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Published On May 15, 2008
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Aren’t you tired of logging into your FTP control panel or using your FTP client to upload your plugin files whenever you want to install a new plugin?

Well, I definitely was getting very tired, so I went ahead and found this really cool solution. Of course, this is another plugin that you have to install using your FTP, but this will be the very last time that you use the FTP. The plugin is called “Plugin Central” and it actually works by allowing you to install other plugins directly through your WordPress dashboard.

After you activate the Plugin Central, you will find an additional panel in your WordPress dashboard that will list some of your already installed plugins, and also giving you an option to update them to the latest versions. Plugin Central lets you update your existing plugins one by one or all at a time.

plugin central

Another helpful feature that I really like about this plugin is that it lets you install any new plugin by its name or the exact zip URL. This is handy because sometimes you might not remember the website where you got a particular plugin from but just remember its name. If you enter the plugin name (even if its partial) that you want to install, the search will try to locate that specific plugin on the Internet and if available, download it for you in your plugins folder. After this, all you need to do is activate the plugin from the plugins list of your wp-admin.

Install New Plugin

It also has a multiple plugin install feature that allows you to move your plugins from one blog to another. Concludingly, I would say that Plugin Central does save you some precious time, and of course, makes it easy for the WordPress users to locate any plugin they want. So, why not give it a go…

Download Plugin Central (WP 2.5.1 Ready)

And for all you fun lovers, here is something I found during a stumble spree! 🙂

Time Breakdown of the Modern Web Design

23 replies on “Plugin Central Makes Life Easy”

zywerlnbtktw Reply

Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

adapter Reply

There are actually a few different ones out there. I have been giving this software a go and see how it pans out.

You have a great site and i return to it ever now and then as i find the time.

Satish Gandham Reply

internet explorer sucks big time. Its a nightmare for designers. I wish internet explorer dies out completely

Clock IT Up Reply

Sorry, should also add – I’m using your V2 free theme bob and absolutely love it. Many paid templates are not as good as your free. Absolutely brilliant…. Thank you so much.

Mark – Clock IT Up.

Clock IT Up Reply

Hahhaha, i love the pie chart – time spent trying to get it to work in IE….hahha.

I was quite amused at that.

Joe H Reply

I have 6 blogs to roll out and this just made my life so much easier……now I have more free time to make them work in Internet Explorer =P

Andy Reply

I have searched a lot to find a plugin that can expand and collapse the categories. I’m unable to find such a plugin. It looks clean when you dont see a big pile of categories and sub-categories. It is also easy for a visitors to expand the categories to see the sub-categories without getting deeper into the blog.

HighTechDad Reply

What would REALLY make this this killer plugin manager would be a way to save activated/deactivated plugins as named sets so that you could do troubleshooting and try different configurations. It would also be helpful when doing updated to WP. Basically, “save and name active set”, deactivate all plugins, upgrade WP, activate named set.
Make sense?
That, I would LOVE!

Installing this anyway.


Yoshi Reply

Great find Jai – I will definitely use this plugin for my plugins on my WP blog page.

Can I ask you a question – I always struggle to upload pictures to my posts without going through the FTP manual way. Is there another way to upload images to a post without going through FTP, then referencing it through img src?

There is a flickr plugin, but those work well for large photos and less so for little 100×100 images…. If you’ve found one, let me know 😉


KrAzy Che3To Reply

Omg the “Time spent trying to get the bastard to work in Internet f*cking explorer” is so true.. I think it’s an even larger section myself though..

papajoneh Reply

Hahahaha. the last chart so funny. … and i think i have to agree on most of them.. hahahhaa. Jai, u make me laugh again.. hahaha.

unique articles Reply

got to agree that using some FTP systems can become boring, like this new idea you have will deff check it out in the furure but ive currently stopped developing while i have my tests so dont really need this yet.

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