Can you be Scammed?

Published On March 14, 2008
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How to Avoid Scams

People get scammed everyday, at the drop of a hat. If you think you are someone who can never be scammed, and trust in your sixth sense, read the following and think again.

You CAN be scammed if you are :-

1. The Curious One

Whenever you see a crowd, and you cannot hold the urge to inquire about what’s happening or has happened, then you are the sort of person that has “SCAM ME” written all over him.

2. The Green Eared One
Buddha once said “There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed.” So if you are the sort of person who gets happiness out of jingling coins, get ready to be scammed.

3. The Ignorant One

When your daddy told you to read the newspaper everyday and you ignored his advice blatantly, you fall in this category.

4.  The Rich Jerk

From your childhood, you have been dreaming of getting rich overnight, you even went one step ahead to buy the Rich Jerk’s e-book, let me tell you the fact my friend – you have already been scammed 🙂

5. The Chosen One

A true believer. You have subscribed to all the newsletters of all the horoscope websites for your sun sign that came up in Google’s search results for the word “My Horoscope”. My friend, my good wishes are with you.

6. The Timid One

You get scared by your own shadow? No… let me guess… What If I say, your Paypal account just got blocked 🙂 Scared now? If yes, you can be scammed.

7. The Excited One

If you orgasm just thinking about every new publisher program that gets launched, god help you.

8. The Hero

Everyone likes shortcuts in life but if you are the heroic types, believe me, heroes are born to be scammed.

9. The Cry Baby

If you are never satisfied with your existing life, wife or financial conditions, a scam is following you.

10. The Posh One

If you have always dressed like a celebrity since childhood and dreamed of walking on the red carpet, I have one word for you – Scammed.

11. The Fat One
You have been a glutton and now you are fat. That’s fine… Just join a weight loss program and in the process get scammed.

12. The Curious One – Part II

If you spend more time checking your spam mails and creating custom filters rather than reading the real e-mails, prepare to be scammed.

13. The Philosophical One

You believe in equality. Your rich upbringing teaches you that all the world is fair and whatever happens, happens for a reason. I will say, just commit suicide 🙂

14. The E-Card Guy

On any occasion, you never forget to keep a count of all the e-cards that were sent to you in your e-mail. Its gotten so much that you keep bookmarks of all the favorite e-greetings. You even check your spam folder for any misdirected e-cards. BAM! You are the one.

15. The Lazy One

You have left your full time job to “work at home”, “to be your own boss”, “fill up paid surveys”, “Typing ad jobs”..bla bla bla.. I have no words for you.

So, after meeting the above fifteen scam victims, do you think you can co-relate with anyone? If yes, let me know. If no, still let me know your thoughts 🙂

8 replies on “Can you be Scammed?”

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Me Reply

I keep wondering how do people make money out of the internet? Does anyone make money without scamming other people? Does anyone make money without selling products about how to make money from the internet to other suckers just like them?
This is just too scary!
Is anyone for real?

nofu Reply

there are several ways to get scammed i just think its best to steer clear from ad’s that require you to put in your home address name or whatever in a sense that asks you to put in required info for stuff like that even if it says its free, in reality its all a scam you’ll never get something free you’ll just get a offer from a caller or from email with links with scams too bad the world isnt perfect and get something free every once in a while and just instead the world as i said isnt perfect and wont get something free unless subscribing to bullshit print that very next penny out of your pocket.

Wade Shuler Reply

I try to read all the fine print. It is a little scary putting your ssn in to sign up for programs like adsense and such. I just hope they really are free and I don’t end up paying money.

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