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Published On March 27, 2008
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Tired of looking for content to post in your blog?

Recently, I came across an article at Techcrunch.com about a Firefox plugin called Zemanta which can ease your life by suggesting relevant links and related content to your post. This plugin integrates with your WordPress, Blogger or TypePad installations and helps you by providing links as and when you are creating a new post.


Let’s take a look at how it works.

When you start writing a new entry in your blog, it surfs the Internet for news based on your keywords and after every 300 characters, provides you with a list of related news links. You can then enter those links in your post by the simple click of a mouse button (you can see them at the bottom of this post too) or you can visit the particular website where that news has been published. Moreover, the extension also automates the process of adding tags to your posts.

Zemanta Keyword Based Suggestions

Zemanta also has the ability to pull images from different sources based on your post keywords and lets you include them in your post in the same way like the news links. I am sure that this feature will save a lot of time for bloggers who have to hunt the Internet for relevant images to publish in their posts.

The tool is still in its alpha phase and a lot of improvements have been planned ahead. Being Ajax based, the best thing about this extension is that it works unobtrusively without disturbing you in any way whatsoever. I definitely see a bright future for its developers – Andraž Tori and Boštjan Špeti? who were one of the six teams funded recently at Seedcamp. Simply an amazing tool! Highly recommended.

Download Zemanta

Zemanta is only available for Firefox users, so if you are still stuck using some version of the Internet Explorer, I will recommend you to upgrade to Firefox immediately.

15 replies on “Zemanta – Free Content for the Bloggers”

Jobs in Stratford upon Avon Reply

Zemanta has saved me so much time when blogging. I have blogs covering various subjects and Zemanta is a massive help.

Wills Online Reply

I came across this on techcrunh too, i find it works really well and definitely speeds up the process of blogging. I can sometimes dwell on posts but this helps so much.

Mark Reply

Thanks for the heads up on this plugin! I just installed it and posted using it. It works well and is another way for me to add some extra content to my blog.

abeku Reply

Sorry..this post really meaningful i think not for me but for all blogger…urgh..posting is the most painful when come to the time knock oout..thank you so much jai..

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