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Published On December 9, 2007
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After the success of my Xplosive WordPress theme, I am launching the new and revised version of Xplosive (really had to squeeze time from playing Crysis to make this theme). The theme is called Xplosive Reloaded and it lets you choose between four flavors – Satin, Autumn, Aqua & Prairie using a style switcher. It has three columns, is widget ready and fully XHTML validated.

As per request, this theme features only the current post on the home page and rest of the posts arrange themselves into excerpt boxes below.

Wordpress Theme - Xplosive Reloaded

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64 replies on “WordPress Theme – Xplosive Reloaded”

The Thyroid Chronicles Reply

Hi Jai, I love the format – colorful yet classy. The problem I am having is that the links are not recognizable as such – they aren’t underlined and don’t seem to be a different color. Is there a way to change this? I put them in bold, but I just look like I’m shouting. Thank you!

suNNy Reply

Hi Jai,

Marvelous theme, as far as I’m concerned, one of the nicest on the web 🙂
I wonder if it would be possible to change the headers automatically, for instance at the beginning of each season? It would be a nice feature to have green in the spring, red in the summer, etc. Since I’m not a php guru, I cannot write it myself. I’m sharing the idea here and maybe – if you like it – you can add it to your theme.

Keep up the good work, Jai.

Diane Scott Reply

I’ve been using this theme for quite a while now when all of a sudden (two days ago) it just sort of crapped out on me. Haven’t a clue why and couldn’t find it in the downloads inside the wp-admin area. So thanks for this link. I’m going to reupload it and see if I can get it to work again 🙂

Jai Reply

@Dee: That text is part of the header image in the images folder. To remove it, replace the header image with your own.

Dee Reply


HOW do you take the NAME of the blog design (xplosive reloaded) OFF of the header????

I’ve spent a lot of time reading through the files, but not a clue.

Thanks for your help!

Corimanon Reply

Hello, I have installed the topic Xplosive Reloaded which I find very interesting. Alas, I meet a concern, the effect lightbox (you know the visual one who s’ open in a pop window up) does not function more. Do you have an explanation or information on this subject? Thank you by advance.

Robert Reply

Great theme,

I would like to ask – is it possible to remove that “change theme” bar. Is it possible to get rid of satin, autumn, aqua buttons?

Leonardo Reply

Hi , great theme!!
I would have a different ”color set” as default , now i have Satin , but i would have Acqua …how can i changhe ??

JVC Reply

I need Help organizing pages and blogroll.
1. Pages:: Can a dropdown window function be added to Xplosive Reloaded theme? If so, what would be the maximum children and grandchildren it would display?
2. Blogroll: Can you add something to the Xplosive theme so that each blogroll category can have subcategories (children and grandchildren)? Again, what would be the maximum displayed.

Greg Reply

Love the theme…though the “Color” choices seem to have some issues in FF/Safari on a Mac. When you scroll over them they jump and you can’t actually click them 🙁

Carter Reply

I was wondering how I could change the page to the standard posts instead of one post on the front page? I love this theme…but I can’t figure out hoe to address this problem.

Chriss Pagani Reply

It’s a beautiful theme. I was recently disappointed to find that the search form does not work as expected.

I use plugins such as Search Everything and Search Unleashed to get better results and to search all pages. However, your theme bypasses all this somehow so I no longer get acceptable search results.

Is there a way to fix that?

francois gossieaux Reply

Hi Jai,

Thanks for the great template. I want to have a static page as my home page and have it replace the “Home” tab…how would I do that? When I do it know it shows home twice…when I have the home page set to a blank title then it shows a small grey sliver in the menu bar.

I assume I could change something here – just not sure how:
<li class=”current_page_itempage_item”><a href=””>Home

Let me know…

Will Reply

Hey, love the theme, but how do I keep my site title but not have it displayed on the header? After I swapped out the banner image, it still says “Will’sPerspective” superimposed on the header image.


Neener Reply

I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem: When I click on “older posts” I will get the newest post and then the older posts will show up in blocks below. It doesn’t matter if I keep clicking “older posts,” the first post will be the newest post and the blocks will change to older posts.

Also, I can’t quite figure out how to get rid of the “blocks” and just have full posts.

WTJ Reply

i’ve found out the problem, it’s because there’s a widgets.php in wp-include in wp 2.3, and it crash with the widgets plugins (even thought it’s deactivated). to solve the problem, just delete the widgets plugin.

WTJ Reply

i’m using wp 2.3, when i click on presentation widget, it showed:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare register_sidebars() (previously declared in /home/kukuchew/public_html/science/wp-includes/widgets.php:15) in /home/kukuchew/public_html/science/wp-content/plugins/widgets.php on line 42

BronxRap.com Reply

Would it be possible for you to have the post boxes include pictures or in some way resemble a miniature pic of the the other post….It’s good now but with with the pics as well would be great

Stelian-Mihai Gr?dinariu Reply

I like this theme very much, except for one thing: the links in posts are barely visible. The normal text colour is dark grey, and link colour is black. I tried to replace the link colour with red, but there are two problems:
– all the links, including the ones in the sidebar, turn red; I don’t want that;
– the other three flavors are not compatible with red links.
Is there something I can do to make the links in posts more visible?

Patrick Reply

I’m new to WordPress and themes so maybe I’m doing something wrong: When I go to the main page of my blog I don’t see the tags but I do see the category. If I click the category or the permalink then the tags will show up. Anyone know why this is?

Lee Reply

Do you have the PSD’s or any blank header images? Also how do I set the default color? I would like to be able to switch it from time to time to suit the time of year.

Harris Reply

Very nice theme! I would like to have this theme with “the loop” since I want to display excerpts of upto 10 posts in the main page, will you provide me one?

Ryan Cullen Reply

Such a great theme. I’ve removed the colour changing bit, and made it show the full posts on the main page, but the layout and colours are perfect.

Ryan Lineker Reply


is it alright to remove the name fo the template form the header images like I have done on my website http://www.ryanlineker.org ?

Thanks, great theme by the way.

xpb Reply


Thank you for your aportation. I like this theme very much.
Can you tell me how can I quit the “xplosive reloaded” logo in the top of the page?

Thank you very much.

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