Congratulations to the Contest Winners!

Published On November 28, 2008
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The Premium Themes contest is officially closed and the winners have been chosen through a lucky draw. All the eleven winners of this contest are entitled to one single-user license from any one of the following themes :-

There were a total of 71 entries in the contest and out of those, 11 have been chosen as the lucky ones (I use my own custom made PHP script to choose winners. You can download it from here if you want to test it for fun).

Here is the list of all the winning entries. I will request the winners to contact me by e-mail or through the contact page and let me know which theme you want. Congratulations to everyone once again!

Note : If you have been following the news about the “Terrorist Attacks on Mumbai“, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. When is all this going to stop? If you are reading this, just take a moment off the computer and pray to give strength to the victims’ and the brave soldiers’ families who have died in these attacks.

22 replies on “Congratulations to the Contest Winners!”

Adam Pieniazek Reply

Have the other winners received their themes? I’ve yet to receive my theme and haven’t gotten any response to e-mails…hopefully it’s just some huge mix-up but it’s been a few months, shady business?

M. Pence Reply

First, thank you as always for hosting amazing contests. You truly give everyone a chance at improving their blogs.

Second, my apologies for taking so long to thank you! It has been a while! Took a little break and I returned to find this! 🙂

Congrats to everyone!

Manu Sharma Reply

This was a great contest …. I wish I had won … but I am already benefitting from Jai’s work. Check out my job website for jobs in Eastern Canada …. …. Job gave me a perfect platform to build it …..

K-IntheHouse Reply

Jai, thanks for the contest and congratulations to all the winners. I am so excited to win as well and look forward to re-designing my blog with the new theme! 🙂

My heart goes out to those suffering in Mumbai. This is just terrible and shameful.

Adam Pieniazek Reply

Thank you Jai for hosting this great contest. I had a good feeling when I entered it! 🙂

I’ve worked with many individuals based in Mumbai back in my corporate banking days so it’s good to see that situation under control now.

BlogBucks Reply

So I won here for the second time. The Money Blogger theme I am using in my other blog is from one of the contest of you. 🙂

peraduanku Reply

My heart goes to out to the victims and their families. For those who still live, hope they will have strength to continue their life.

Thanks for jai for a great contest.

iRonnie Reply

Thank you very much Jai. This is one great news I’m happy to receive upon waking up in the morning. 😀

I’ll just drop you a note on my chosen theme. I’m currently torn between two.


I’m not currently updated with the latest from Mumbai. I do hope the attack is over.

Blogging Contests Reply

First of all, I would like to thank you for hosting this great contest. Definitely appreciate it!

Of course, I’m just happy to actually win! But congratulations to all of the winners and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

As for the attacks, I haven’t heard about it because I haven’t been paying attention to the news too much this week. But my heart goes out to the victims and their families…


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