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Published On July 27, 2011
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After a long wait, I am releasing a free WordPress Theme called  Jazz.

Jazz WordPress Theme

This is a minimalistic blue-colored theme with widgetized sidebars, dropdown menus and ad sections. The home page shows the latest post with a short excerpt, and all the other posts on the homepage have been uniquely designed to show a black layer with post title and date, which upon hovering, reveals the image beneath it. This is done through jQuery. The theme contains three ad sections which can be configured through the header.php and sidebar.php files.

Jazz WordPress theme comes with integrated menu system that can be configured under wp-admin -> appearance -> menus.
The theme has been tested with most browsers and is free to download and use. The home page images are automatically created once you upload an image with your post. Just make sure that your host allows the thumbs.php file in the theme folder (which generates the thumbnail images).

Demo & Download

32 replies on “WordPress Theme – Jazz”

Joshua A. Price Reply

Here has some effective and valuable information. Thanks for the information provided in this blog. This is the third time I visited in this blog. keep posting such stuff. Thanks a lot for the information.

Vivek Reply

Michael thank you for a fantastic theme, abseoutlly love it!Q? The title tag on my home page (which is a static page not the default) leaves some extra characters at the beginning -> >>’I would like to reclaim this character space but can’t seem to track down where it’s generating from as it’s not on any other pages.Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

obagi reviews Reply

This is really a good site with great information along with excellent post for all to view and comment on this site.The information present here is helpful for the readers.Overall wonderful site.

DesignCollectionSpot Reply

Hi, just used the Jazz theme on my new website and edited it a bit. However, I can’t seem to remove the text on the right, above the menu; “Jazz is a free WordPress Theme by Blog Oh! Blog. You may use this theme free of cost as long as you promise to keep the footer links intact.” .
Of course, I kept the links in the footer intact, but does using the Jazz theme also mean I cannot remove this text in the menu on the right? It takes up a lot of space.

find classifieds ads chennai Reply

this post is very nice..collections are great..i likes it…keep posting more blogs..i wish u for a great future..

Rick Reply

Great looking theme, thanks alot. I love that you have created room for banners and ads, saves me the time to do it.

Thanks for all your free themes, they are great.

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