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Published On April 16, 2008
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Statement WordPress Theme

Are you ready to make a statement with your blog ? Well, the new free WordPress theme from Blog Oh! Blog lets you do just that and more ๐Ÿ™‚

I am happy to release a new WordPress theme for all you hardcore bloggers called the “Statement”. The theme features a nice and clean look with two sidebars on the right and a tabbed section (available in many premium themes nowadays) for recent posts, comments and archives. I am sure that this theme will appeal to people running professional services on their blog and catering to well-educated audience, like authors, education services, book blogs, science blogs, publishers etc. I am also providing the PSD for the logo (in the theme zip) which you can use to change the logo image for the theme. The theme is WordPress 2.5 compatible and is also widget-ready.

EDIT : I have included the image.php file in this theme as per request and also fixed the WordPress 2.5 Gallery functionality. Now, when you upload your gallery posts or pages, everything gets aligned in the right place.

Test Run | Download

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360 replies on “WordPress Theme – Statement”

Claudia Delaney Reply

What’s up to all, for the reason that I am truly eager of reading this blog’s post to be updated regularly. It contains nice information.

Alejandro McCallum Reply

Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your site, how could i subscribe for a blog site? The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept

Anton R Reply

Great site. But is there a way to add yet another sidebar under the two that comes as default? When I try I just won’t let me.
Thanks, Anton

Mike Reply

I have tried to change the title and tagline in general settings but, the “statement” template name still appears…

Well Reply

That’s a great, great theme, but it’s become a bit old. How about refreshing it a bit without changing the general mood? Would be great and shouldn’t take much time!


Arjen Reply

Hi there,

Stumbled over your website today and … wow, what a nice themes you make. I was looking for a clean simple, but appealing theme for a long time and finally found it (this one!)

Great work, keep it going. I will visit your website more often ๐Ÿ™‚

Erich Senft, CTA - Traders Helping Traders Reply

This is a beautiful theme, Jai, ahead of its time visually…just wondering if it has been updated lately to be compatible with the latest version of WP?



Musteroid Reply

Hi Jai,

I love your theme. I am trying to use it, but since I am a beginner with wordpress, I can’t seem to work it out the way I want (the simple change of the title “Statement” for example). Since I don’t want to be bothering with basic petty questions, would you happen to have a Q&A or technical support forum on your theme?

sexshop Reply

Where have you guys been when I was looking for a theme like this couple weeks ago ๐Ÿ™‚ Gosh, it would have saved me so much timeโ€ฆ

Edward Scott Reply

I have been clicking on a lot of topics but nothing is happening. I am getting the same screen with all the different catagories on it but I cannnot advance beyond that page. Can someone give me some enlightment.

Orange County Homes for Sale Reply

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed

Michael Wahhab Reply

Hi. Would someone please advise how do u insert the link for the RSS Feed link on the home page? I can’t figure it out. Beautiful theme! Thank you Jai.

Steve Reply

You have some really nice free themes here. I’ve spent over an hour going through them and will certain download a few. Thanks for your hard work!

Andy Reply

Great theme! Really what I’ve been searching for. Question: any code to create drop down page menu’s on the top nav? I’ve been searching but nothing found yet that I trust to not screw up the theme. Is there a plugin to do this?

Anil Reply

i downloaded the theme looks nice, but inside post the link “share this” doesn’t work on IE 8, plz. check it and clear.

Kevin Reply

I just downloaded and love this theme. One quick note. I saw a few people had the same issue I did and I didn’t see if it got answered. Couldn’t see the numbers in my numbered list. Here’s what I did to fix it. I added “list-style: decimal” into the style.css. Now reads:

.entry ol li { list-style: decimal; background:#fafafa; }

newsblog Reply

How you can make Gallery to work !? You don’t mention anything about instalation, or set up of the Gallery. Can you please help?

Henning-Uhle IT Solutions Reply

Hey there,

I’m not sure if you are the correct contact for my quesion.

I’ve had no problems while using “Statement” until I included some ads to this page. Now the page is loading very slowly and the ads are not positioned as programmed.

Pls have a look at the bottom of my page (www.henning-uhle.eu) for an impression. All ads should be located in , but see what happens with the first line of ads.

For any ideas pls contact me via email.



Hello dear,

I am using this theme from last 1+ year. I love this theme.

I have 1 question that I want to show the link on the homepage in the post brief…. How to do this ???

Please reply on ma mail if possible

zamaan Reply

Hai folks,

Todays top post only half of the day. next have it says “no post viewed today yet”.
early it was working well. what could be the reason?

