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Published On July 23, 2008
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Do you publish daily on your blog? Here is a new WordPress theme from Blog Oh! Blog to help you in your blogging adventures. The new theme is called “DailyPress” and comes with widget-ready sidebars, tabbed content, banner ads, minimalistic color scheme and social bookmarking options. The theme is compatible with all versions of WordPress including the latest 2.6 version and has been tested with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

I have included the logo.psd file with this theme so that you can edit it and make your own logo instead of the default one. The 125×125 banner ads are controlled separately through a php file called :- ad250x250.php

Test Run | Download (81.52 Kb)

This is a free theme and comes with a Creative Commons License which allows you to modify the theme according to your requirements. I will appreciate if you keep the copyright information intact.

Please download the theme and let me know what you think about it? 🙂

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This looks like a pretty good design we could use to build a number of sites on. We’ll definitely keep the creative commons copyright on the site as we think it’s important to give credit to the provider of any free theme.

Michel Dizzer Reply

I am thinking of using this theme. However I think I will need a wider space for the content on the left. Can you tell me how to do this?
Thanks and awesome theme and the info on where to get far cry 3 .


Once again congrats for the wonderfull, light and classy theme.
Question: is there a way to make the logo higher on lenght, maybe ’til the search box or maybe make it hover over the new logo?
Ultimately, should it be possible to change the pattern colour around the logo, where it floats over?
Thank you in advance!


I have a blog with this theme and i have a problem.
I want to add a subpage, but i don´t see it in the web.
will Be able to do this theme a page with atributes of page?


Hi, thanks for the great theme, its brilliant! I was hoping you could tell me how to change the name at the top to my blog name? is that possible? many thanks

I change the content of tab.php to add my affiliate banner but the number 1 is showing at the top inside the banner. See my site, ncarreon.com. How can I fix it? Any help?

Wow, i forgot about this theme and since yesterday i searched on all blogs about 3 columns themes. Is a great theme and i think i can change to my needs for gambling blogs, i have lots of domains empty and my entire structure is based on 3 colums design i mean 2 columns in sidebar like this theme.

Also your theme looks great.

Thank’s man.

Hi there:

I’ve installed the Daily Press theme, and I’ve rebuilt the logo.psd file and uploaded it back to the images folder on my blog, but the theme isn’t showing my new logo.

I can’t find where you’ve pointed to the logo in the header, to debug this.

Any pointers on how to get my own logo to show up? I can’t use your theme if I can’t get rid of the default.



Also, anybody else have trouble with DailyPress in I.E.? Works great in Chrome & Firefox but in Explorer the sidebars are pushed all the way to the bottom.

marc Reply

This layout would be perfect if you can add a sliding hover over the top menu bar. (jquery?).

I’ve tried to modify the code with a few solutions that I found online, but nothing worked. Would it be possible that you can update this theme with a color hover or else write a tutorial on how we can add this feature to this template? Thanks for all your work. It is much appreciated!

In the “Socials” section, after the post, the “Comment” link doesn’t work… how do I make it point to the “respond” section of that post?

Hi, I like your dailypress theme. However, I am using another blog which is called bo-blog. I want to modify your template in order to install it in my blog. Would you mind it?

Nevermind, I realize how it works now! I was just worried when the first post didn’t appear. But it seems to be fine now~

Thanks anyway. 😀


Hey, just implemented Daily Press for my experimental site. Sadly, though, the recent posts in the tab on the sidebar aren’t showing up; how do I fix this?

Thanks in advance! By the way, it’s a great theme. I love it already~


CBRJohn Reply

Great theme, but I would like to have the tags show on the index page. I’ve inserted the tag code, but they do not show. Could you assist me?

Thank you very much for making this available. I found it very easy to customize. I love the look. I will be posting a link to your site, as a Thank You.

Have a great weekend,
Bruce C Ziebarth

I also try to put fav.ico which was successfully installed. I add the fav.ico code on the “header.php”. Everything works fine for me but the fav.ico only show on the main page but not the rest of the pages. Is there anything I have to do more to have the fav icon show on every pages?

@Jai:- I like the theme that comes with social bookmarking option. However, I try the theme and see that there’s an icon/image of “gostat” icon at the bottom of the theme. How can I remove that???


Andrew Reply

GREAT theme. I’m implementing it on my site right now. How do I change the “Read more” text? I’d like it to say “Continue reading this post” but the usual php content way of changing it doesn’t work.

I’m struggling with the sidebars in this theme.

In index.php I have:

In functions.php:

In sidebar.php:

In lsidebar.php:

in rsidebar.php:

In the WP-admin appearance editor I can add widgets to the two sidebars, but the changes are not reflected on the actual blog.. What am I doing wrong?

I like the 3 column design.

I adapted the design little bit because I thought white was better in my blog. Thanks for your effort, without this example it would have been a lot harder to make the design.

