WordPress Theme – Red Top

Published On July 8, 2007
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Wordpress Theme - Red Top

Red Top is a 2 columns and Widget-ready theme. Main content with 500px size and 200px for a right sidebar. Simple theme. Logo.psd included. Download the Qlassik font at Dafont.com

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17 replies on “WordPress Theme – Red Top”

shemale tubes Reply

Myself along with my lady have been pondering regarding the topic. Nevertheless the thruth is, people can not trust points composed in word wide web.

Kathy Reply

Ever since we updated Word Press, we have not been able to upload pictures or add tags. What is the simplest way to deal with this and still keep our graphics etc.? Previous to these newer updates, Red Top has been great to use.

bleibloxxi Reply

Hi bob,

i am using red top and i love it.
just one thing:

how can i set the comments to be always shown?
I want the comments to be part of the page, not only when someone clicks on “comments”

Can you help me?

Thank you very much!!

binde Reply

sorry for another one, just found out that if you click on the category name on the firtst post and get to the archives, the sidebar pops up, even in ie…so its just a problem with the initial page 🙁 what shall i do???

binde Reply

hi guys, love the theme, but i also got an internet explorer problem, it just won´t show the sidebar and the posts end really soon, what they´re not supposed to do…is there anything i can do?

George Reply

Very nice theme. Used it but modified it quite heavily. Thx to CSS. But the border around simple images is not editable with CSS. Where can I do that? Couldnt find a place.
Thx for the theme!

Mali Reply

I’m new to wordpress and this is my first theme 🙂 I love it’s simplicity!

The only problem is in the archives, I’m trying to make them show the full content but it’s showing only the excerpts, even if in the single.php it’s told to show full content! :/ Did you understand a thing? lol
I can’t seem to solve this problem alone 🙁

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