WordPress Theme – Silver Light

Published On July 11, 2007
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Wordpress Theme - Silver Light

Silver Light is a 2 columns and Widget-ready theme. Based on Simple La Bob and VersiMelayu theme. Simple, clean and easy you to modify. 600px size for entry and 320px size for a sidebar.

Next theme I’ll create according to poll. Please vote the poll to give me some ideas. Also discuss with me using the comment box below. 🙂

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89 replies on “WordPress Theme – Silver Light”

profiboxer Reply

Thanks for this theme. I installed it today in the german translation from themebox.de and it looks very good. I made only some small changes.

Gabe Anderson Reply

Thanks for the great theme! I’ve been using it on my blog for quite some time. One thing I’d like to see: When on the home page, the “Home” tab should be highlighted blue in active state, as when viewing other pages.

Suggestions for a quick fix?


Gabe Anderson Reply

Thanks for the great theme!

Quick question: How can I make the “Home” button blue when viewing home, as with other pages?


Rijmar Reply

Hi Bob,

Would it be possible to make Silver Light flexible in with, for example a sort of menu with choices for this?

In the hearder next to the name of the website it would be very handy to have the possiblity to put a banner next to it. (468×60) Perhaps it’s possible to incorporate this so it would be easy to put it there.

Furthermore it’s a shame the template doesn’t react on putting widgets in the sidebar. For example the tags aren’t placeable there because the template seems to not support it.

For the rest a real good and simple template.

Kind regards,

linda Reply


I need a regular drop down menu for my client and after spending hours setting this up, it appears you don’t have it as a drop down.
I am really bummed out. It did not even occur to me to check that.

JL Reply

Any chance that you will update this to work with WP 2.7? I like the template, but want to upgrade WordPress and am concerned that the current version does not support 2.7. Currently, my only option is to change themes which is not ideal.

Thank you!

bean Reply

I have been trying to get threaded comments to work with this theme but no success. I have been able to do it on other themes using these directions at http://ottodestruct.com/blog/2008/09/29/wordpress-27-comments-enhancements/ but I can’t get it to work on Silverlight or techicon.
Please advise.

Detoam Reply

First of all it is an awesome theme and is easy to customize. I love it.
I do have a slight issue though. For some reason the sidebar moved to the extreme right side on the main page (http://www.sumofx.com/). Post pages and single pages are still doing fine.
I went through the code, but I still can’t see where the mistake is. Could You please help?

I-MAN Reply

can you convert this theme to work with wordpress 2.7

make be you can also do some small improvements, its the best theme in your theme collection. so it worth it.

I-MAN Reply

hello again, i found out the problem, it was caused by plugin call The Wall. Sorry for bringing this to u.

Thanks anyway. I hope you develop this Style further, it will be ausome. like making comment system look more professional, and changing the sidebars li style to more suitable. well thanks any way. good luck

I-MAN Reply


First of all thanks for the most wonderful theme of wordpress, i mean its bitter then all the premium themes i know.

i am using this since 4 months on my site. Recently suddenly the navigation tabs had a problem and i dont know what is causing it. The distance between nav tabs have been enlarged.

check the site http://wrestlingfans.co.cc/, you will know what i mean. i searched every thing but i dont know php or css i cant find the problem. please help me locate the problem.

thanks. waiting for ur replay.

Monica Reply

Hey Bob
You have a nice work with this Silver Bullet theme.
So nice that we use it at www.edu-gate.ro.
Just that you changed the theme – in the past, we could place our logo near the header of the website.
Now it simply disappeared all of a sudden (and I don’t know why)
Any idea why this happened?
Your time is very appreciated…

Konc Reply

I’m a bit curious as to why there is no edit link in single entry view. Sure I can go through the WP admin, search for the entry and then edit it but it feels like it would be better to have a direct link to it from the entry itself.

As far as I can see the edit link only appears in multiple post views (looking at entries by tag, by category or just the entry listing in general).

simon Reply

I just launched my first blog and luv this theme and will check out others here.
One question, how to i add google analytics to the theme. I cannot see a body tag in any of your templates ahead of which to place google’s javascript
Thank you

Ben Reply

Great theme, had a few issues getting the Gravatars working in WordPress 2.5.1 using the code above, the version check wasn’t working and the extra tag before had to be removed.

Andre Reply

Great work on the theme!
But i’d apreciate some help: is there a way to enable page posts? and gravatar?
Both are enabled on wordpress configuration, but they don’t work properly with the theme.

mimi Reply

Bummer! I thought it was possible to combine them (like… the widget above and then the theme sidebar beneath). But thanks for the quick reply.

