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Published On January 4, 2009
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Finally I am back from Vacation! πŸ™‚ (Also the reason for delayed posts).

To mark the beginning of year 2009, I am releasing a bright & colorful free WordPress theme – ClearPress. This is a unique WordPress theme which you will not find anywhere on the Internet. The unique feature about this theme is that it divides the blog posts into three separate columns. So, if you have set your blog to show 9 posts on the home page, they will be divided into 3 columns consisting of 3 posts each.


The theme also features a pull-down sidebar which is totally unobtrusive and contains three widgetized sidebars. ClearPress is Gravatar-ready, Image Gallery ready, and consists of beautifully styled comments and archive pages.

ClearPress has been tested on IE7, Firefox and Safari browsers without any problems. The CSS for the theme is commented and easy to modify for any WordPress user.

How to Install?

All you have to do is extract the theme folder (clearpress) into your wp-content/themes directory and apply the theme by going to wp-admin -> Design.

Changing the Logo Image

I have provided the logo.psd file which is located inside the images folder of the theme. If you want to change the logo (which is obvious as it says “Clearpress” right now), you can open this file in Adobe Photoshop, modify it and then export as logo.png. Replace the existing logo.png with your new one.

Demo & Download


I hope you like this theme. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments!

108 replies on “WordPress Theme – ClearPress”

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rainbow sapphire Reply

I used many wordpress themes. but this one is really unique. I must say i really had fun while using this. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted.

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Wow, Awesome post. Actually i am new in site building, so learning some new technique with wordpress. It worked really well. Thanks for sharing.

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This layout is so stellar. How did you manage to make a blog that’s as smart as it is sleek? I’ve got to say, the layout alone made me come back to this blog again. But now that I’ve read what you’ve got to say, I’ve got to share it with the world!

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Thanks for the info. I was searching in the web about this and there are lot of scams about this which are not really helpful. But this one really helped me with the installing and using the features. Thanks again!

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K.B. Reply

I have been looking for a good theme for a new blog and really am liking ClearPress but I’m having an issue.

I am in testing and I leave a comment and then go back out and it says “1 Comment” but the comment doesn’t appear even though I’ve approved it and even if I reply to it. At the bottom of the post it just says “2 Comments on this entry :-” but nothing else.

Any ideas?


typedink Reply

Nice theme! However I am having a problem with the pull down menu. All the items in my sidebar, the widgets are all in one column. Is there anyway to get them to move over and be under the recent posts etc?

luke skywalker Reply


I just started to customize this really nice wp-theme.(btw great work!) .
does anyone know how to change the order of columes been filled by posts.
What I am trying is, to display the 3 newest posts at the first position of each colume :
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

thanks in advance!




cyprien Delire Reply

OH Thanks blogohblog! I LOVE YOUR (AWESOME) THEME! I’ll post a trackback in my blog now? Your theme is beautiful!

Love, πŸ™‚


Ed Reply

If you loaded the WP Gravatar and still get error, there is probably a mistake in the script. Try WordPress forum for help.

lizz Reply

I already use WordPress Gravatars and still get the error. I also went in the presentation page made sure it was set.

<img src=”
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gravatar() in /homepages/2/d14223593/htdocs/baldpunk/wp-content/themes/Slurpie/comments.php on line 54

Lizz Reply

How do you fix the error:
<img src=”
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gravatar() in /homepages/2/d14223593/htdocs/website/wp-content/themes/Slurpie/comments.php on line 54

What lines needs to be replaced in comment.php?

watermelongirl Reply

I really want to love this theme, but I’m having some difficulty.


Posts show up a little funny. I also can’t figure out how to add things to sidebars. They don’t seem to show up all the time.

I’m also having trouble with the image gallery and getting javascript to work, but that’s probably unrelated to the theme… haven’t tested in other themes yet.

ovizii Reply

also one more problem is that it has issues with wp suepr cache, some psots/pages shwo this code in the source of the page:


Please help!

ovizii Reply

I’d love to use this theme on a wpmu install, but unfortunately I can’t get the searchbox aligned due to the header bar it seems. could anyone have a quick look and give me some hints? http://adi.zice.ro

Insky Reply

Thank you for this free wordpress theme!

I have problem to install it. I would like to use it with “wamp server” on my computer (for test). But when I’am applying it, I have the next error :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDWHILE in C:\wamp\www\testwp\wp-content\themes\clearpress\index.php on line 56

Can someone help me please ?

