Get Twitter to Drive Traffic to your Blogs

Published On December 12, 2007
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We all love our blogs, nurturing it day in day out with unique, beautifully structured content only to discover that unfortunately that isn’t enough. What good is a blog if no one visits it, right? Today I have a little something that will get you hopping with joy, and traffic. Yes, I am talking about none other than Twitter.


Twitter is a cool community driven social networking site that provides an amazing tool for friends family and even strangers to keep in touch with each other while on the go. Unlike most normal social networks, Twitter doesn’t require the use of a computer seeing as updates can be sent using a normal mobile phone. You might be asking yourself how is this going to help your blog, read on and I’ll answer that question.

The system is really simple. A user creates an account on twitter which can be accessed by anyone from around the world. Individuals then write short messages, known as twits, which may contain a maximum of 140 characters, the same as in a standard text message. Twits can be on any topic desired and can include links to sites, other members or anything you find interesting. Can you start to see the potentials here?

The number of users on Twitter has grown tremendously over the past few months which has transformed it into a perfect tool for bloggers looking for exposure. Bloggers can use twitter as an interactive tool for maintain readers up-to-date on the latest posts, news or happenings, while also driving new readers and reaching a wider audience previously branded unreachable. The possibilities are literally endless, but there are a few simple rules that will help you take the most advantage of your twitter account.

Follow many twitters

You are the new kid on the block and the only way to create friends is by following them. Following a member is simple, it only requires a simple press of a button and from that point on, you’ll receive every update that user submits. With a good list of users you get more exposure and always benefit from friendly twitters returning the favor.

Create interesting twits

Twits should contain a teaser comprised of a few key, witty or even funny phrases that will make people want to follow a link to your blog. Remember that a few well orchestrated phrases can be a powerful tool that will drive quality traffic to a blog.

Be active

Twitter is completely free and there is no limit in the twits you can submit. Be very active and provide interesting twits throughout the day, forcing readers to visit your profile over and over again. People enjoy content especially when it’s interesting and useful, so make sure you provide just that. Social networking is in the stop light with thousands of users joining the trend every day, take the most advantaged of this movement.

With these few steps you can turn a normal twitter profile into a first class free publicity machine with the potential for reaching millions of readers. And just imagine, it’s totally free.

9 replies on “Get Twitter to Drive Traffic to your Blogs”

Terra Nova fan Reply

I have never tried using twitter. You may call me a caveman for that sake. But this time around, I believe it’s time for me to twitt… Keeping myself active can be a great challenged though. 😀

kOoLiNuS Reply

have you tried Pownce or – better – Jaiku ? with the ability to comment on topics and build up discussions, alongside with a better uptime of the service, they offer MUCH more than twitter.

If you’re interested in trying them and need invites just drop me a live.

Personally I’ve moved to Jaiku for my italian 140 words “babblings” since the 99% of my contacts use that language …

see ya !

atique Reply

im trying to get traffic on my blog…ill try twitter now..d u have any other traffic booster? btw i like ur wicked lemon and explosive reloaded..ive downloaded it

Jason Heath Reply

Twitter rocks–I use it all the time, and it’s tied into all of my blogging and podcasting services to automatically update my feed.

Aizat Reply

When I log in to my twitter account, the layout seems to mess up. I don’t know if I am using the wrong browser. I am using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Both giving the same bad looking layout.

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