A Funny Flash Game

Published On April 28, 2008
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I just found this really nice flash game which tests your concentration skills. You have to move your mouse cursor slowly without touching the edges and get to the finishing point. The game has various levels and if you make through all of them, consider yourself a real player 🙂 So, how steady is your hand?

53 replies on “A Funny Flash Game”

Cash Game Reply

I try my level best to not touch the edge but unfortunately my cursor touch the edges but anyhow I still manage to reach at stage 3 and then I give up. But this game is really nice.

Nurlea Laurielle Reply

I played… I concentrated… I looked closer… closer… focusing, and there she came in screaming right on my bloody face and I fell off the chair screamin’ like nobody’s business and as soon as I got back up on my chair, darn, the room felt so silent! Hahahaha thanks for making me scream at first, then laugh back later after a few intense moment of silence… LOL!

BTW Jai, I’ve got loads of interesting and informative stuffs from your bob.com and am thankin’ ya all the way with well wishes that you’ll stay being productive and continuing your generous and kind (MINUS THIS ONE TIME GAME! URGH! Hehehe) thoughts of sharing stuffs with amateur bloggers like moi… If u’re free, do visit my site/ blog (www.lealaurielle.com/blog) and let me know what you think needs to be improved – i know I’m bad at codings and maybe I need other people’s eyes helping me out.

Anyways, cheers again to you and god bless!
PS: U’re not in malaysia btw are u?

Ali Reply

I have my speakers off, plus I’ve seen worse pictures so I wasn’t scared >_>

You can cheat by right clicking and just dropping the cursor on the red spot

Yoshi Reply

The best part about this game is that you can actually cheat in it by right clicking on your mouse, then moving your pointer to the red area and clicking with your left button. It will then register that as a “passed” level.

How good is that?

And yes…. how scary is the aftermath :S

Jacky Supit Reply

dude, thanks God i don’t have a heart attack either. you should give us warning first. perhaps you can put some update on this post so later people try this game, they wouldn’t die by a heart attack

Chris Reply

You scared the hell out of me! Next time give us some warning first… Otherwise, you will be responsible for the heart attack people will suffer.

Dana Reply

Wow, I guess it’s a good thing my sound was turned off. My three-year-old daughter is next to me. 😛

So how many of you recognized the face? Linda Blair from The Exorcist?

Andy Reply

I’m gonna kill you some day.
I can’t imagine, I fell for this.
I was so damn sleepy and since the first two rounds were easy, on third round, I started to imagine how the hell I’m going to get through that narrow path and that ugly freaking face with that creepy scream. You surely gave me a heart attack!
You really freaked the hell out of me!
Damnit, I can’t imagine I fell for this…
Thanks for giving me the nightmare.

siddharth Reply

Oh! I was thinking that only one more stage is to go but i have got my reward in 3rd stage. Really shocking

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