The Phantom Blogger Reply

Sometimes, the older themes are the best – especially in this case. Statement worked out great on The Phantom Bloggers Thanks for sharing it!

Nicole Reply


I’m new to blogging and have no idea how to that, LOL. Can you please give my details on how and where to replace the image.

Jai Reply

@Brian:- I checked your style.css and found something. Open it up and find this line :-

#nav ul li.current_page_item a { background:url(images/navbg-acho.gif) repeat-x; color:#fff; }

Remove this part

background:url(images/navbg-acho.gif) repeat-x;

Brian Reply

I’ve goofed something up on my blog and am not sure how to fix it — if you pull up my site, see how just above the “Home” link in the upper right (and at the very bottom of the page) has a white space above it? Then if you mouse over it, it disappears. What the heck did I do to cause that, and how can I fix it? I’ve been trying to hunt this down for a while but I can’t find it — I’m sure it’s something simple if you know what you’re looking for….

ryan Reply

Hello. Great blog theme. Just have one issue… my breadcrumbs along the top are not showing up. Any idea why?

thanks, Ryan

Fluvanna Patriot Reply

If we don’t have photo shop, how do we get the Statetment Logo out and replace it with the name of the blog?

Karsten Jensen Reply

@Karsten Jensen:-

Solved……. Seems like it does not include the latest post – but only from the second latest post.

Would have been nice knowing….. *S*

Karsten Jensen Reply

@Karsten Jensen:-

No one who can can help me with my recent post that donโ€™t get updated. what is wrong?

Blog can be seen on www.karstenjensen.dk/blog

Brian Reply

Oh, one other quick question. In all the plugin upgrading I’ve done I noticed tat the breadcrumb plugin included w/ this theme is long dead . This one has replaced it. Is it safe to remove the old one and install this new plugin, or would that break the breadcrumbs in this theme?

Brian Reply

I’ve made some changes to my blog in the last couple days (including adding Facebook Connect via Disqus, upgrading from 2.7.1 to 2.8.1, numerous plugin upgrades, etc.) and just noticed that somewhere along the way I’ve introduced a problem.

If you visit my blog you’ll see just above the link to the HOME page (top right of the blog, and in the footer) there is a white space. When you mouse over it, it disappears…

I suspect it’s not very difficult to fix, but I’ve hunted all around and can’t figure out what’s causing it or how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Karsten Jensen Reply

Love this one – have just replaced firebug with this one – but I have a kind of error – My recent post don’t get updated. what is wrong?

Magdalena Reply

@Brian:- Brian, I’ve upgraded several days ago and haven’t had any theme-related issues at all. I’m very happy!

Brian Reply

any issues w/ using this theme on WordPress 2.8? I’m thinking about upgrading but wanted to do a little homework this time around – I’ve heard of people having issues…

Narayanan Hariharan Reply

Hey Jai,

I just downloaded this theme and there’s no PSD file among the theme files. Can you help me with this?

Zafer Reply


Thanks for this template. I modify it and I use it on my blog but my blog can not be displayed on internet explorer. Some guys say that it is because of an additional “;” on the span tag but I could not find it.

And, on the Header RSS section, I want to do it with an image instead of text. And also I want to add my social site links with “image on click” on the header.php . Is it possible to add these?

RaiulBaztepo Reply

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ๐Ÿ˜‰
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

qubix Reply

This design is superb! I’ve been toying with setting up a blog for ages and this design has encouraged me to pull my finger out and set one up.

Thanks so much – downloading……. now!

Shashank Reply

Thanks for the amazing theme. I was looking for something for my personal blog and I believe this is exactly what I want.
It took me over an hour to find your website because I forgot to bookmark it the last time I was here. Error rectified!!


Narek Gabrielyan Reply

@Narek Gabrielyan:- Don’t worry about the breadcrumbs plugin – I fixed it.

Let me know what do you think about the rest of my comment.

Thank you

Narek Gabrielyan Reply

Hi Jai,

I like the theme, nice one ๐Ÿ™‚

The only thing that I am concerned with
is the breadcrumbs plugin… how do I
install it?

I think it is already included in the theme,
but how do I activate it?

Another thing. Would you be willing to
make some small changes to it for a fee?

For example, I would like to have a comments
box on the top right of each post showing how
many people have commented…

Thank you,


Kadimi Reply

Hey Jai,

After days of researches (googling… lol), I finally found an excellent theme that suits my modest personality, I will use your theme, please visit my blog and unleash your comments.

