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Published On January 5, 2014
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“Happy New Year 2014” to all my readers! As promised here, I am releasing another free WordPress theme called “PhotoFly“. This is a full-screen responsive theme with ready-to-use page templates and easily configurable home page.


The home page has a full screen slider with an attractive zoom-in effect that will surely catch the eye of your readers. PhotoFly theme has been tested on all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Here is a list of detailed features of this WordPress theme :-

  • Full Screen Home Page Slider (with zoom effect)
  • Theme Admin Options
  • Page templates for Portfolio, Blog, Homepage and Contact Page
  • Responsive – Fit to work on Mobile devices
  • Built-in Drop Down Menus
  • Integrated Lightbox effect for Images and Gallery
  • Optimized code for SEO
  • Automatic Image resizing – Uses the Featured Image option of WordPress

Theme Demo & Download

Instructions for Usage

You can read on how to set up the theme in the Help Section under the Theme Options once you install PhotoFly. Some things to note :-

  • Make sure to set the number of slides in the Theme Options that you want in the Home slider.
  • Make sure you set your permalinks to something other than the default ones for the Portfolio to work correctly.

What Next ?

I was disappointed at the response to my last free WordPress theme. I see several downloads and views but not a single comment. I spend a lot of precious time making these WordPress themes and I will appreciate if there is some kind of feedback on them. Anyway, enjoy PhotoFly and let me know your review 🙂

Version 1.3 (updated as on Feb 12, 2014)

A new version of the PhotoFly WordPress Theme has been released. Changes are as follows :-

  • Fixed conflicts with already installed plugins. Home slider works without flaws.
  • Added the missing <body> tag. (what a blunder!!)
  • Widened the post/page area.
  • New theme option for adding your Image logo.
  • Added missing comments.php and enabled threaded comments.
  • The theme updates your permalinks automatically upon installation so you don’t have to save them manually to make portfolio work.
  • Updated the blog and portfolio grid layout to use Masonry (now works in all browsers perfectly including Internet Explorer 10)

154 replies on “Free WordPress Theme – PhotoFly”

Essays Chief Reply

The post is interesting. The content looks at the free WordPress theme – PhotoFly. PhotoFly is a full-screen responsive theme with user-friendly page templates and effortlessly configurable home page. The home page has a full-screen slider with an eye-catching zoom-in effect. PhotoFly theme has been checked on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

gmail login Reply

This blog is definitely entertaining additionally factual. I have picked up helluva helpful tips out of this amazing blog. I ad love to visit it again and again. Thanks!

ferozshaikh Reply

This is very educational content and written well for a change. It’s nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.!

Joshua A. Price Reply

Great article, I unfortunately had some problems printing this article out, The print formatting looks a little screwed over, something you might want to look into.

Björn Reply


first, big thank´s for the great Theme!

Is there anyway to reset die photos in the silde? I changed the photos in the slides but there will be displayed the old one in the Home Screen?!

Is the a cache folder or any kind?

shultzie Reply

Thanks a lot for this free theme!

Unfortunately I have a small problem:
I installed the theme right away, but I am not able to show up the entries of my “Portfolio” section, even there are 5 entries. No pictures, not even any headline. Could you please help me here?

Matthias Reply

Hello. Unfortunately I have encountered an error. If you have created a menu that includes a fold submenu, it happens all the time the trigger further submenu is permanently angezigt and once you closed your mouse over the menu goes wid every second and opened without a single click. The same behavior I found on the demo of the theme.

Sorry for the somewhat strange translation was created using Google Translate.

Markus Weik Reply

Hi, wonderful template and functions. But I didn’t manage it to run the portfolio section. Setup was done according to the help page. But the pictures don’t show up there.

What did I wrong?

Kind regards,

Stefan Reply

Hi! Cool Theme!
Took a little bit for understanding that slider- and homepage-thing, but works now.

One question: How can I adjust the order of the slides? At the moment they are shown in order of theit upload 🙁

Thanks again for this free template!

luke Reply

hey.. can you explane me how you managed that slider thing?? i want it like its on the picture of the theme but i dont get it that way.. already googled it but dont find anything helpful


Ambrose Reply

Hello there,

I am in love with your team,and on my way to donate some token.

though presently want to remove the original background, i will be grateful is you help. by telling me where to go and how to remove and add other background.


Martin Klank Reply

Great Theme! Thank you!
But there is a little problem with the picture size of the slider! The homescreen seems a little bigger then the browser window, so I have scroll bars at the right and at the bottom. How can I fix it? Thanks for your help!

