Picture Contest – Earn Instant $10!

Published On November 22, 2007
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Just to kill time, I made this photograph merging two Hollywood actors’ faces. The faces have been morphed using Fireworks and the old picture effect was created by Nero Photosnap software. The first one to guess both of their names gets $10 in their Paypal! Hurry up! (Post in the comments). You get only one chance for guessing, so make your guess carefully!

  • Contest is Closed. Winner : Will 

Note : We are going to hold a picture contest every week 🙂

Photo Contest

25 replies on “Picture Contest – Earn Instant $10!”

Will Reply

@Jai: No that is not my paypal email.

Can you send me your email at info[at]leroyink.com and I will send you my private email for paypal?

Jai Reply

@Will : Prize sent to your Paypal e-mail info[at]leroyink.com / But paypal gave me a message that this e-mail is not yet registered. Are you sure this is your correct paypal email ?

Will Reply

@Jai – what is your email address?

Send it to the email I used in this post if you like. I didn’t receive an email announcing I won, so try again if you did.

Jai Reply

Ok, guys. Will is the Winner. It is a mix of Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando.

@Will : Please tell me your paypal e-mail address for the prize 🙂

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