Dennis Reply


You can make it wider. Just make sure to change the WIDTH in the style.css to match your new “logo.gif”, like so:

#logo { float: left; width: 325px; padding-top:30px; padding-left:10px; }

Dennis Reply

This theme is absolutely PERFECT. Slight alterations to the stylesheet for captioned photos made it a winner in my book. I’ve searched for weeks … glad I found it. Check it out at my site.

dude Reply

Hi, i have a problem with the theme.

Look at this post: http://www.thorner.de/matthias/blog2/?p=700

1. Why is there a big space under the ๐Ÿ˜› smiley? How can i remove it?
2. I put a banner on top of the rest of the sidebar, but it will move to the right when a post (like the one above) has too many categories assigned to it.

I really would appreciate any help i can get!

mubera Reply

What a FABULOUS theme……if I knew how to use it I would WOW!…

Guys, you do make great themes, but is there any way to add some kind of how to: make those little thumbnails showing actual picture…or how to add something in that black box on the right side, or how exactly to input my logo.

How about donation=guide? I would donate $10 for guide….

Any thoughts!

My test site for this theme is here:


George Reply

How do I add a banner/logo to this theme? I have tried everything with the CSS.

I even used the logo.gif path and I still can’t get it to work.

Please help

Brian Reply

I just noticed that when I view my blog in IE, the font adjustment feature I’ve added, and the “subscribe to RSS” are partially hidden by the tabber.

Any idea how I can correct this? I’m not sure how long it’s been like this; I very rarely use IE… (unfortunately most of the people that follow my blog do)

Mike Reply

Really like this theme, I did a little work to the header and removed the image so I could use my Blog title. I also added a second tagger section in the rh sidebar

but one of the best themes I found out there, well done guys

Sensix Reply

How do you edit this theme? For instance I’m trying to change the logo but my gif-files won’t work (and their size is 0 kb???)

Isn’t their a header.jpg or .psd somewhere to edit?

Chris Reply

Used theme in one of my blogs (linked here). You however forgot tags.php and categories.php. I also convert your tabs code to jQuery. You also forgot the wp_footer() function in the footer.

E-mail me if you want me to share the code, because that’s what we do around here ๐Ÿ™‚

Andrea Reply

Hi guys. Above all, I’m sorry for my bad English. I’ll try to write in the better way. Statement is a very cool theme, but, like every other theme with the gallery template, it doesn’t integrate lightvie-plus. I’ve installed light-view-plus on my blog, but it works only with single posted image. It doesn’t work with the [gallery]. How can I post an article with an entrire gallery that works fine with lightview-plus?

Thank you.

Peder J Reply

HI, I just upgraded to the latest version of WP 2.6.2, and then installed Statement. But the crucial “For each article show summary” does not seem to work in your template. Is that a Statement issue, or a problem with WP2.6.2. If it’s statement, which template do you have that does not have this problem that looks similar?


alex Reply


hi there. on stats, are you saying that all that needs to be put in the footer is wp_footer() within the php call function, or is there something that also needs to go within the brackets? I’m having the same stats problem and not sure if I’m following your instructions properly.

Joff Reply

To get stats to work, you need to add the “wp_footer();” call to footer.php.

This needs to be within php tags – I can’t show an example here as the code gets stripped out of the comments, but it’s in the same format as other function calls within the same page such as wp_list_pages.

oddie Reply

Can this theme install to WP 2.6?

I like this theme very much, pls tell me where can I download this theme for wp2.6 or the lastet wp version?

Ian O'Neill Reply

Hi there Jai,

You did an awesome job on this template, I love it. So much so, I’ve used it as the basis for my website. A very professional look. I’ve had wonderful feedback too, but the concept is totally down to you.

Thank you for sharing your work!


mankoff Reply

Small bug: Categories with children display wrong in the widget. There is an extra blank line after the last child in a sub-category. See my blog for example.

Regardless, it is a wonderful theme. Thank you!

Les Reply

Hi Jai — For some reason I cannot get WP Stats or Google Analytics to work with the this Theme. When I use another theme they both work. The Plugins seem to be okay. Has anyone asked about this before?

Michael Reply

How would I put a silver colored “Search” text in the Search Box of the Statement theme so that it is evident to the end-user what the box is and also, how to make it disappear when the user clicks in the box to search?

Thank You.

p.s. how do you get your pictures/avatars here?

Michael Reply

@รlvaro Degives-Mรกs:- Why would Jai include all the other layers inside this .psd file? I see them there but, weirdly enough I can’t get to them… not that there’s enough hours a day to go there anyways!