Mohamed Elsayyed Reply

Hi, thanks for such an amazing WP theme. i have a little inquiry regarding customizing the homepage slider. How can I remove thumbnails and the trasparent bar at the bottom of slider front page? Thanks!

Rahul Chouhan Reply

Great post. from the past 4 months i use this theme on my official blog and had a great experience with this theme. All things like Layout and Speed is awesome. thanks for sharing post regarding PHOTO FLY Theme

Michael Reply


I really don’t get it. I have a running WP and I installed PhotoFly 1.3.
My Steps:

1.) I changed Permalinks to month and day.
2.) I added blank page “Blog” and “Portfolio”.
3.) In WP-Admin I created a new Portfolio with one picture. In preview it works great, but it does not appear on clicking portfolio-link on homepage
4.) Also blog remains blank screen.

Could you possible attach a HowTo with the major initial steps to make it run?

kind regards,

Bill Reply

Hi Jai

I have added slide with image

also I have selected feature image for each slides

Still no image or slider showing up on home page


vijayakumar Reply


I have added slide with image also I have selected feature image for each slides Still no image or slider showing up on home page. Can u tell me procedure to add slides.

Ivo Reply

Hi there, I like the theme a lot and I’ve downloaded it today ( I guess is the latest version). I got the following problems:
1- There is no “help” option in the theme options.
2- There is no way to make the home page looks like the theme preview with the zooming effect.
3- When I hover over a page with sub pages they don’t open.
4- In the social section there is no “feed” button as shown in the demo.
Is there any way to read or watch a tuts about the set up of the theme? I love the theme but unfortunately it’s not made for non-techies like me. Thanks to the one who help me about this issues.

Daniel Chew Reply

Great theme. Well, it has been awhile and I finally found back this site. Was here since the first creator of this site sold this here.

Gonna try and see how this theme will fit in my blog.


AKG Reply

I have downloaded this theme and do really like it but I have some questions, how can I contact you ? I want to customize some areas and your help is needed, I would be so thankful if you spend a little time on this demand

Eric P Reply

Hi. Thank you for the theme. It really looks good. I’m starting to set it up. It was easy and really cool. I just have one question, is it possible to have a category or something so that I can filter in portfolio. Ex. Portait, Landscape and so on…

Thanks and regards,
Eric from Dubai

Miguel Reply

Hi, i have a problem with a blog page, i created a new blank page and named blog and i added to the menu but when i do click to blog option in the app menu the page is empty, does appear no entries ¿what is wrong? thanks in advance

worbos Reply


The theme is amazing and thanks for your hard work,but i got one problem,with social gallery plugin + nextgen it doesn’t work on this theme. Any suggestions?

Fran Reply


I am interested in the template, but I have observed that the demo does not work properly. Specifically portfolio sometimes (most) pictures out stacking and category entries appear below the menu.

I tried the demo on different browsers but it all happens.

Is temporary or is it a problem in the template.

Thanks in advance. regards

Fran Reply

Thank you very much.

The latest version works correctly and have solved all the problems.

Good job and very good template for wordpress.

Congratulations and thanks again.

Best Regards

Jasminka Reply

Ok, but does not work slider in IE and does not work Easy Media Gallery pro (not a description and social sharing in fancybox).

Jai Reply

Just enter your email and name. The download link will be sent to your email address. It will have the latest version always.

Albert Reply

I have a problem… when i add featured images in the blog, the each section of a post overlaps with another post and it can not read well. This problem is in Firefox, Explorer and Chrome.

thx thx

Albert Reply

This is the web

This is the page with the problem in the blog

This is the page with the same problem but with the pictures



Thanks for your answer but….

If I change that line of code, the sliders does not work and the images in portafolio are still disordered

manu Reply

Hi! I am spanish boy.
I have trouble understanding the steps. I know this is very easy but I can not get portfolio right. Could I see a more detailed tutorial? would be nice to make a video tutorial on youtube 😀

My steps are:
1 I make a blank page called portfolio and keep.

I dont understand This second step:
Two. Add portfolio items in the section called “Portfolio” of your wp-admin (this is in the side menu)
who i need to add? Which items?

And the third step:
Three. Upload Images with featured each portfolio item.
how i can upload Images with Which featured item?


Jai Reply

You don’t see any Portfolio section on the left menu of your wordPress admin ? That’s where you have to add portfolio items.

Dev Reply

Really loved this theme? Could you please guide me how to change the background colour? Say I want white background on second page? Thanks a lot

naumi Reply

thank you so much for the free theme i really love it can you please my following to problems?

