WordPress Theme – Blog Oh Blog V2.0

Published On September 1, 2007
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Wordpress Theme - Blog Oh Blog V2.0

Horee! Blog Oh Blog V2.0 now released. Double sidebar, multi column and widget ready. Simple, clean and easy you to modify. Sitemap and Sifr ready. Nice ya!

Test Run | Download

274 replies on “WordPress Theme – Blog Oh Blog V2.0”

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hello jai,

how to edit the header? i want change blog oh blog to my website name.

how to hide my page? where your theme do not have theme option ( for exclude page)

thank you.

I love this theme and plan to use it on some blogs – but not being a programmer I do have one simple question – how do you change the top left hand test that says “blog o Blog v2” to something else.


@Will:- I had a devil of a time tracking down this same issue, and it was due to a plugin called “Inline Posts”. I scoured the code for it, and it embeds the id=top ickyness..

Apart from that, I LOVE THIS THEME!

Excellent theme. It takes some work to get everything how you want it, but the CSS and PHP is well-organized and pretty self-explanatory. I’m running a heavily edited version and absolutely love it! Great work, Jai!

@Jai:- So then what do I do? I tried changed the height value of “#top” but that just made the header have a big black area under it…i just want to get rid of the blue part and have everything else the same!@Josh:- Nevermind got it 🙂

@Jai:- So then what do I do? I tried changed the height value of “#top” but that just made the header have a big black area under it…i just want to get rid of the blue part and have everything else the same!

Jai Reply

@Josh:- That’s because that blue is the background of the whole blog. You have reduced the height of the #top element in the style.css because of which the background is showing.

I need some help with the theme, if you go to my site and look at the right hand sidebar you will notice the blue part has gone all the way to the top. How can I prevent this?

Glad I found this article, despite posting for a while, this is the first time I have actually seen the flame effects running of the side of the main division. Must look harder!

Mary Reply

Hi, great theme. Am trying to change the BlogOhBlog heading to my blog name. I can get it to show when I change the h1 to h2. But, I’d like the name to be in h2. How can I go about this?

John Reply

I am adding the following code to my main page template.php file so I can have a permanaet Digg link at the end of each post:

<a href=”http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=”>Digg

The link shows up, but it keeps tacking my domain name in front of it. How can I fix this?

DigiD Reply

Fantastic theme, I love it! The only problem I’m facing at the moment is that I can’t seem to make it show foreign characters like ë é etc. What do I need to change to make that work?

@Miles: Look at the CSS code where the entry class is. This has a default of 500px, you can make that larger, but think about the sidebars, you must take away one sidebar to use more space. That’s what i’m doing on a page that i need more space…perhaps there is another way…

Hi, this is a great theme, I moved out from Blogger now and used this theme with a little modification by me. Of course I let your link in place, but I would like to tell you that this is a great! theme. Thanks a lot! I hope you like my site, is in spanish, but you can see the design.



I’m using this theme for a few months, but now i’ve upgraded wordpress to version 2.5 and the menu doesn’t work.

I have 5 buttons in the menu:

Only home, forum and rss works.

The others when i click it shows error 404. Not found.

I’ve reinstalled wordpress 2.3 and it works fine but in wordpress 2.5 doesn’t.

Can anyone help me please?? I haven’t found any theme that i like except this.

Jai Reply

@pal: To insert a flash header, you will have to do much more than just insert the swf. You should carefully edit the style.css file and your header.php

john Reply

guys, how can i edit the code on the ads in the header and also the firefox ads button? is it apart of contribution to jai n bob who create this template?

im so new in this and really apprecite your guys kindness.. cheers!

Hi Bob,

I have a few questions regarding this theme. I have installed it on the latest version of WP but have trouble uploading Plugins. When I go to the Plgins folder within the admin after FTPing them I see nothing.

Is it possible that this theme is compatible with Plugins and if yes, how can I change this? Also, I assume that to see the two small feature posts as per sample I would need to publish 3 posts first? Is this correct?

The Plugins I was trying to upload were the “All In One SEO” and the updated Ryan Duff “Contact form”


Hi Bob, great design. Congrats on that.
Im wondering how can i make the template show more than 10 @ homepage.
I know it always shows the latest firts (in 2nd, 3rd…page). I want to show more than 10 post @ homepage. Do you know where I have to edit? Im trying to find but no success.

Shira Reply

Excellent theme!

Is it possible to replace the entire header (text ad and all) with an a one-image header? And at a different height?

How exactly should I do this so that I don’t screw something else up along the way?

Thanks in advance!

Jai – Thanks for making this theme available.

I have recently installed it (after quite a few mods) on my brand new Perpetual Giveaway site if your visitors would like to have a look at another variation.

I am also looking at using this theme on other sites I operate because of its versatility!

Stephen Spry

Jon Reply

Hello Bob,

Absolutely fantastic theme!

