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Published On February 20, 2008
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Adobe PDF Ads

Here comes a new way to make money online! Now you can place YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network) ads in Adobe PDF files which will help you meet your PPC targets. The service is known as “Ads for Adobe PDF” and you earn money whenever your readers click on an ad.

This service lets you place upto five ads to the right of your document which does not obscure the content of your PDF files. Unfortunately, this service is only available for U.S. based PDF publishers just like the YPN restriction. When applying for the program, you will have to give details about the number of PDF files that will contain the ads. In order to make your PDF files ad-enabled, you have to login to Adobe’s website and upload your PDF files. After a few minutes you will receive the PDF file back as an e-mail attachment ready to display Yahoo ads.

Each PDF file that you register with the service will continue to receive ads for 180 days after which you may re-register your file. You can also cancel your registration and get rid off the ads any time you want. There is a limitation of 5 MB for the PDF files and your files should not contain adult or gambling material.

In case, a reader is offline when he opens the PDF file, a pop-up notification asks the user to connect to Adobe’s website to display sponsored content. Adobe also has plans to integrate the ad-insertion technology into softwares like Acrobat Reader and Adobe InDesign, so that publishers do not have to use the online portal to ad-enable PDFs. The earnings from these ads are split up between Yahoo, Adobe and you as the publisher. The minimum payout is $100 and $50 if you opt for paypal payments.

This is clearly a unique way to advertise services and of course some extra money for the publishers!

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Pirate Reply

Yeah, this is why it is so difficult to find usable informations, cause their is a devastating flood of od content on the net….

Cynthia Tillo Reply

We have recently increased the file size limit and expiration date. Please read our blog for the latest updates:

Cynthia (Adobe)

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