Benjamin Gray Reply

One problem I’m having with this in 2.6 is that it seems to be clashing with the new image and caption functions. How can I fix this?

jecoso Reply

I finally found the plugin in the download file, thank you Jai.
Howerver, after I installed the plugin you provided and updated it as the WP hint,the heder navigation bar displayed unnormally.

Perhaps you can update the code for displaying.
Thank you

cher Reply

Hi Jai,
Love your themes.

I’ve just downloaded WP 2.6 and want to use your free ‘Statement’ theme.

Hope Statement 2.5 will be OK for WP 2.6


sdf Reply

So thank you for this theme again!

I want to change in the tabber “last comment” by ” last news” I know how to change the name , but I would like that the last posts of one specific category appears. I dont know PHP so I dont know how to do that, thank for your answer .;-)

Laura Reply

Hi Jai,
Thanks for this great theme! I had been looking for weeks for an easily customizable 3-column theme until I finally found you. I gave you a plug in a blog post, in addition to your links in the footer.

Squawk Reply

Hello Jai
I am a php/CSS newbie. I have successfully got WP with your theme working with WAMP on my laptop. That was fun.

Anyway, before I go live I am getting the theme, pages and sidebars the way that I want them. So far I have added the author acknowledgement to the posts, changed my logo and a few other little tweaks. Not too bad for a broken down old retired trucker.

Would you please tell me how to number the comments? Where and what to insert would be great.

You have done excellent work here.


Brian Reply

@PleX:- I’d love to have this load faster, but I must be doing something wrong. I made the changes in header.php, but when I put the change in sidebar.php where I think you’re talking about, instead of the tabber I get that line of code showing in it’s place.

Any chance you could spell this out a little more clearly? ๐Ÿ™‚

PleX Reply

Great Theme!

One thing you should do is manually load the tabber, and it will eliminate the delay with the tabber showing up:

In Header.php:




var tabberOptions = {manualStartup:true};

And Move:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/tabber.js”>

To Below The ManualStartup Script Block

So All The Script For The Tabber In Header.php looks like:

var tabberOptions = {manualStartup:true};

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/tabber.js”>

Then In SideBar.php:

Right After The Closing tag for the main tabber div, add the following:


Save And Upload Both Files And You Will Notice That The Tabber Loads Alot Faster.

Daryle Dickens Reply

This is indeed a great theme. There is just one small tweak I would like to add if I can figure out how. The author does not show up on the posts.

Usually this would be just below a post’s title. Anyone have any ideas how to make this happen?

Rarst Reply

I am considering starting blog and was browsing around for themes and other stuff (complete wordpress newbie ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

This theme is absolutely great, very nice layout very clean looks. Couldn’t toy with it properly while hosting is in test mode (inserts annoying “this is test” in pages and ruins a lot of stuff) but really looking forward to using it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have one question so far – I visited home page of included breadcrumbs plugin and 1.8.0 version of it is unmaintained with newer 2.1.3 avaible. Are there some specific reasons for using 1.8 version or I should try to upgrade it (if I even manage to ๐Ÿ™‚ )?

James Reply

Ok, this is strange. It seems to work in WP2.6 if I view the site in IE6, but not FF3…

Would you be able to take a look and see (if you’re curious)…

James Reply


I don’t know if it’s something wrong with the theme, or the fact that it’s not compatible with WP2.6

Just thought I’d share, in case you have an idea… It’s a great looking theme, so it’s a pity it’s not working 100% for me.

Tarun Reply

I think indexing is ok…but I will wait for some more time to see confirm it.

Another issue is, if the Post Topic is long, the side bar widgets might actually fall under the comments box. This is in FF3

To avoid this, keep the topic length reasonable.

Tarun Reply

My blog is not getting indexed by Google any more after using this theme.

Is it because I changed the theme or is it because of specifically this theme.



Brian Reply

is anybody else having the problem with mysql I described above, affecting the Recent Posts section? My hosting service just keeps telling me it’s a MySQL problem and they’re waiting on a fix; in the meantime my Recent Posts are showing posts from when I first started my blog (2006ish). Does anybody know of a workaround?

Brian Reply

@nv1962 – I have no caching plugins on my blog, have cleared the browser cache, and have found nothing that looks like a cache in any of my WP directories. I found the plugin you were talking about last night, but how would I get that to work with this theme? (i.e. the box on the top right – recent posts, recent comments, archive)

Brian Reply

@Brian – Just confirmed it’s the ‘recent posts’ build into this theme (in the box top right). When I add WordPress’s regular “Recent Posts” item to the sidebar it correctly shows recent posts. Please help!

