WordPress Theme – Rhea V1.0

Published On November 8, 2007
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Wordpress Theme - Rhea V1.0

New WordPress theme – Rhea V1.0 is now available for public download! This is a Widget ready, Three-column theme with soft colors and rounded edges. We have made a special provision for you to add a Lightbox image gallery to the sidebars. You can download the Nextgen Gallery plugin and then go to the widgets section to add it to your sidebar.

Happy Blogging & please DIGG our theme!!

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89 replies on “WordPress Theme – Rhea V1.0”

Cynthia Reply

You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write.
The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are
not afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow
your heart.

Morgan Reply

Hi, Are you still answering questions for this theme? Would love to run a few questions by you as this awesome theme has been my primary template for many blogs — with the exception of just a few issues.


Morgan Reply

The theme is awesome, but can you please help me figure out why the search results page loses the left sidebar and the entry margins/padding? I can send you my code… pls help!! Trying to figure it out on my own for weeks.

Sree Reply

Thanks for the theme man!! But your brilliant to include your referral link of text-link-ads.com along with your theme.. Thats really bad!! A kind of cheating!!!

Anyway good work..

Morgan Reply

Hi, I LOVE the theme, however when I add widgets to my sidebars they don’t show up in the html files so I’m not able to edit them in css. Can you help me figure it out? 🙁 Thanks much.

sonarge Reply


i edit index.php

remove this code but firstly backup your index.php

/* <![CDATA[ */
function affiliateLink(str){ str = unescape(str); var r = ”; for(var i = 0; i */


Stanley Reply

Its a fantastic theme, but it has a Text Word Link add right in the middle at the top! How can i remove this!

Many Thanks

Faraz Reply

hey jai ur theme is fantastic could u please help me i want to change the footer, i have tried to edit the file but whenever i upload the edited file theme acts strangely please help

Christian Haugen Reply

Does anyone have a fix for the internet explorer 6.0 issue? My site works in all other browsers but with IE 6.0 its just blank…

Homeopathic Info Reply

I want to use wordpress for my website please any one give advise to me how can I do this and wheres I can get medical related best theme for my website

thanks a lot

zulkhas Reply

yo jai..i’m using your rhea as my new themes..cool n simple design..easy for me to modified the graphic. thanks man. cheers.

JKE Reply

Please, Jai, could you pls inform us what to do about that MSIE 6.0 browser bug where it leaves lots of whitespace in front of the first post (on this otherwise great theme)? THX!

Khara Reply

Thanks for the quick response

I’m kind of confused – it can happen only once after I have updated or do you mean it can only happen once I have updated?

I updated to 2.3.3 and it happened again…which would be once after I had updated (which happened right before I posted my first comment here), I thought maybe it would stay the rhea theme finally and then this morning it had reverted back to the default theme again.

Like I said all I replaced was the original header .gif, and the I removed the google ad code, but I made sure it was looked like the other sidebar code when I was done. I didn’t do a thing to the stylesheet.

I really want to use this theme…would the fix be to uninstall and reinstall 2.3.3, I really can’t find a solution over at the WP forums.


Jai Reply

@Khara: This is a know WP quirk and it sets the stylesheet to the default one when it cannot find your theme stylesheet. This happens if you have updated some code or just modified your stylesheet. It can happen only once after you have completed you update.

Khara Reply

Hi, I love this theme and have only very slightly modified it – just a custom header and moving around widgets.

I have a rather big problem though: I will have the rhea theme up and running, and later I will check my blog and it will have reverted to the WP default theme. I have checked and double checked the minor changes I did to the code and re-uploaded the theme w/o any changes and tried it too, but it always ends up reverting back.

I read on the WP forums that this is caused by WP not being able to find the style sheet after a few seconds, so it reverts to it’s default theme. I didn’t edit any thing on the style sheet or having anything to do with the style sheet. It’s been up on the forum for over a year with no known cause or solution.