1- i want to insert my logo just with the tittle.
2- can we enhance the page width of all secondary pages.

please guide me.

Kballero Reply

I too want to put the logo into the tittle. I modify the sidebar.php with a line html code, but only put the logo into the first page (home), the rest are empty.

Jai Reply

I have released a better and bug free version of PhotoFly. Please download new version and read the list of changes made.

Kballero Reply

Hi, I cannot configure portfolio. I was change the permalinks, but don’t run correctly.

You can explain shortly how to configure this option correctly?

My steps are:

1- I make a New Portfolio.
2- I put a new gallery with 3 or 4 photos in the gallery.
3- Too I put a photo in a feature zone.

Then… anything else???


Bruno Reply

Hello, first thanks for this free theme.

I can not get the photo slides on the Home page when the “NextCellent Gallery” plugin is activated. How can I solve this conflict ?

Bruno Reply

The conflict seems to be a js conflict around fancybox jquery function. I get the following message inside the js console:

jQuery(“.gallery-icon a”).fancybox is not a function

What can I do to fix this ?

Bruno Reply

The slide on the home page works now with the version 2.

But now when I add a gallery inside a page with nextgen I get the following js error:

TypeError: jQuery(…).nggSlideshow is not a function

nggSlideshow is a js function provided by nextgen plugin

Vanderlei Rigo Reply

I loved this theme and I am very excited. But I’m struggling to configure portfolio. I pray send me link with tutorials. Thank you very much.

zonen Reply

Thanks for your help. You are a great man! 🙂
But I have another problem. I hope this is the last one. 🙂
Gallery portfolio4 already working but when I click the image (magnifier) it doesn’t run slideshow but takes me to a separate page.

zonen Reply

Yes, I’m trying this on live website.
Your portfolio gallery works correctly but my portfolio4 not.
See this site –

Thomas Reply

Is it easy to make the “blogposts” (and the width of the ‘boxes’ of the other pages) a bit wider? I would like to show my photo’s there with (background/behind the scene) stories.


Jai Reply

It is possible but will need some work.

Step 1:- Open functions.php and copy the lines from 120-190 and paste them just after that. Now change everywhere in this new code section, the name portfolio to something that you want. Now, in the admin , you will have a new section with your assigned name.

Step 2 :- Make a duplicate of the file called archive-portfolio.php to archive-yourname.php

Thats it. Make a new page by the same name that you used. Post items in the new section.

zonen Reply

Thanks for help, but it not working.

For this example i called my new gallery – Portfolio4.
I copied and changed lines from 120-190 and made a duplicate of the file called archive-portfolio.php to archive-portfolio4.php

Now, in the admin , I have a new section Portfolio4 but when i’m creating a new page called portfolio4 it isn’t gallery page but ordinary blog page.

See below my changed lines 120-190:

/* Register a Custom Post Type (Portfolio4) */
add_action(‘init’, ‘portfolio4_init’);
function portfolio4_init() {
$labels = array(
‘name’ => _x(‘Portfolio4’, ‘post type general name’),
‘singular_name’ => _x(‘Item’, ‘post type singular name’),
‘add_new’ => _x(‘Add New’, ‘portfolio4’),
‘add_new_item’ => __(‘Add New Item’),
‘edit_item’ => __(‘Edit Item’),
‘new_item’ => __(‘New Item’),
‘view_item’ => __(‘View Slide’),
‘search_items’ => __(‘Search Portfolio4’),
‘not_found’ => __(‘No items found’),
‘not_found_in_trash’ => __(‘No items found in Trash’),
‘parent_item_colon’ => ”,
‘menu_name’ => ‘Portfolio4’
$args = array(
‘labels’ => $labels,
‘public’ => true,
‘publicly_queryable’ => true,
‘show_ui’ => true,
‘show_in_menu’ => true,
‘query_var’ => true,
‘rewrite’ => true,
‘capability_type’ => ‘post’,
‘has_archive’ => true,
‘hierarchical’ => false,
‘menu_position’ => null,
‘supports’ => array(‘title’, ‘editor’, ‘thumbnail’)
register_post_type(‘portfolio4’, $args);

