Happy New Year to Everyone

Published On January 1, 2008
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Happy New Year 2008

I wish all the readers a very happy 2008 and a lot of prosperity in the new year. The same goes for all our blogs and websites as well. I also want to announce the winner for the custom theme contest declared earlier. There were a total of 35 blog entries made and I am happy to announce Kiro from Artswonderland.com as the winner of the contest. Congratulations Kiro for being the winner for a custom theme! Please send me your contact details on my e-mail, so that we can work on designing your shiny new theme.

25 replies on “Happy New Year to Everyone”

alkalfdoots Reply

I made with photoshop anime myspace banners.
have a look at them:
Thanks a lot 4 your site 😉 xoxo

Arcade Reply

I’m thinking I will go with the Ultimate Arcade II design… I need to find someone to build the cabinet as I don’t do wood work & live in a small apartment & have no tools… I’m looking at family members at the moment, hopefully that will work, but we’ll see…

kiro Reply

I am not dead. But just forgot to pay my domain name bill. I am back dear.

Hi Jai,
I want to put the theme up. Could you please please email me ?

I haven’t receive it yet.

If you read this comment. Please email me the theme.

www.studiomisura.hr Reply

My wish for 2008?! To get rid of pressure of all the kind.
To get money just as need. To get hepy and love…. To get somebody to fix my head with all this stupid ideas!!!

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