Is there a way to show like 3 or 5 full, entire posts and then have summary ones below it? Currently, the theme only shows 1 complete post and then summarizes the older posts. I know almost nothing about coding/programming and wonder if this would be an easy adjustment to explain. Thanks!

hermans Reply

Hi Bob,

I’ve little question.

When I change the code in index.php for show only 2 post on the homepage with this:

after reload the page… I look, on the summarized posts, again the title and the rss content of the same 2 posts show in home 🙁

Some tips? If possible to fix this?


JoNathan Reply

Ok … I am having issues. I love the template … I just haven’t found where to update the about me stuff that is on the right side … which file is that in?

Best Regards,
Mr Confused.

brandon Reply

I can’t get it to work on blogger.com 🙁

“We were unable to save your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.”

Hello Bob. Got some problem to changes the header. Blog Oh Bob on a left side of header template. I assumed this is not an image. But im still confused. And have no idea now. Would you guide me here ?

Thanx anyway.

tjchiam Reply

I tried adding the code to display tags for WordPress 2.3 in index.php but the tags won’t display. Is this theme WordPress 2.3 compatible?
Here’s the code i used: <?php if ( function_exists(‘the_tags’) ) { the_tags(‘Tags: ‘, ‘, ‘, ”); } ?>

Great theme! The CSS is a little messy and doesn’t play well with other CSS styles.

If it’s okay with you, I want to clean up up the CSS coding, and the wordpress coding for the site.

I love the theme though, just the backend is a little messy. Ya know?

I was wondering if there is any way to make the parent pages collapse with the child pages? So the child pages are hidden until you hover over the parent page and then a small menu expands and shows all the child pages.

Is this possible without a tremendous amount of coding?

I was actually able to find some of the things I needed to fix. I’m still having a problem with colors, and I’m wondering how to get rid of where it says “Put your ads here”

I love the design! My questions are, once the template is uploaded, how can I edit the “About me” section above the “want to subscribe” I’m new to wordpress 🙂

Also, how can I change the color scheme? I would like to change the color scheme for some things, kind of like how you have the blue color for your “recommended money makers” etc

Bob- Love the theme. I am interested in showing more posts, then summaries. I have discovered how to display more full posts, but the summaries overlap the displayed posts then show the previous ones. Any idea how to get the summaries to start were the full posts leave off?

WOW! I love this theme. One question, however. I am very familiar with CSS, but not enough to answer this question.

I want to change the color of the links in the POST (not anywhere else). I want the sidebar link colors to stay the same, etc. When I post a link in a test post, it comes out the same color as every other link, and it’s not distinguishable from the normal text.

I’ve played around with the CSS for a couple of hours and can’t figure this one out. Help!!

Thanks for a great theme!

Thanks for the reply Bob.

Just another thing – at the top of the page (well the title) it says ‘ghostfreak ;raquo; Blog Archive’

Any reason why the ;raquo; is there?

L3ST Reply

Thanks Bob. Initially I tought the header was that swf and I needed to modify it but I realized that i have a logo.psd in the “i” folder :). Solved now.

Two questions: What file do I need to edit to remove the “askimet blocked yada yada” from the sidebar and add 2-3 images under “Pages”? Usually the themes I use are simple but your coding style is a little hard to understand ( or maybe the theme is too complex for my close to 0 coding experience ).

Marcel Reply


I want to use the Limau template. How to I get rid of the Limau logo and replace it with my own text? Also, how would I insert a photo in the header? I have a foto I want to put at the other end of the header away from the blog title.

Thank you,


update: i figured out some of the probs myself 😉 but the question about the older entries at the bottom i still haven’t figured out. anyone?

@ bin: the rss.php file is the one you’re looking for. you can easily change the text there and customize it. 🙂

Hi! Just a question.Where i can change this think “Here I’ll share my knowledge, discovery and experience related to my hobby and work. Most articles on this site are related to blog design, short reviews, tips and make money online.” in About me.I try to find but didn’t see where is that

kim Reply

oh one more thing, in the older entries at the bottom it shows the current entry as well. do you know what i did to make that happen? and how can i change the number of older posts it shows in the bottom… thanks so much again!

kim Reply

hi bob, just wanted to let you know that i LOVE the theme. i’ve been playing around with it WAY to much yesterday [at work 😉 ] but i can’t seem to figure out one thing. maybe you can help?

– the h2 in the sidebars seems to be “overwritten” by something. during the loading-process it shows “my” color [a blue] but once it’s fully loaded, it stays the colors you have in your sidebar header as well [the green, gray and brown]. any idea what in the css is have to change?

thank you so much for the theme and your help! 🙂

suenwj Reply

i have a problem here. when i replaced the index-normal to index.php, all the things on the side bar went to the bottom of the left page.. this only happen on the main page but other pages are working fine. can anybody help me on this. thanks alot!

