WordPress Theme Design Contest – Win $300

Published On April 27, 2009
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If you are a WordPress theme designer, here’s your chance to win a cool sum of $300! Participate in this contest, show off your design skills, and earn some easy money (plus bragging rights as the theme designer). All you have to do is design and code the best WordPress theme that enters this contest. There is also a runner-up prize of $100 for the second best entry. Excited? Go ahead, read the rules :-

How to Participate

Once you have finished your theme design, you should send it to me at bob[at]blogohblog.com in the form of a zip file. You should also send me your name, contact e-mail address and your PayPal address (in case you are the winner). The subject of your e-mail should read :- “April 2009 Theme Design Contest”. If your theme is complete and meets the following eligibility criteria, you will be considered as a valid participant in the contest.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The theme design must be unique and should not be submitted anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Theme should be complete with all the required WordPress files and work seamlessly.
  • It should be compatible with the latest WordPress version.
  • You can use plugins but their use must be limited.
  • Use of JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Prototype etc. is allowed but just like plugins, use restriction.
  • A single participant is limited to a single entry, so make your best efforts.

Winning Criteria

  • The winning themes will be based on the beauty of their design, efficient coding, flawless functionality and overall appeal.
  • As the host of this contest, the winners will be decided by my sole discretion.

Contest Closing Date

The closing date for this contest is 13th May 2009 (around 15 days). All your entries should be submitted before this date.

The winning themes (winner + runner-up) will become the property of Blog Oh! Blog as soon as the prize money is delivered to the respective winners.

21 replies on “WordPress Theme Design Contest – Win $300”

Jai Reply

@Mike:- Yes. Even if you don’t win, your theme will be displayed. Besides, if your theme is good and if you want it to be distributed as a free theme, we can do that as well.

Are all of the themes going to be displayed even if they don’t win? I would like to submit a theme but if it doesn’t win, would still like to be recognized for my efforts.

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