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Published On February 1, 2008
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Please welcome our new free WordPress theme – Velocity. This is a vibrant, fully validated, 3-column theme with two widget enabled sidebars. The theme is fixed-width and suited for maximum readability. Here are some more features:-

– Trackbacks & comments separated.

– Stylized comments.

– Small size (90Kb)

– Web 2.0

– Wide content area.

– XHTML validated.

Velocity WordPress Theme

Test Run | Download

Any Feedback will be appreciated!

69 replies on “WordPress Theme – Velocity”

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I have read so many articles about the blogger lovers however this article is actually a pleasant article, keep it up.

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I never quite saw this problem from your perspective if it wasnt for this article. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Irene Reply

Your theme so amazing… I like the design and the maroon colour.
Just edit the header image and add widget , left , right, three column in the buttom..

Thank you so much.

James Reply

I’m using this on my site and I love the layout.
I just have 1 question on modifying it- where do I change the color for the bottom line on the comment summary box – the place on the home page where it says No comments for an article. I cant find that.

Free Guide Reply

Veronica, download the theme and put it via ftp on your site. Then simply choose theme in settings from admin panel of your wordpress.
Nice theme , thanks!

Zelma Reply

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Jessica Reply

@Debbi:- I am having the same problem! Why isn’t the left sidebar widgetized? It says in the description that it is widget-ready. This would have been a perfect theme if the left sidebar was widgetized. Without it, it is crap!



you @vunhome:-

replace the header image and size it to the exact pixels you see in the properties by right clicking the image …. simply delete the header image in your file manager or via ftp(filezilla I recommend) and replace it with your header with the exact same name and picture format(jpg,png,gif etc… should work for you

vunhome Reply

Hi.. I love this template i use it for my website. The only thing is.. I’m trying to change the header to my own design. I have inserted my code after this word background:url but it doesn’t appear. I have tried downloading the image to my hosting wptheme.. still the same result. Would appreciate you help.

Debbi Reply

I am having 2 major problems:
1. Widgets in sidebar 2 (left sidebar) not showing up except for on blog page. (Danny was my designer, and he posted above, but his reply about code error was not answered)

2. Images will not center align, they show up left, event though center align was chosen, and code shows center.


Danny Reply

I tried the code above and i got an error like lana:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/talkingf/public_html/joe/wp-content/themes/velocity/archive.php on line 8

Danny Reply

Hi! Love the theme but can’t get anything other than the recent posts to display on the left sidebar =( Can someone help?


Simon Reply

Very nice theme, thank you very much!

But also very “delicate”. The theme would not display properly at 1024 by 768 resolution in Internet Explorer 7, which is the most popular combination. I had an “unordered list” set up and I guess the links in that list were too long and that was causing the problem. So I left the links and did not set it as a “list”, used the “br” code instead and it worked!

Also I was able to decrease the font size a bit for the posts, as my business requires to use a bit longer post titles.

Other than that, I think your themes are the best that I found so far, extremely fast, xhtml validated, work great with wordpress and seo seems to be fine too. Also, most of all, they are beautiful, I am using two of your themes so far, might be getting two more.

usman Reply

hi mates. i love this theme. and i am using it on my site too. and i want to thank ( blog oh blog ) for this nice free theme.
i have one question that i wanna add sub pages for my ( portfolio page. ) so when i add. it destroyed the theme.. just check my site to see the problem. i need help.. thanks.

Ashwin S Reply

WooHoo! Just the design I wanted.

I have been blogging since 2006 (blogspot) and after coming across numerous wordpress blogs, I could not resist the amazing design and technical prowess of wordpress. But I am not into web designing and cant tell head to foot of CSS.

Your PS3 contest made me more active on the wordpress side. I am into RSS, CSS and the whole deal….all because of your blog! Cool. Although my blog belongs to the personal category, I have numerous visitors /friends who appreciate it. Now I have to face competition from most of them as they are reviewing your site for the PS3 too!

Best Regards.

Lana Reply

Bryan or anyone else who can help,

Regarding the issue with the left sidebar, I added the code to the pages. However, it didn’t work. I get this error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/talkingf/public_html/joe/wp-content/themes/velocity/archive.php on line 8

Frank Reply


great theme! Is it possible to get the header (grafic) in open file format to modify it a little bit?

Thanks… Frank

Jo Reply

I like this theme, but I’ve had to do too much work to make it work that I’m unloading it.

The background is white and the font color for the commentor is white .. uh?

Gravatar doesn’t work no matter how hard I try.

Fixing the widgets was murder and I’ve lost a few because of it.

Sorry — love the lay but can’t spend the rest of my days “fixing” it.


Rolando – this is the code that should replace existing code in the Archives, Page, and Single Post templates:

<?php get_archives(‘postbypost’, ’10’, ‘custom’, ”, ”); ?>

Rolando Reply

I couldn’t paste the code. Do you think you can just send me the updates to the files that need to be modified? Please. Thanks.

Rolando Reply

Thanks Bryan, but were do I put this code:

<?php get_archives(‘postbypost’, ’10’, ‘custom’, ”, ”); ?>

and in what files and where. I tried different combinations, but nothing seems to work.


Rolando – the Archives, Page, and Single Post templates are missing the code required to display the left sidebar. You can copy the section of code you need from the Main Index Template – it’s well marked with begin sidebar and end sidebar comments.

Side note – the left sidebar is “Sidebar 1″ but it’s styled as dive id=”sidebar2”, and the right sidebar is “Sidebar 2″ but is styled as div id=”sidebar1”


Rolando Reply

I love the theme too. But how come only the right side widgets work and not the left? Is there is some thing I need to enable to make the left widgets appear?


Marks Reply

I like the theme and want to use it.

Is there an easy way to make the entire width more narrow by making the middle column more narrow and resizable?


unosz Reply

Hi jai,
I have use this theme as my blog theme but there is problem when my title a little bit long..the title will close the ‘post meta’ word..so just wanna to know how i can fix this..thank u for ur great themes..Nice


melbie Reply

A perfect theme for me .. took me weeks to look around and finally found this theme.. thanks, Jai! 🙂 It was great chatting with you too …

Dale Reply

Great theme, But I am wondering is there anyway I can make the header text disappear, So I can use photo shop to create the header.

I have tried a bit, But I am unable to do so, Thanks


sproke Reply

would be great if you could enclose a layered version of your heading.gif file. I would like to change the background, but want to keep the doodles.
Otherwise, I love the theme! Thanks very much

tukang Reply

hai jai, as usual, i will try to port this template into blogspot platform.

wish me luck.

by the way, may i use your hosted image for this purpose?

Soph Reply

Hey Bob! Just wanted you to know that I’ve used your html and php from your theme “Green love” 🙂 I kept your name in the css-file though.

Anto Reply

A little simple. But nice looking.

Start releasing a bunch of themes if you have the time, and let more people see what your capable off.

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