Queens Reply

yeah good the theme very simple, and how I can change the background colors of theme, sometimes some people need fresh color for background, sorry if the question repeat again in here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brian Reply

aha, found where “Recent Post” lives – corrected it in /wp-content/themes/statement/sidebar.php

Almost ready to drop my blogspot blog, only a few tweaks away… ๐Ÿ™‚

Brian Reply

Still looking for answers to my previous questions (spacing of sidebar items, and putting them in their own boxes). I’ve been able to build space between some sidebar widgets (where I can add html), but not for built-in items like “Categories”, etc.

New questions:
How can I correct the typo “Subcribe” via RSS? And where can I correct “Recent Post” to “Recent Posts” (plural)?


jane Reply


need help with the sidebar fonts, mine is showing italic bold letter links, how can we change it to what is displayed in the screenshot?

Ken Reply

Thanks for giving us such a nicely designed theme, as Statement. I use it on my own site and really loves it.

However, is there a way to switch the tab section and replace it with an ad or something else?

bhatnaturally Reply

hi, I am not familiar with Photoshop. How do I change the header image to reflect my blog’s name without changing the .psd file etc? Is there a way to edit it in the header.php file?

nv1962 Reply

Snowboarder, I’ve been using pb-embedFlash but didn’t have the issue you mention. FYI, I’m now using XHTML Video Embed, and as you can see (if you check the link of my blog) it works just fine, along with a host of other plugins (see the “Acerca de” page for a full list of active plugins).

Just make sure you have an otherwise squeaky clean WP 2.5.1 install, with as few hand-coded hacks to the code as possible (i.e., beyond generally known good plugins and widgets).

snowboarder04 Reply

Hi Jai,

Great theme, thanks so much for making this available to the community for free! Unfortunately the plugin pb-embedFlash breaks the tabs (meaning it completely removes them). Would you have any ideas why?

Thanks again for the great template!

mumu Reply

Hi it’s a GREAT template. Just have a question here – my navigator is not showing properly as yours in test run; I can only see half of the folder icon, and the navigator of path (like Browse > Home) doesn’t show at all. If you know how to adjust it, would you please let me know. Thanks.

nv1962 Reply

What do I need to do to make the background of the search field in the header a bit lighter? It’s near-invisible on CRTs and on LCDs it’s not exactly easy to see, either… It should be in the CSS but I can’t figure out a way to specify a light gray for just that box! TIA

Jai Reply

@emir: One of your plugins is interfering with the tabs. Try disabling all of them and then activate them one by one checking for the tabs.

emir Reply

tabber didnt work on ie and opera. as i saw the demo works perfect in firefox, opera and ie. and for the other blogs it works fine. and i really like this theme. what can i do now ? it is not working good for me. the tabber is missing in ie or opera or some versions of firefox. help me. thanks …

(i tried it on wp 2.3, after i saw that it didnt work i upgraded wp to 2.5, and disabled other scripts(ads, shoutbox etc…) but it didnt work anyway)

Janis Reply

Hi there, I’m using this theme for my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it. It’s simple and it’s just the way I like it.

Jennifer Reply

Jai, thank you so much for your help! I’m starting to use your blog now and I hope I can keep it as long as possible. Please update as well. I owe you a wonderful drink~~

nico Reply

Currently running on my blog, thanks a lot for providint this template, it’s a wicked job you did ๐Ÿ˜‰


Bryan Reply

How would I go about making the first paragraph of a post or page have a drop cap?

I was thinking something like this… but it doesn’t work for me. Any suggestions?

.entry p:first-child:first-letter

Chelle Reply

I am on the quest for a new theme, this one with a bit of tweaking just might be the thing! Will let you guys know if I decide to use it!

Levia Reply

hi, Jai~~~~~~ you are always the best! Sorry for my stupid question. Yes, it works perfect now!

But I’m still frustrated with the logo.gif. My logo is much longer like 600. After I uploaded, the search box moved to downside outside of the black area. I know it must be somewhere on top in the body tag of the style.css file, just couldn’t get it right. ๐Ÿ™

Mushin Reply

Hi! It’s a marvellous theme! What abut the license? Can I use and modify it even if I’ve a “commercial” (I earn money from) blog?

Jai Reply

@Levia: Please install the breadcrumbs plugin included with the theme. Then you will see that feature.

