply, I wait for Thesis

Jai Reply

@Marine:- It doesn’t matter if your blog is new or old, english or chinese. As long as you are following all the rules of the contest, you are IN the contest πŸ™‚

hi jai,

i already purchased premium theme from called thesis.

but, i really want to win theme spinner. this theme looks like one-theme from

check out my blog wearing one-theme at

p/s: i’m gonna write this review on my blog.


Jai–those themes are AMAZING. An incredible contest and an excellent collection of premium themes offered!

I’m already subscribed Blog oh Blog! and will be sure to give this an entry very soon!

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