WordPress Theme – Merry Christmas

Published On December 3, 2007
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Please welcome the all new WordPress theme designed specially for the eve of Christmas! I am launching this theme at this time so that all you bloggers can tweak it according to your blog by the time Christmas arrives… It has some nifty cool effects for you to check out πŸ™‚ .. and don’t forget to check the upcoming New Year Theme!!

Wordpress Theme - Merry Christmas

I would really like you to DIGG this theme if you like it!

Test Run | Download

77 replies on “WordPress Theme – Merry Christmas”



.*. .* *HAPPY*New*Year 2009*


That theme is awesome. I love how you have the snow falling. Bloggers are going to love it. I remember that in the early days of the Internet, there where a lot of webmasters that where experimenting with all sorts of cool effects with JavaScript. You don’t see that too much anymore, and I kind of miss it. Good Job.

great theme, using it in my wp blog but still haven’t uploaded any content…probably going to post some lorem ipsum to it when I get time

Keep up dreaming up great designs, Jai!!!

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