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Published On May 19, 2008
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Do you really want to intoxicate people with the beauty of your blog ? Well, first you have to intoxicate your blog with this new WordPress theme from Blog Oh! Blog – Blue Weed. This is the latest offering from me to all you WordPress users. The theme has a clean and crisp look with light blue colors fit for almost any blog. Blue Weed is Gravatar-ready, WP2.5 Gallery-ready, Widget-ready, and includes tabbed sections for easy access to your content.

The theme has been tested both in Internet Explorer and Firefox with no visible problems.

Blue Weed

Test Run | Download

Please leave a comment if you decide to use it or not πŸ™‚

114 replies on “WordPress Theme – Blue Weed”

Actually theme is quite simple and this is the reason i like it. So it can be used for landing pages for personal blog.

For people wants to earn with adsense this theme is better and most importantly safer than typical adsense ready theme.

Great themes but i see too many text. I seek for the themes that have balance between text and picture icon. And the header should be more eye catching i guess.. =)

very nice theme. love the color choice πŸ™‚

hmm btw, is it okay to modify your theme? like adding the dropdown subpage, changing colors, and changing image? can i reproduce it under different name (still mentioning blue weed as the base theme)? is there any requirement to reproduce your modified theme as new theme?

i’ve seen that blueweed was produced under the creative common license. but there’s a lot of cc license variant (able to edit/not, need linking bank/not, need mentioning author/not, etc). thx if you reply it as soon as possible πŸ™‚

hi jai, very nice template. i’m now workout this template to blogspot platform. but seems ‘first post’ cannot be applied on this platform. i will change it by split the box into two column for widget box.

will inform you once finished.

I love this theme but my ordered lists are not showing correctly once the post is published. In the editor the post looks great but on the site the format is not correct. Please help!!!


Hi, I like this theme very much and I am going to using this theme for me blog. But I got something missing in a this file or you forgot to include this.

Like there is no comment option in page.php file.


Just add this line in the page.php file so that comments are shown in any page linked from menu.


It looks nice, but it’s very difficult to read that first post. The human eye is comfortable scanning about 70 characters across. Any more than that and you lose your place when you move your eyes from the end of one line on the right to the beginning of the next line on the left.

WJ Reply


Thanks for making this nice and clean theme.

I got a few problems with it though. I couldnt find the solution in your forums so I thought of posting a comment here.

Recent post is not showing and the recent comments is empty.

Any solution to this?

Kindly, help please.


thanks for your theme

i have changed somewhere in your blueweed theme.

because of my knowledge is so poor that i couldn’t get some style like moviesite…


Hey Jai I used your BlueWeed theme for my temporary theme while I work on the main one. Hoping to bring some traffic back and forth between me and you πŸ™‚

Also giving away 5 hosting accounts as a promotional item, also inspired by the great Jai on that one.

Anyways, love the site, love the themes, love the articles. Keep up the great work. Hit me up on MSN sometime we should get together and build something spectacular!

Hi Jai

The theme is very nice..

But I find that the “Hyperlink” is not working on the home page and at the single post pages.

But it works well in the first post (latest post) in the main page.

Am I missing something ?

Any help is appreciated…

Hi there,

Love the theme, thanks.

Just wanted a bit of tech help. Where is the best place to insert the code for Google Analytics? Also I was trying to insert code for a Getresponse pop up but am not sure where to put it either,

Any help appreciated.


It’s great. I just need to ask you smth.

How can I make the post title to be clicked so it can take to the comments page?
It can’t be done in the default.

PLease help me, this is really urgent

Excellent theme, Jai!

Love it πŸ™‚

I’m fond of almost every theme you release. Perfect job!

And now again, I’m in doubt (I want to use this theme) :s

Should I keep statement or not πŸ™


I’m using Statement now at livingjuicy.com. And I was looking for another good theme from you guys to use for a wedding blog I am building. I love this one and I am seriously considering it. I may even change my statement one to this one. Love y’all stuff. It makes me happy. Thank you.

Un diseΓ±o muy limpio. Me gusta mucho9, auque por ahora estoy intentando desarrollar my propio diseΓ±o basado en el predetermindado de wordpress.
Very nice design, I like it a lot, though i won’t use it for the moment. I’ m trying to develope my own design based on the default wordpress theme.


If I am using xyz.wordpress.com, how do I implement this theme in my blog?

I really loved this theme and would love to have this as my blog theme. Can you help please?

outime Reply

Hi jay

A suggestion, the comment box its pretty light, some people cannot find where to write the comment…

Thats my suggestion

Keep the work!

claire Reply

Hello there! Very nice theme, looks great!

Unfortunately it didn’t appear in /wp-admin/themes.php even though I think I did no mistake while dragging & dropping the folder into /wp-content/themes/ … I double checked, tried it on a default WordPress 2.5.1 installation and also tried to install any other BOB-theme … no difference!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

reject Reply

Awesome theme: simple and good looking it is what I was looking, for just does’nt like the grass in the bottom πŸ™‚

hi there, nice one… but can i ask that, the bigger column at the above is the entry post? wat about the 2nd bigger one beside the right sidebar? i might going to use it, maybe… just need more info from u, thanks πŸ˜€ (cos changing themes need a lot of times to move things from place to place) please advise and thanks!!! it is a nice themes for me πŸ˜€

LOVE this theme, using it until I can afford a web designer. HOWEVER, I would like to put adsense into the header in the big space of white next to the title. it needs the ability to put a widget up there, unless somebody can redirect me to a hack to put adsense into the header bar.

please tell me that somebody somewhere has made a hack for that spot.. please please…I’ll mention you on my other blog at amie sugat .com if you can come up with one!

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