WordPress Theme – Red Line

Published On July 22, 2007
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Wordpress Theme - Red Line

Red Line is a 3 columns and widget ready WordPress theme . Main color is red and white. Fixed width with left sidebar, content and right sidebar. Simple, clean and easy you to modify.

Logo.psd included /* Images folder */

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15 replies on “WordPress Theme – Red Line”

Dawn Reply

I have the same problem with Maryj. I would like to have my blog title and I’m not familiar on how to change it. Could you please advise how it should be changed? Thank you.


Maryj Reply

I’ve down loaded red line and I think it will be good for the web i’m building. When I changed my site to the Rline Line look, the words in the header text , “red” and “Line” both of which I want to replace with my own title, didn’t change to my header. how do Ii change my blog title and still retain the nifty red/which lotgo?

jservia Reply

I love this theme! Is it possible to have the right sidebar to have the same bullet points as the left sidebar? I don’t know much about code, so the easier the explanation the better for me! Thanks! Joe

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