Kymberly Reply

Hey, I love this theme! It’s so fun and bright, yet very unusual (in a good way). I adore the colors!!!

But, I’m having trouble. Comments show up looking like this:


What should I do? I’ve tried re-uploading the php files, but it isn’t working…

Ivan Reply

Hi, great theme (at least with safari πŸ™‚
Under IE7 (and 6) something strange is happening. I am using 2.7.1 of wordpress and no plugins (to test). But IE7 and 6 is showing the pull down, already pulled down and is to the left of the screen. the columns are alright but to the bottom because of the pulled down menu (that goes automatically).


Robin Reply

Quick question: I am trying to modify it so the single page is smaller and the comments as well, which I’ve done but I do not know how to adjust the CSS so that it’s centered on the screen.

Daniel Reply

Oh and one other thing, if I have images in my posts that are wider than the columns in the 3 column layout on the front page, it looks broken… This seems like it could affect a lot of people. Is this a simple fix (some CSS overflow tweaking or something to that effect hopefully?)

Daniel Reply

I’m running WP 2.7 and as far as I can tell there’s no function called “gravatar()”. I replaced that line in comment.php with “echo get_avatar(get_comment_author_email(), 24);” and it all works fine now πŸ™‚

Sonja Reply

Hi Jai

I just left a message in your ‘chat’ box, but meant to leave it here.

I love the theme – clean and colourful.

Is it possible to have Google adwords? I’d like them in the third column?


Jora Reply

I get this error anytime a comment is posted:

<img src=”
Fatal error: Call to undefined function gravatar() in /home/content/s/b/l/…/html/blog/wp-content/themes/clearpress/comments.php on line 60

Jora Reply

Hi Jai. Thanks for this wonderful template. I’ve downloaded it and it’s really great. One thing though – IE browser shows this:

‘error on page’ at the bottom of the browser.

How do I fix this?

Sunira Reply

Hi there. First I want to say what a wonderful and innovative theme! My site looks great because of your work!

One small incompatibility…this theme does not appear to work with NextGen gallery. πŸ™

I am not sure why. Just a small roadbump.

Thanks again!

Jai Reply

@matilda:- You can use custom fields (search on how to use them) to display small images on the front page (edit index.php) and post normal sized images for the single.php

matilda Reply

Wow, I love this, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time, and have spent quite a bit on premium themes that just didn’t cut it, it’s so great that it’s free.

I do have a question, is it possible to somehow auto size and resize images?
I use images in every post, and it looks good on the front page when 250px, but when viewing a single post it looks wonky as the page is wide and the image so small.
Is there a way I could automatically have all images set to 250px on the front page but their original size when viewing a single post?

I have seen this type of function inbuilt in some gallery themes, but have no idea how to do it myself, any suggestions/ direction will be appreciated.

Thanks!! πŸ™‚

365hope Reply

Jai, as you said, this theme for WP is really unique. It reveals the unique imagination you have. Have a promising year 2009!

Jai Reply

@simpson:- Please upgrade your version of WordPress to the latest one.

@Doke:- What is the problem? Which browser are you using.

simpson Reply

There is error of the comment, how to slove it?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function gravatar() in /home/.floor/dashou/yourembarrassingmoments.com/wp-content/themes/clearpress/comments.php on line 60

SuperMario290 Reply

Oh my god, that’s an amazing theme, and what a way to kick off the new year! I can’t wait to try it out, and mess around with modifying it!

keep up the good work!

Aziza Reply

Hi there, I am knew on this site and I love it.I am beginner for him/ i don’t know any thing about a cod.hopefully i can learn.

13770 Reply

Magnifique !!! Beautiful…
But it doesn’t work properly with IE all versions… a script error says that console is undefined
IE6 : only two columns, the third is at the bottom.
IE7 & 8 : nothing, we are directed to http://wpthemes.blogohblog.net/, we have to change the options security ???
It’s really too bad because i was searching this type of theme.

Hussein Reply

Great theme Jai! I love it. I might use it in my new tech blog. Just need some minor modification. Yes, the content area in single post is too wide. πŸ™‚ Maybe it is better if a sidebar will appear in single post.

sfox Reply

Wow! Another wonderful work!

I think you’d better test the themes on IE6 too! Because most of the people are using IE6 to surf the Internet.

What’s more, i have no idea why i cannot visit your demo’s site.

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