@Jennifer: The author name functionality is already there in the theme but has been commented out. If you open the index.php , try to find this code

Now remove these parts :-

This will uncomment that part and let you display the author name for each post.

For a list of authors on your sidebar, you can use this code in your template :-

Aaron Reply

Hi Jai,
I was just looking for how to add in the author name, and I found this post but it looks like the 2 snippets of code are missing. Can you let me know how to display my name as the author? Currently its not working.

Jennifer Reply

hi, it’s so beautiful! can you teach me how to show the author name under each post’s title?

Also, I want to add all the author name with number of posts on the sidebar. Is it possible?

Many thanks!

Levia Reply

hi Jai, I love you so much!

A quick question: when using demo, it has a folder icon below headline with “Browse > Home”, but after I installed on my web, this part couldn’t show up in IE 7, IE 6 as well as FF.

Is that because I’m using 2.5.1?? If this is case, could u check the compatibility? Big thanks!

Jai Reply

@dcw : If you open the style.css file, you will find #logo which has the width and #logo h1 a which has the height for your logo. You can increase it according to your image. Also the color of the top is through an image which is tiled along the x-axis on top in the body tag of the style.css file.

dcw Reply

Thanks so much for your help.
I edited the logo.psd and overwrote that file. But it didn’t work and I realized I had to save as a GIF and overwrite that one too. Then it WORKED. I guess that’s why both files are there, right? PSD for editing and the GIF for the site to use.
Anyway, very satisfying.
BUT, now I have a new problem I can’t solve.
My tag line is longer than the original, and the end doesn’t show up. (I made the psd, and gif, file wider to accomodate this). I don’t understand enough about how the files flow together in WP to know why this is. And I can’t even find what makes the Header background color. It’s not an image. I found H1 in CSS to use the logo.gif file, but nothing I can decipher that makes the background color.


This is probably something simple and I just don’t know CC and PHP well enough (i.e. less than barely for the latter.) Can I make the logo.gif big enough to be the whole header? or does that interfere with the elements in the top right?
Thanks again in advance!

Claudine Reply

Excellent theme. I love it.

I really want to change the color of the header and I’m not sure how to do that from looking at header.php. Can you point me to part I should look at/change?

Thanks. After I lighten up the color a bit I want to layer my logo on top. But it seems like a box keeps the logo area very small.

Jai Reply

@finid : The slideshow that you see on blogohblog for the free themes is a news plugin for the jQuery library.

Jai Reply

@dcw: No need to go through all these troubles. Just modify the logo.psd file already given with the theme. You can edit it by using Adobe Photoshop software.

finid Reply

The theme looks very good. Aside from the theme, I like the slideshow at the top of this page. What plugin did you use for that?

fanari Reply

the <del> tag isn’t work…and now already fixed:
open stylesheet, find:

code {font-family: “Courier New”, Courier, monospace;font-size:1.0em;color: #333333;}

just add the following line below:

strike {text-decoration: line-through;}
del {text-decoration: line-through;}


dcw Reply

Loved the structure of this theme. So…1
I got it going. I finally found out here how to change the name in the header from “Statement etc” to my own name. It was image not text.
I found I couldn’t edit the original logo.gif in PS CS. No layers and PS wouldn’t let me edit. So I created a new file of same size (actually made it wider since my tag line is longer) and created my site name with black background. The black looked different from your black, but figured I try it and then deal with that later. But I didn’t get that far. I replaced the orignal logo.gif in the images folder with my logo.gif. I thought this would work but it didn’t. The header is just solid black where my logo should be. Can you help real newbie with this? And if there is an answer to the black selection question that would be great too. Or if there is a trick to modifying the original in PS, let me know that. Whatever works.

รlvaro Degives-Mรกs Reply

Well OK, since you insist: you’re a lost cause. ๐Ÿ˜‰

More seriously, one major advantage of having the PSD file is the ability to modify the text, while keeping the subtle gradient worked into the background image. So, the most straightforward use for it would be to dive in with Photoshop or the Gimp, use the text tool to select the layer with the title (and subtitle, in a separate layer) and change it to your liking. Of course if you want to change to color scheme, you’ll have to do much more – but I think that’s beyond the scope of what can be explained here, in a comment.

jonathan Reply

Well, right, that’s what I’m using.

I love the theme, but I know nothing of photoshopping (or gimping, as it were). Is there an easy way to do this, or is it something I’d have to know how to do? What tools in the gimp would you use?