I was just wondering if maybe there was a funky piece of code in the theme, I don’t know enough to be able to tell. I see that no one else has had this problem, so I guess maybe it’s just a WP quirk.


linda Reply

NVM I figured it out -blonde moment.
Thanks for an awesome theme anyways (just updated from bluebox theme), still a work-in-progress.

saundra Reply

I heart you Jai! I only know enough html to be really dangerous and your theme was the easiest to change. THANK YOU!

Quick question. I add pictures to each of my posts. I would really love to have a border 1px or 2px surrounding each image I post (automatically). Not sure IF I can do this in the .css or where to.

Could you give me a code for it? Thanks again!

Faris Fakri Reply

O’oo. I start receiving notification again. Maybe once you removed it I shouldn’t post a comment otherwise the email will stick in. Can you do it once again? Thanks Jai. Sorry for troubling you.

Jai Reply

@Kent : The top menu consists of links that point to your pages. You will have to go and manage pages in your wordpress admin. You can get an idea there.

Kent Reply

Hi Jai,
I’m new to wordpress/blogging in general, but was still able to install wordpress and the rhea theme. I’m trying to add more links to the menu at the top, do you know where I do this?

Dominik Reply

Hey Jai

Thanks a lot for this awesome theme. I’ve been looking into so many themes on so many sites and i must say this is by far the best.

Great job and keep it up

jke Reply

Hi, thank you for this awesome theme! I am using it for my new blog on sanitation. Is it ok if I change the footer and move the link to your site to the “about” page? Thx!

Deepak Reply

I tried to download your Rhea theme almost 20 times both from IE and Firefox to use on my website, but…. it never downloads completely. I wonder why is that so? So i tried doing it another day, still the same problem. It simply doesnt downloads completely????

Please look into the error

Thanks 🙂

Faris Fakri Reply

Oh by the way Jai. It seems like I’m having difficulty using this theme on my blog. I’m not sure what is the problem but the posts don’t seem to be appeared on my blog. Do you have any idea? Thanks.

eMpTycuBe Reply

i’ve made a little change on the header to make it a little more funky look… see it on www.emptycube.net …i will make a post on it and upload my custome header aswell…thx to you for the great theme

angelina Reply

Thanks so much for your very very pretty new theme! I am just wondering how i can make the homepage a static homepage. THere is a function on the new 2.3 whereby i can make a static page the homepage but the ‘Home’ link still stays and i am wondering how i can get rid of this?

This just means i will make the static new page and can rename is ‘home’ but i can’t remove the default home you have inserted in your theme.

Hope this makes sense! thanks! will appreciate any advice!

Chris Reply

Hi Jay,

I’m looking for a new blue 3 column widget ready theme to substitute my old outdated one – your theme so far comes closest to my taste and requirements!

One question though: would it be possible to adjust the width of the content (middle) pane, to make it seamless scalable? I usually have a lot of content in the middle pane and my readers seem to prefer higher screen resolutions, which make scaling to full screen a much easier read.

Or can I do it myself by changing just a few lines of code? Which ones?

Thanks a million! 😉

Cheers from Bali,

Life is what you make it!

dinsan Reply

I have an issue with theme, on IE, the homepage leaves a lot of space before the first page, you need to scroll down a lot and then find posts.. on firefox, it works fine. this site works fine on IE to so its something on my end. I reuploaded the theme, but no luck

William Reply

I encountered a problem with your theme.
It seems, when I put in the options tab

Front page will display:
(I put latest posts)

It won’t work. When I got to my site or reload the page it just shows a blank body content. It will show the left sidebar but it is on the gray background. It shows the header perfectly. But the right sidebar and content will NOT show.

JonehRC Reply

Oh yes! Thanks or “terima kasih” for this great theme. Hmm… I wonder where to use this theme.. another reason to open another domain 😉

Thanks Kai… ooopppsss… supposed to be “Jai” there 😀

Jai Reply

@wanmus : If you are not a designer, you can put your own personal photos. Or you can just use that space to put any other widgets.

Stefson Reply

Nice work Jai.

By the way, could you contact me regarding an interview? I checked your contact page, but it still says bob@… Is that your mail now?

And I dugg your theme :p

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