I have a question. I just installed this theme, it looks good, but I wanted to show full posts (no summaries at the bottom). But when I do this I don´t have a “previous posts” link?? how can I fix this?

Hey Will – that’s the problem…the adsense code is being added/controlled by a plugin. I just pick where in the post I want it and it inserts it…the adsense code isn’t hard-coded into the index file. I checked all the files and I can’t figure out why that’s getting inserted…

Bill, any suggestions?

Will Reply

Steve, it should be in your index file. The same file you added your Google Adsense code in. Have a look and see if you can find it there. Directly next to your Adsense code.

@Will – I found the problem in the code when I right-click and ‘view source’ from the actual page loaded up, but I can’t find where it’s doing that in any of the files…the original id=top tag is in the header file, but it doesn’t repeat in the actual file itself…

@Will – Thanks for the help. While I have an idea as to what you’re saying, I’m not 100% sure, so I have two questions:

1) can you send me your fix via email: [email protected], so that way all the tags will be intact.

2) can you let me know which file what you’re referencing is in? Header, index, etc?

Thanks a lot!

Will Reply

Steve, I believe I found your problem, but this comment script will not allow HTML tags, so I’ll try to show you a different way.

You seem to have a problem with a tag directly before your Google ads.

Look for the tag id=top enclosed in a p tag.

Reove that, and it should work, but you may need to keep the p tag without the id=top enclosed and without the forward slash.

Make a backup copy of the file and give it a try.

Steve Young Reply

I think I figured out what’s going on, I just can’t fix it. I’m getting a repeat of the header title area (the black bar) after the first post heading. Do you know how to get rid of that? Thanks.

Steve Young Reply

Hey Bob,
I’m getting a blank space under title line of my posts and pages…text and ads show up as they’re supposed to, but not formatted correctly and lined all the way across the page in that space. I didn’t make any mods to that part of the code that I’m aware of…was that way when I first uploaded your code.


Billy Reply

I have searched through the code on your template and have found what I need but I don’t have the best php skills. I was wondering how would one go about making 5 top post instead of only 1 and then having the rest show up as the summaries?

What I would like to do is show 5 new posts at the top instead of just the latest.

Thank you in advance.

Will Reply

Derek, you have too many ‘Pages’ published, with long titles for the space available. Try using just NCR instead of full names and they should fit properly.

Otherwise, you will have to edit the template to move the “Pages” to a location in the sidebar.

Nicholas Reply

Hi Bob, I like the idea having the recent post below the main post. But if I want set to show 3 post then the rest summarised on below, when I press next page, only the “recent post” at the below changed, instead of the 3 main post. Any idea how to change it?

More simple saying is, I want the main post to change when click on previous post/next post instead of the the summarised post below.

Nika Catbagan Reply

P.S. Also I tried uploading the original files I got from the download, but its still that way on my single posts. It still doesn’t have the white background.

Nika Catbagan Reply

Hi Bob. I tried your theme and I love it. The only thing is, I seem to have broken it when I tweaked the info and other details. When I view single posts the white background is missing. 🙁

Ok, this time you really got me hooked onto your theme designs. The formality and simplicity of it. Marvelous. Keep up the good work. Now I just need the time to update it to my site.

Ryan Lineker Reply

On my blog the recent posts leaves the most recent post off the list and only shows up when I add a new post but then that post isn’t on the list. Please help.


Thanks works like a charm. One more thing though:
on the archives page I don’t know why the menu bar isn’t showing up. I tried to include it like this:
but nothing.

Do you have any ideas?

Rell Reply

Bob, you freaking cool dude… the only problem I have with the theme is that the [tag][/tag] shows on the mini versions of the entries. How do I fix that?

ambsmart Reply

Salam.. Cemane la aku boleh masuk blog ni.

Anyway aku nak guna jugak theme ni. Pas domain aku yang expired tu aku bayar balik la.. Hehe

Bob Reply

Josh @ ok, take ur time 🙂

mohdismail @ huhu.. mau tukar ini.. tunggu..

Luc @ ermmm.. thinking.. maybe next, anyway thanks for the ideas.

Bob Reply

Lyndon @ yes, you can. just make a small tweak on the css

Alwin @ ur welcome. thanks for revisit

khairul @ ur welcome. happy switching 🙂

Jane @ thanks for using my Redline. Your blog looking great. i like it. 😉

I love the first version of this theme, but this one is even better! I find that it loads much quicker.

I have a few things to do, but I think I’ll probably be making the switch to this version soon.

One question though. Is it possible to change the header and make it a bit bigger. I’d like to add a custom image and the old one seemed to keep everything to one size.

I’m glad I found this web site. I couldn’t find any knowledge on this matter prior to.Also operate a site and if you are ever interested in doing some visitor writing for me if possible feel free to let me know. im always look for people to check out my web site.

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