Feel free tell me if I’m just a lost cause.


fanari Reply

Jai, why my tabber doesn’t appear on opera web browser(but work on FF), after I customize the CSS. check my blog.
thanks before.. ๐Ÿ™‚

ps: sorry for my b4d english.

รlvaro Degives-Mรกs Reply

Love it! Great design: clean, fast, informative, and pretty. One question: what’s the best way to set links (within posts) a little bit apart, e.g. with a (thin) dotted underline, to make them a bit more visible? I know as little as that it takes editing CSS, but that’s about it… Thanks in advance for the help, and thanks again for the great theme!

Chris P. Reply

Thanks, Julien! I do believe that is part of the problem, because my most recent post DOES have embedded flash video. However, I think I found the bigger problem in my case. It appears to be a plugin called Flickr Manager v. 2.0.1 by Trent Gardner. I deactivated all my plug-ins and activated each one at a time, reloading my blog in IE each time.

Though there is still some problems loading that video, I no longer get the “Operation Aborted” message.

Julien Reply

Yes Chris P.>

I had the same problem: just pull out the flash embedded videos of your posts.

If you try with pages without flash video embedded, it works…

Mark Evans Reply

This theme is terrific but if you’re using the WordPress stats plug-in, the stats may not work unless you add this: to your footer.php.


Justin Reply

I’m trying to get Woopra to work but no go. They said that if my theme isn’t “standards compliant” that the Woopra plugin would not function properly. Is this beautiful theme standards compliant?

kuproverto Reply

In response to my last comment, I’ve figured out how to make the last post also show in the recent posts list in the tabber.

Open sidebar.php, find this: $myposts = get_posts(‘numberposts=10&offset=1’); and change offset to 0.

Tony Bianco Reply

Just a heads up I can tell that this theme has CSS bugs and has not been tested for IE 6 and Firefox or else you would see several things wrong.

1. The ordered list does not show up with it’s numbers

2. Unordered lists with the .entry class does not show ordered lists or bulleted lists.

3. In IE 6 there is a folder icon that sort of shows at the top of the dotted line.

4. the ordered lists have zero margin on them making them have no buffer between the paragraphs below them or the side to the left.

5. The logo area should have been made much wider and the search area to have a lower width either that or use z-indexing in an element that is positioned absolute within a positioned relative layer (you’ll need to email me for me to show you an example)

6. You should get in the habit of using conditional comments to provide for CSS for both IE 6 and IE 7

I’m sure I’ll think of other things. I’m in the process of fixing and modifying things right now.

kuproverto Reply

Great theme, thanks!

One question: Instead of all but the last post showing in the tabber, can all the posts show?

I use a static page as my home not blog posts. See filiigi.com

pao Reply

Hello! I like this theme very much, however after using it on my blog, it’s not being indexed by search engines anymore. Is there any way to remedy this? Thank you.

Mark Evans Reply

Really nice theme. I just installed it here: fourreasonswhy.com. One question: is there a way to change the default for the top right widget so that it shows most recent comments rather than most recent posts?

Jai Reply

@MoiN : The recent comments on the right box are meant to show all your posts minus your latest one as it shows on your frontpage already. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that clears the confusion for you and all other who think their latest post is not showing in the recent posts section on the right side.

Hammad Reply

awesome theme m8
but i wanted to ask 1 thing that its showing in header “Statement
Are You Ready To make one? ”

rather then my site’s name
how do i get that

alberto Reply

Jai great work. I have translated it to Spanish in my blog but I don’t know what happen because now my statistics do not work. Anyway I prefer use your theme because is amazing

Jai Reply

@Frank: Good find Frank! That really looks similar. It always amazes me how two minds can think alike! You are really good at finding stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Andy Reply


Just edit the foobg.gif file and remove a dot in the white area below the top header and that line will be gone.
I enabled the breadcrumb and that small half-folder turned to a proper folder icon with ofcourse, showing the breadcrumb.
There is another way outta this, edit the theme from admin section. Play around with breadcrumb.php or with the main theme files. I’m sure you will find your answers ๐Ÿ™‚
Just trying to help!

Andy Reply

The BEST theme I have seen in ages.
I searched a lot of themes at wordpress.org and many other places. This is the BEST find!
Perfect color combination and easy to read content. I have already installed it on my blog. I wish I could personally come and thank you for this beauty ๐Ÿ˜‰

Julien Reply

Hi, thank you for this theme, I like it very much.

I’m currently working on and I am really disappointed, the tab (recent comment, recent post, archives) doesn’t work with I.E !

