Congratulations to the Contest Winners!

Published On June 15, 2008
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The time has come to declare the winners for the Premium WordPress themes contest. There were a total of 40 contestants who participated in this contest. Out of the participating bloggers, five have won the rights to Premium WordPress themes and out of those lucky five, one has been chosen to get his blog reviewed on Blog Oh! Blog. The winning entries have been selected through a lucky draw and here are the winners :-

5 Premium Theme Winners (Prize Given Out) (Prize Given Out) (Prize Given Out) (Prize Given Out)

Blog Oh! Blog Review Winner

I will request all the five winners to contact me and let me know which premium WordPress themes they want as the prize. As far as the review of the winner blog is concerned, I will be posting that later this week.

Finally, congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest for doing an outstanding job. Also, the people who did not win this time don’t have to lose heart because there will be many more upcoming contests. Just be sure that you subscribe to my feed so that you can remain updated about the latest contests on Blog Oh! Blog.

30 replies on “Congratulations to the Contest Winners!”

???? Reply

best blog i ever seen about this article! This is a very informative post. this will help me in my personal life and my works in dubai.

mayank Reply

hey Jai, may be im not morally right, has the price given out to If not how long are you gonna wait?

EmmaB Reply

I am not a subscriber or regular reader so I knew nothing of your contests 🙁 I learned my lesson I am subscribing by email right now!

Parrot CK3100 Reply

Great new dear. Congrats to all winnner from my side also. Now I have subscribe your blog and I want to be the winner of your next content. That’s why I have started reading your blog regularly and I hope you will do select me as a winner in your next contest. LOL
Thanks Dear like your post.

Online Contests Reply

I’m always happy to see any kind of new online contests, no matter what niche they are in. When people mention all of the great improvements the Internet has brought, they rarely mention that it’s allowed a lot more people to have the opportunity to take part in some pretty cool contests. Keep up the good work . . .

Jai Reply

@Mayank – I don’t think we will have another draw. It will not be fair to the winner. Let’s give him some more time.

Mohan Reply

Congrats to all.

If there was a screen shot of the lucky draw, then it would be nice. Otherwise some might think you just pick the one you like and not a lucky draw.

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