Periodic Table of Famous Websites

Published On December 15, 2007
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I just stumbled across this interesting picture where the most famous websites on the Internet are arranged in a periodic table (remember the periodic table in Chemistry). You might want to see this so that you know how far you are from appearing in this table. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Periodic Table of the Internet

9 replies on “Periodic Table of Famous Websites”

The Mad Ape Reply

I thought this was so cool that I wrote about it on my blog. It comes out tomorrow morning.

You are credit at the bottom of my blog entry so thanks for this.

By the way, what do you think about creating one of these for blogs?

‘The Periodic Table Of The Blogosphere’

the Mad Ape

Aizat Reply

Wow! Yahoo is no:1. is true or not?
Google no:2? maybe it is when Mendeleev is still alive at that time Yahoo! is no 1. but now google is no 1.maybe. i am not sure.

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