Where Have I Been for so Long?

Published On July 14, 2011
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You must be wondering why there are no posts or free wordpress themes for so long… 🙁 Well, to tell you all the truth, I have been busy learning some game development and 3d modelling. 🙂 But now I am back and will be releasing a free WordPress theme soon. For now, let me show you a demo of a RPG (role playing game), I have started developing 🙂 To reach here, it has taken me around 5-6 months time but I am happy that I have progressed.

This demo is a prototype of how the combat will take place in the game, or you can say its a taste of things to come…

Wanna play the game?

In this small arena type demo, you have to defeat five enemies. Try no to get killed (block attacks by pressing and holding right shift key) Here are the detailed controls for the combat demo :-

WASD – movement
Mouse click – attack
Right Mouse Hold – Block all attacks (totally)
Hold Shift – Run
Space – Jump
Left Ctrl – Crouch (won’t help much in combat)
Finally, to make life easy, Press Alt for Slow motion..

Download RPG COMBAT demo

26 replies on “Where Have I Been for so Long?”

Joshua A. Price Reply

So informative things are provided here,I really happy to read this post,I was just imagine about it and you provided me the correct information I really bookmark it,for further reading,So thanks for sharing the information.

Hi Jai,

Good to have you back. Thought for a while you must have got bored of developing WP themes. Btw, I have made some major customization to the theme (including the homepage blocks layout).

Just wanted to say that you make some of the most simplest of themes yet they look amazing.

Cheers and happy new year. Look forward to seeing some really jazzy themes from you.

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