I was so happy when I found it… ๐Ÿ™

Thank you again for your work,


Gosu Reply





Katherine Reply

There is a typo in the header. “Subscribe via RSS” is spelt as “Subcribe via RSS” (the second ‘s’ in ‘Subscribe’ is missing).

Otherwise, love it!

365hope.com Reply

Jai, I tell you, most of my classmates love your blog, because you can friendly release many wonderful themes, which satisfy us!

Jai Reply

@Chris : WordPress 2.5 has an inbuilt gravatar feature. To use it in the theme, just edit the comments.php file and find this :-

and before this line, put this

This command will get the gravatar photo of size 60 as per the author’s email addresses.

PT Reply


Excellent theme. I’m thinking of moving from BOBv2 to this one.

Is there a way to add popular posts instead of recent comments?



Chris Pommier Reply

Enjoyed setting up Statment last night (though stayed up too late, thank you!)

Another couple question: how about gravatars/avatars? I would love to add them to comments somehow. Advice?

Finally, the recent post tab doesn’t seem to have my most recent post. Suggestions on how to troubleshoot that?

Thanks again!

@balootisme.com Reply

jai, i’d download this theme. thanks a lot jai for hardworking.

anyway, can you add a little more tutorial on how to add box ‘125×125’ on the sidebar? to put our sponsor or ads.

i really newbie in css and any type of coding.

thanks in advance jai. ๐Ÿ˜‰
-baloot from malaysia.

Jai Reply

@Chris Pommier : Here are your answers :-

1. The image looks better than standard text ๐Ÿ™‚ In order to customize the logo, I have included the logo.psd file in the images folder, Edit it and replace the logo.gif in the images folder.
2. You have the newest version with all bug fixes because that’s what I have uploaded last. So, you should download it again, if any doubts arise.

Chris Pommier Reply

Great theme with a classic, uncluttered feel that places the visual emphasis on the content. Nice!

Two questions: Why did you decide to use an image for the logo, instead of styling text?

And, how can I tell I have the newest version with current bug fixes?

Thanks! Really appreciate your time.

Richard H Reply

Very nice, professional looking theme. Seems like it’s easily customized as well.

Having changed themes just this week, I’ll be putting this one in the archives for consideration on another blog.

Thanks Jai.

aleX Reply

Nice work Jai! Really nice!
Only one thing I can not fix by myself: the Browse line on the topleft cannot display. Both in Firefox2 and IE7 I meet the same problem. Somebody has already mentioned above. Please fix it.
Thank you again Jai! You gave us another wonderful theme.

the.abyzz Reply

I like your theme but I got one problem with it. The “Recent Posts” function in the tabber isn’t working. It shows me the first posts I made to the blog but not the recently added posts.

How can I fix this problem?

alex Reply

it’s the second or third time in less than half an year that i find here great themes i use on my blog, so thanks for providing them ๐Ÿ™‚

ps: i’m using ff2 too and no problems with alignment.

Karolis [Pocius.lt] Reply

It seems that sidebar blocks do not align nice. The first (big) block and the ones that go under do not line-up.

Using FF2.

Jeff Utecht Reply

Another great theme! Every time I upgrade or want to change my theme this is the first place I head to. Just upgraded the site linked here and now will be using two more of your themes for other projects. Keep rockin’ the themes!

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Jai Reply

@Mike : Yes, its easy to add a sponsor block. You will have to edit the css and place the box in the sidebar.

@Chris : The bug is fixed now ๐Ÿ™‚

WordPress Modder Reply

@ Chris,

Yep, I see that too. Looks like it has something to do with the margin and padding of the “post style declarations.

Mike Reply

Is it easy to add a “sponsor block” for banner ads on top of the “recent post block” (top right section)


Abhijeet from Jeet Blog Reply

Your themes are really good Jai. And I am sure this theme will give a further boost to the already impressive collection of B.O.B Themes. Keep Going !

WordPress Modder Reply

You’re quite welcome, and I’m sure your users will appreciate the quick fix. Now that’s service!

Take care:)

WordPress Modder Reply

This is a super nice and clean theme. However, I do see a couple simple things that seemed to be over looked.

Blockquote styling. No Indent. No background color.

Image styling. No vertical and horizontal space around the image.

As I said, a super nice and clean theme, but those are the two areas that immediately struck me as needing tweaking.

Karolis [Pocius.lt] Reply

Where have you guys been when I was looking for a theme like this couple weeks ago ๐Ÿ™‚ Gosh, it would have saved me so much time…

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