This theme rocks, but suffers from a few minor problems.

The first “comment” link had a “#respond” href, which doesn’t work since there are no comments on that page. I had to alter the “index.php” file with

<a href=”#respond” />

which fixes the problem.

Another thing that irks me is I cannot distinguish links. So I will be tweaking the CSS when I have time.

Many Thanks for a nice theme.


I’m using this theme to get me going. I can tell I won’t be sticking with it long because it’s not the coding style I like and I’ve wanted to do a lot of customizations. But it is an attractive theme and good to have up while I work on my own.

sorry, code didn’t show up in last post…

i entered this:

<?php the_tags(‘Tags ‘ , ‘, ‘ , ”); ?>

inside the “<p class=”postinfo”> section just as I did in the “recent entries” area, but it won’t work in the “latest entry”

I’m using this theme and I have figured out how to get the_tags to show up for all of the “recent” entries… However, I can’t seem to make them show up for the “Latest Entry”. I entered the in the same spot I did to get it to work for the Recent Entries, but it won’t work.

Any ideas?

Excellent theme that I am using on my site. Thanks Jai.

I do have two questions if someone can answer them for me.

1. How can I remove the social bookmark bar? Where does it reside in the file structure?

2. What is the protocol for using the ad management? I’ve studied the 125×125.php file and I am still drawing a blank


Dorcas Reply

@Alan Kellogg:- Dude, the .psd file is just for convenience, you don’t have to use it. Just create a 231×58 GIF file to replace the logo.gif that comes with the theme – using whatever software you want.

I love this theme! My only problem are the links…you can’t tell they are links until you hover over them. I’m tweaking the CSS, but can’t seem to get it to change the way they look (except for the color…and blue clashes with the theme).

Any suggestions?

Estimado Bob:

Me parece un tema tan simple como funcional. Has hecho un gran trabajo. Gracias.

Dear Bob:

I think it’s as simple as functional. You have made a great work. Thanks.

nice themes jai, thank you.

just info to all.
if you can’t show prev or next pages on your archive or categories, you can add this at archive.php

i’m use pagenavi for wordpress.


Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

@Craig:- Yeah I removed it from the front page. The one on the posts above the title works just fine. I just brings you to the #comments of the page which fails on the front page since there is no comments listed there. I think there should be a permalink tag along with it. I’m no wordpress expert and all so I just replaced the comments on the front page with the stumbleupon bookmarking button. It also comes with dailypress. Just add the button code in the CSS and add a tag to main index. 😉

Hi Jai, Thanks for the amazing theme. Just spent the last couple of days tweaking it.

Was just wondering if anyone out there is experiencing problems with the sidebar like I am – the headlines of the widgets are too close to the widgets above. Would be nice to have sopme space. I tried this on IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and it looks the same so it has to be a coding factor.

Anyone who can help?

Hello blogohblog team. I have been using this(Daily Press) theme for my blog and I must say that it is an awesome theme. However there is just one slight problem. My sidebar gets messed up in IE6. I don’t know what I did wrong. Any of you guys experienced this problem? I really like this theme and if anyone can help me please please, I could really use it. Thanks in advance. 🙂

I’m not having problems with links not being the right color. My links simply don’t show up. If I change the theme on my blog, the links are there, but Portfolio Press doesn’t like them. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello again,

Although I found the sollution in my previous problem, I have another issue right now…

When I choose to see the posts from one of my Categories it shows only the first ones and the link “PREVIOUS posts” doesn’t appear at all…

Is there anything I can do to fix this ??


Jay Reply

Small issue with the gallery in Firefox/Safari. On mouse-over of an image, a white space appears below the thumbnail. Doesn’t happen with IE7. This appears on your demo. Doesn’t happen with the default theme.

Cliff Reply

This is an amazing theme. I am using it for a site that I am working on with a couple of small tweaks. Would you be able to tell me how I can add widgets to the footer? All of the methods that I have tried have been unsuccessful. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Reply

I’ve tested your theme and it was really great and I liked it a lot, but I found bug: When I add new link and new link category, it simpy won’t show up on it’s place.

For those of you wanting visible links within the post, add this to stylesheet in the entry section (choose your own color, this one is orange)

.post a { color: #FFAB19;}
.post a:hover { text-decoration:underline;}

I love the theme. Can anyone tell me how to add who submitted the post. I have a blog with multiple author but dailypress doesn’t show who submitted the post.

michele Reply

how does “advertise here” works?
I saw the three boxes, but how can I manage the ads to show here?
I would like a google ads banner to appear there, how can I do it?

Thanks in advance.

Yup, it really did, because it never crossed my mind when I was testing that I should use some spaces. 🙂

What about inserting some code in the theme index, so that the tags are shown on the main page not only in posts.

I’m really n00b at the things so, be gentle with me. 😀

Victoria Reply

@tolique:- The text isn’t wrapping because you don’t have spaces. You just have one superlongwordwithnospacesinbetween, therefore, it won’t wrap.