/* Update Slide Messages */
add_filter(‘post_updated_messages’, ‘portfolio4_updated_messages’);
function portfolio4_updated_messages($messages) {
global $post, $post_ID;
$messages[‘portfolio4’] = array(
0 => ”,
1 => sprintf(__(‘Item updated.’), esc_url(get_permalink($post_ID))),
2 => __(‘Custom field updated.’),
3 => __(‘Custom field deleted.’),
4 => __(‘Item updated.’),
5 => isset($_GET[‘revision’]) ? sprintf(__(‘Item restored to revision from %s’), wp_post_revision_title((int) $_GET[‘revision’], false)) : false,
6 => sprintf(__(‘Item published.’), esc_url(get_permalink($post_ID))),
7 => __(‘Item saved.’),
8 => sprintf(__(‘Item submitted.’), esc_url(add_query_arg(‘preview’, ‘true’, get_permalink($post_ID)))),
9 => sprintf(__(‘Item scheduled for: %1$s. ‘), date_i18n(__(‘M j, Y @ G:i’), strtotime($post->post_date)), esc_url(get_permalink($post_ID))),
10 => sprintf(__(‘Item draft updated.’), esc_url(add_query_arg(‘preview’, ‘true’, get_permalink($post_ID)))),
return $messages;

/* Update Slide Help */
add_action(‘contextual_help’, ‘portfolio4_help_text’, 10, 3);
function portfolio4_help_text($contextual_help, $screen_id, $screen) {
if (‘portfolio4’ == $screen->id) {
$contextual_help =
” . __(‘Things to remember when adding a portfolio4 item:’) . ” .
” .
” . __(‘Give the item a title. The title will be used as the item\’s headline.’) . ” .
” . __(‘Attach a Featured Image to give the item its background.’) . ” .
” . __(‘Enter text into the Visual or HTML area. The text will appear within each item during transitions.’) . ” .
elseif (‘edit-portfolio4’ == $screen->id) {
$contextual_help = ” . __(‘A list of all portfolio4 items appears below. To edit an item, click on the item\’s title.’) . ”;
return $contextual_help;

Jai Reply

I forgot to tell you something. Open your new file archive-portfolio4.php and in the Wp_query, change the word portfolio to portfolio4

‘post_type’ => ‘portfolio4’ and get_option(‘to_count_portfolio4’)

Peter Reply


I’am using the theme for in about a week now and I really like it so far.
I like the slides and the menu thats rezises by itself very nice and ofcourse the dark color thats helps to have a better view on my photos.

2 questions

1. Is is possible to disable the zoom effect of the slides?
2. I didn’t check for my self yet on a laptop but I hear a lot of people who visit my site with internet explorer 10 that they can’t see the content only the slides and the menu.
when the click on a menu item only the menu and the background are shown.
I have the same on my Windows Phone with internet explorer 10. Do you know what is wrong?

Jai Reply

1. Yes, its possible to disable the zoom effect. Open the file called home_template.php and find this data-finalZoom=”1.3″ . Make 1.3 to 1.0

2. I will check the theme on IE10 and let you know.

Tamika Shipman Reply

I absolutely love this theme, however I have tried everything, but can not get the photo slides to come in when you visit the site. Please help I’ve tried everything.

Tamika Shipman Reply

I finally have it! I deleted everything and started from scratch. Went to the theme options, selected help in the upper right hand corner, and followed all instructions while all plug-ins were deactivated. Thanks so much for this theme. I will now re-install my plug-ins one by one. I appreciate your rapid response and again, thanks for a great theme!

Dalvin Reply

I followed all steps from the permalinks, categories, menus, slides to portfolios and even followed the wonderful help functions but wasn’t succesful in WordPress 3.8. The homepage keeps loading and is set as the homepage template, permalinks are set ok and everything. What is it that goes wrong?

Jai Reply

Here is a checklist…
Check if you have featured images on your slides.
Check if your permalinks are set.
Check if you have gone to the theme options and saved the same number of slides that you have actually added to the slides section.

Dalvin Reply

Jay it’s like going to the doctor and you suddenly feel healthy again. I had it running on another local host where it eventually worked. Thank you for the Theme, your quick reply and I’ll keep an eye on more of your themes, willing to pay for it now i’ve seen this one. Chapeau!

Dalvin Reply

I just noticed why it didn’t work for me. I had a Fancybox PlugIn what caused a conflict with the homepage script 😉 Double check your PlugIns with this theme peeps.

Judy Reply

Yesterday I asked if it were possible to see the element in English? Not comfortable working with a foreign language on something as technical as this.

Jai Reply

Did you set your permalinks? They should not be default ones. Change them to post name format or something. If you don’t know where, go to settings -> permalinks.

Jai Reply

When you install the theme, there is a new option called slides in your wp-admin. Just makw slides and upload your images as featured image for each slide. Also, help can be found in theme options at top.

Jai Reply

Did you upload the featured image with your slide? If yes, please configure the number of slides you want to show in the theme options.

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