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Published On March 12, 2008
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Money Blogger

All right guys and gals! Once again it’s the lucky draw time on Blog Oh! Blog 🙂 . Today, I am offering a free copy of one of the premium themes available here called – Money Blogger. Basically, the lucky winner is going to get the Premium WordPress theme absolutely free of cost which is worth $49.99.

In order to be one of the lucky contestants, all you have to do is blog about this entry on your blog(s), and that will entitle you to win this very customizable WordPress theme. The contest will run until March 25, 2008 and I will declare the winner on that date.

On a sidenote, a little birdie just told me that is up for sale here. If you got $65K, buy it here! It’s a shame to see competition dying out like this, but anyway, if you gotta go, you gotta go my friend!

22 replies on “Free Premium Theme – Anyone?”

hp mini 210 Reply

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kahpeng Reply

Money Blogger is a nice theme. Anyway, I never win any lucky draw or contest for wordpress related before. It doesn’t need to be premium theme, your free wordpress theme are good and nice!

Jai Reply

@dblogin: It is not hard to make your own WordPress theme. Just take an existing one, study its structure and try to modify it step by step. You will get the hang of it once you have modified 4-5 themes. But yes, a little bit oh PHP knowledge is a must.

Tinh Reply

It is a great news but it is not for everyone then I can not join this contest. I like the Options Theme offered free to all from JustinAdlock. If you can give free to all this theme, I will blog about this on my blog 🙂 Thanks

Send Money to the Philippines Reply

Wow! This one’s a great theme. And im the 5th one to thank. 😉

Amazingly enough, i came from your “competition’s site” just before i came here. Yes, somethings are not meant to last for long.

65k?! hmmm. . . Nevermind. lol

chada Reply

It’s great, Jai! So now, I am going to write about this:-)
One question is that may I write it in Chinese? I mean my friends will know more about this event in this way.

Pemmax Reply

What with people who make blogs about other contest than iternet and web themes? I can put your banner on my web site. Let me know if it`s good proposiotion for you. I really need good theme for my modest website 😉

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