Jai Reply

@mimi – That’s because the widgets override the default content in the sidebar. So either you can keep the default content or use widgets to reproduce your sidebars as you want.

ashwin Reply


To put widgets on your website what you have to do is select sidebar 2 instead of sidebar 1. On the widgets page, on the right side, you will see drop-down box with sidebar 1 selected.Change it to sidebar 2!! Thats it!!

Joss Reply


I’ve just installed your silver light theme with WordPress 2.5.1 but the native wordpress widgets are not working displaying. I can’t change the sidebar. If this a known ‘feature’ of this theme?

Thank you


ashwin Reply

This is a really good theme, but i had like to know if it is possible to have a header image instead of just text?

Carsten Pötter Reply

Thanks for this theme. I installed it yesterday and it looks really good. I made some small changes to it like enabling hCard, xFolk and hAtom. Maybe I will also add a custom header.

Delio Reply

I’ve installed this theme on my blog and I modified some things, now he got 3 columns and other minor changes.

Nice work!

Tudor Reply

Very nice theme. I was able to add a sidebar, change the sidebar position and use 2 different sidebars depending on the template without any prior knowledge of PHPor CSS. For the record, I do have limited programming experience. I’ve just used google on the wordpress documentation and then was just trial and error. If any of you guys need help, just le me know and I can share with you the modifications that I made on the theme. Also if the theme author wants I can send the modified theme to his inbox. For the modified theme just take a look at my website.

jay Reply

Hey Bob,
very nice theme! Anyone knows how to make pictures visible when going to categories? They aren’t displayed there.

otto Reply

Thanks, Bob, I’m very happy to find this theme. I run a blog part of my website on your theme.

There’s only one thing I need your help.
There’s no “Previous Article” and “Next Article” showing on posts although it looks like those links exist in index.php. Since I know nothing about php, I cannot find a way to show those “Previous”, “Next” links…

This situation was same on your test run available on your page.

Hope you can help…


Steve Reply

Really like the Theme. Works well with IE6 and IE7 and Firefox.
One question is how to take out the time in the posts. I just want to display the date when I create a new post.



pigduck Reply

hi, you know how the space is so wide in the right sidebar – is it possible to fit two 120X600 ads next to each other? Please help…

I don’t want a third column per say – i just want to fit two ads side by side and keep everything else as is…

thanks in advance

Snafzg Reply

Awesome theme! One quick question:

Is there a way for me to enable commenting any new page I create that shows up along the top nav bar? Here’s a sample page that I can’t seem to enable comments on, even though I checked both boxes in the discussion tab in the page-edit window.


Comments are enabled across my entire site, so this is kind of weird. I’m guessing I need to somehow edit the template?

Keith Reply

By default, the theme seems to put links to all of the pages at the top. How can I make it not put a link up there for a specific page that I don’t want up there?

Stéphane Reply

Thanks to you!

It’s a very good theme, simple and pretty.

I don’t know why the right sidebar gets on the bottom of the page. But it’s a problem with others wordpress’ themes, I guess.

Have you a paypal account for a (very symbolic) contribution to your work?

Please let me know!


Bob Reply

pnomsin @
tags is enabled. if from themes.wordpress.net the files is not update yet.

pnomsin Reply

I updated to wordpress 2.3
I want to show the related topics and tag cloud. I already uploaded plugin.
I included tags in new posts.
But the tags do not show up.
Tell me how can I modify your theme.

Dan Reply

Love this theme and the new blog oh blog theme.
I have two questions (;
1. can I change the sizes of the columns in the blog oh blog theme?
2. How can I do I put my own header image in. I have been messing around and replaced the header image that came with the theme but my image doesn’t show up.

Rolando Reply

Thanks for the theme! Works well on WP 2.3. I just added a few things like a comments feed, permalinks link, and other post meta information on the single page, which I used on my other themes.

Albert Reply

Love the theme. I have just one question: Some of my readers like to subscribe to the comments feed of a particular post, where is the link for that? If it there isn’t one, is it easy to add?

Sorry, I guess that was two questions.

Jay Reply

Hi, this is a great theme, but I was wondering how to change the links in the “Meta” part in the sidebar. Please let me know the answer, thank you!

marcus Reply

Hello and good job,
just wanted to tell you that i loved the theme when i’ve seen it on wordpress theme viewer, i’ve modified it to liquid (percentage) interface and also tweaked a bit on the semantics and removed some code from it (too many un-necesary divs), even transformed into xhtml 1 strict… i find it most suitable for a series of web tutorials for beginer web designers, it looks quite like a wiki interface 🙂

Excellent job there, up with it 🙂

Aaron Reply

I keep getting a fatal error when using this theme.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_search_query() in /www/www/wp-content/themes/silver-light-01/searchform.php on line 2

Let me know if there’s a fix.


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