Business Cards Contest Winners

Published On February 12, 2009
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A bit delayed (due to my mother’s sickness), but I am happy to announce the winners of the 1000 Business Cards Contest. There were a total of 11 entries to the contest (I guess people were not too excited about this contest) and the four winners are :-

I will request the winners to contact me and I will help you get your prize from the sponsor 🙂 . For the people who did not win, make sure that you participate in the next contest.

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Hi there,

Nice contest, I sure did miss this one. I’ve subscribed to this blogsite now and should get regular updates and I’m sure to be part of the next one. I’ve also read quite a few articles on this site and am very happy with the information I able to gather from it. Thanks.

Oh! Ofcourse. Congratulations! to all the winners.
Eddie Gear

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