Blog Oh! Blog Just got Hotter!

Published On April 18, 2009
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Hurray! Blog Oh! Blog has been endowed with a brand new theme which is hotter, sexier and much more functional 🙂 We got a better portfolio, premium theme shop and our own affiliate program. Almost everything has been renovated. So, lets call it Blogohblog V2.0

Let me know how you like it…

38 replies on “Blog Oh! Blog Just got Hotter!”

Dev Reply

I was like “Oh My”! This is a gorgeous new look Jai. LOVE this new theme for BlogOhBlog. Probably one of the best themes I have seen around. BOB is looking amazingly gorgeous.
Excellent Job Man!! You Rock Jai!!
– Dev.

Ndrey Reply

When I enter the blog my face just go like this 🙁 The previous design was absolutely amazing. I loved it so much. And now..

Johnson Reply

@Jai:- Its ok jai not a problem with your decision of not releasing the theme in any case i love your themes, and i m planning to use your Digital Statement on my blog you can have a look at

i was facing some issues regarding the cust fields in my earlier posts can you help me out with this problem ?

Team Nirvana Reply

Jai, as usual, your selection of theme for free download and as well as premium rock.

And I was always wondering how your next blog theme update would be? And here I got the answer.

The theme jells well with the blog Jai.

Jai Reply

@Johnson:- Hi Johnson, its a good idea but that theme was exclusively made for and giving away one’s brand isn’t really right unless I am selling my blog. But don’t worry, there will be many free themes that you can grab later. I hope you understand.

Johnson Reply

nice theme ….

i think you should release the previous theme which you were using on your blog as a free theme for your readers …

mayank Reply

Awesome post,
I am kind of new to your blog, but the blog has some seriously nice stuff that I found very interesting as well as informative.
Keep up the good work!

Kaye Reply

Wow! With an email like you sent, I had to come take a look. It looks very nice! Thanks for the invite and the interesting emails/articles 🙂

Pavel Ciorici Reply

Congrats with redesign, Jai! Your homepage looks very well structured, and I think I will inspire from you blog, when I will release more themes, to feature them as you do 🙂

Eddie Gear Reply

Hi there,

Nice job on the new theme. I like the layout and logo change. If you would like me to write a review about the new site design, please feel free to e-mail me.

Eddie Gear

Ethan Jaynes Reply

This looks awesome! Great work all around. In fact I think all of my blogs have one of your first themes, and everyone loves it. I just change the header on each one.

Rarst Reply

Most impressive, great use of fire graphics and nice layout. 🙂

Footer feels bit empty. AdSense link in green block sends to TNX.

Very cool overall. Good designers always get awesome looking WP blogs, lol. I’m envious. 🙂

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