Hope that helps.

very nice theme and it really suites my needs. But I still have a “small” problem with it: it doesn’t wraps the text in the post box.

The text doesn’t wraps either in the editor, is this a wordpress problem or a theme related problem. My blog is linked to the nick-name.

Thanks for creating so many great free themes.

Dennis Sim Reply

Hi Jai,

This is Dennis Sim here. You’ve awesome theme here – DailyPress. I’m using it right now on my blog.

By the way, I found a bug regarding the Internet Explorer compatibility issue. With Internet Explorer, the tab doesn’t function well – it just show me a list of recent articles, recent comments and archives. However, with Firefox, everything is fine. You may want to look at this ya!

Another thing I’d like to ask you… How to add another row of 125×125 ads?

Thanks for your help Jai! You’ve a great theme there!


Hi Jai

thanx for this cool theme
its really a great theme and i have installed it on my blog

but i am having problem installing my Favicon.ico on this theme can you or some one else can help me with it?

@Gh. Alex:-

Hi, I had the same problem as chelle. I have several posts in several categories, but each category page stops at 3. I tried to insert the line you gave, but it still didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

Great theme, a lot better than a premium one I purchased last month.

I was wondering if you could give me a quick fix for not showing properly in articles, or if it is, how to make it show bullets instead of blank margin.

Thanks, and you can see my work in progress on this theme here: freemmoguides.com/wordpress/wordpress/

Great theme! I am currently using “Statement” on my blog, which basically has the same layout. Is there a way I can just add the 125 banner ads portion to my layout? Please let me know. Thanks!

Will Reply

Hi there. Great theme. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to move the search bar into the navbar? I’ve tried moving the searchbar div inside the navbar div, inside the , everything I could think of. But it always shows up right below the navbar. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much for the very nice theme.

This is a very nice theme. I tried it over my site, but did not know what to do with already placed images. Their bg is white and the brown is unsolvable to me. Thanks for sharing this.

Sarah Reply

I am new to this, but I am looking at your theme and I want to have a home page that is not the blog. You theme seems to automatically add the blog as it home page and I cannot switch it off. I am using wordpress 2.6. Any ideas?

Hi Jai, very good theme — using the full screen — to give a newspaper like feel. As mentioned by ‘Hunter’ above, I am finding the contract weak for sustained reading. Could you offer an option to change the background color to, say, white or light yello (like Financial Newspapers), with true-blue links. Then reading can happen. I am saying this because you have created it for daily bloggers….so lets maximize the benefit to the extent possible. Thanks and Cheers!!

One quick little question – if I click on tag, archives, or category, it only shows a few posts but there is no navigation at the bottom to say “newer entries – older entries”…what would I need to do in order to add that? I tried copying and pasting it from the main index file to archives but that didn’t work – I’m not really sure where to put it?

Thanks, again I really love the theme 🙂

Indeed a simple and clean design. The best part is that you have included the psd file. Most designers only do that on premium themes so thank you for that.

Please keep those designs coming 🙂

Manu Reply

Nice theme, good work, but when I do a list in the enternce it does not show the characters >> or the numbers, how can I fix it.

Keep up the good work.

Very nice theme, installed it just now 🙂 I will probably be adding some customizations in the next few days – the links aren’t noticeable unless you hover over them so I will probably change their color – [that might just be my personal preference, but I like to see the links :)]

I am also going to try to incorporate a larger subscribe button & subscribe by email form in the top sidebar.

All in all I love the new theme, it’s perfect for this particular blog 🙂 Keep up the great work!

A quick way is to add this piece of code to the “Entry” section on the CSS file:

.entry a { color:#333; text-decoration:underline;}

This will add an underline to links in the body of the site but not to the sidebar. You can also change the color if you want the link to standout.

Andy Reply

Really, this theme beats WP Remix theme completely. I have been trying out new themes since last two days and this where my all searches end. Jai you are an awesome designer man, I wish if I could spend enough time to learn this stuff.
Great job buddy..!

@Kristianne, your site requires logging in to comment. you may want to turn that feature off as it is a bit of a hassle for the casual user. you can still control comments and ward off comment spam with akismet. also, what widget or plugin are you using for the featured video in your sidebar?

hello jai and thanx again, just put up my first post and all seems in order. just one thing, the links i put in my post are not showing up in any kind of contrasting color, so unless you put the cursor over it, you’d never know there was a link attached to it. is there a way fo turning this feature on? it was automatic in the other WP themes that i have used.
also, i assume i can insert additional ad spots into the two margins?

hello and thanx for the theme. opened the logo.psd file in photoshop and changed the dailypress logo and biline to my own. deleted the original one and uploaded the new one to the same spot in the images folder, but the new one is not showing up?
any advice on changing the “dailypress” bit up top?

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