Why to Redesign your Blog?

Published On May 24, 2008
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The most static thing in this world is the term “change”. Why do I say so? That’s because things around us are changing constantly and thus, change is constant. With this note, let me continue with today’s article.

If you are looking for a second opinion or just some reasons to get your blog redesigned, you must read on. Getting a new design definitely has its own benefits. Some people even go to the extent that they change their blog template very regularly to keep things fresh. That is not really necessary but let me explain the reasons why you should redesign your blog at least once in a blue moon (even if its for experimental purposes).

Adding Extras

There is no such thing as a perfect theme for your blog. A redesign gives you the opportunity to extend the functionality of your blog by allowing those extra features that you always wanted. When making the new layout, you can create space for any additional components that have been missing from your blog so far. For example, Social Bookmarking Buttons, Feed Subscription Form, Subscriber Stats, Footer Content, RSS Buttons, Portfolio Showcase, Chat Window, Tags etc. While redesigning your blog, you will also discover new stuff that your competitor has been using for a long time.

Rearranging your Blog

Over the time, your blog might get cluttered just like your living room if its not cleaned regularly. You can remove the unnecessary elements that you don’t use anymore or shift them below the fold to make space for more relevant components that you want to add to your blog. A makeover also lets you focus on those parts of your blog that are getting neglected and not getting enough exposure.

New Experience for the Visitors

The design world is progressing in leaps & bounds with innovations being introduced everyday, and newer ones peeking around the corner. Majority of the Internet surfers like to explore new designs, layouts and ideas. The surprise element of a new look can really work wonders if done in the right way. Remember your new hair style that got you new friends? 🙂

Also, some of your blog’s regular visitors tend to get bored by the same old look, so take a step forward and treat their eyes!

Establishing a Brand

Design elements like a logo, theme colors, blog layout, icons, images can go a long way in establishing a brand for your blog. If you have not paid attention to these things until now, you have been losing business. It is very important that your blog design reflects the true identity of your niche. This will also help people associate your blog with a particular product or service that you write about.

Increased Visitors’ Loyalty

This is an end result of branding. If you have a brand, your visitors will most likely stick to YOU instead of your competitor (assuming that he does not have a brand), if both of you are providing the same quality of service. As a matter of fact, loyal visitors make up for most of your blog traffic everyday.

Better Usability

You will never want your visitors to leave when they cannot find something that was only a click away. If your blog doesn’t seem to provide what a reader came for (even though the content is there..hidden somewhere unintentionally), the reader will leave and never come back to your blog. The redesign process will allow you to target on the usability factor of your blog. You can bring out relevant content to the front and make it more accessible by having an accommodating design.

More Sales & Conversions

If you are selling a product or a service on your blog, a redesign can let you emphasize on the core business. With little tweaks and pointers, prospective customers can be pointed towards the desired goals. It can be a sale, a registration for a newsletter, subscribing to your blog or as simple as reading your articles on a daily basis.

Content Vs. Design

Writing fresh content is the key to blogging. This is an established fact and most of the bloggers know it. But, how many of them know that having a fresh and unique design also plays an important role in blogging. Not many, trust me. I have seen many bloggers with great content but have a really poor design sense. If you plan to earn money from your blog, you should seriously consider spending a little amount on getting a unique identity for your blog.

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21 replies on “Why to Redesign your Blog?”

Laurena Millich Reply

Hiya! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when browsing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this issue. If you have any suggestions, please share. Thank you!

search engine optimization orange county Reply

Blog designs, content, and effective SEO techniques are the important elements of internet marketing. Usually, users explore webpages because of the design and content. The uses of SEO techniques are to make the site more visible to SERP, and to use as a simple form of viral marketing.

Johnson Reply

this is really a very informative article !!
After reading this im planning to redesign or maybe i wud rather change my theme if i found any interesting one in your free themes section…

John Reply

Great article!

We’ve been wrestling with changing the theme of our blog and we haven’t even been up for a month. To find that balance of attractiveness and functionality, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the content is a tough task.

Greg from Make Money Online Reply

A redesign is in order every few months. I am thinking about making a rotating theme that changes on each refresh.

PS3 Reply

A redesign is always refreshing but I am somewhat daunted by the prospect. Do you guys know of any good apps to back up a blogger blog, I would hate to lose all my old content in the process.


OMGosh, I LOVE this blog. Its my eCliffNotes for how to blog. I’ve gleaned & learned alot here. You guys should do blog-consulting. I’d pay for it!

Andy Reply

Good points,
Right on … I’m actually planning to spend on getting a customized theme for my blogs. Just waiting for my pay cheque and shall contact you ASAP. I’m sure you are the best man for a customized theme.

Satish Gandham Reply

Nothing in this world is perfect, there is always scope for improvement. I enjoy tweaking my blog design

lee Reply

Looking for tips and trying figure out ways to make my blog better, I found your page very interesting and helpful and will be back again!

Francesco Reply

Redesigning your blog is an important thing. As we take the example we change our clothes daily likewise we should change the looks of our blog. This way we make our blog our really attractive which attracts the attention of a lot many people.

Richard H Reply

Good points Jai. Continually providing fresh content is a key factor. So often I see that, but on a boring “same ol” design.

This article answers some question I had when recently changing the look of my blog. I specifically was wondering, “when is it ok to radically change your blog’s look?”

Thanks for the tips.

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