WordPress Theme – Black And White

Published On July 14, 2007
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Wordpress Theme - Black And White

Black And White is a 3 columns WordPress theme. Simple, clean and easy you to modify, also suitable for any blog content such a review blog, make money blog, personal blog, photo blog and more. 🙂 Black and white theme based on my current theme right now. This is a basic 3 columns theme. Edit and hack it like your own. Any opinions, suggestions, critics and questions feel free to land your word in my comment box.

In next couple days, I’ll post entry about “How to Build Your Own WordPress Theme”. Submit my RSS FEED to get into heaven. I try my best. Are you cool? if yes! make sure to keep my credit link at your footer 😛 Ok! time to download. Hurry up!

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74 replies on “WordPress Theme – Black And White”

I based my current theme off of Black and White on my play by mail gaming website for a few years now, so I thought I’d finally say thanks! I wish I knew about child themes back then!

This is good theme. thanks.
However I can’t create sub menu (drop down) from the main menu, The sub menu that I create will place on the right place.
Anyone can help?

i love your theme, i been using it for years. recently updated from wordpress 2.8 to 3.2.1! (i never wanted to update as i was scared it would ruin everything. ) anyways, i updated and recently installed WP Category Post List Widget. the thumbnails aren’t working. im guessing i need to add the thumbnail function in this theme. how do i do it? thanks for your help.


This is good theme. thanks.
However I can’t create sub menu (drop down) from the main menu, The sub menu that I create will place on the right place.
Anyone can help?

agentrelaxed Reply

Thanks for such a wonderful template!

I have a question about the header.php file. It says `
<a href=””>Home


Unfortunately for me, this is only pulling five of my pages (plus the home link). I tried shortening titles, but that didn’t help. I tried unpublishing the page in the middle to see if one of the other pages would show up as a link, but it didn’t — I ended up with only four links instead.

Is there a way to have more than five links in the header?

That’s really a cool theme. I’d just installed it and its looking great for my website thanks a lot buddy. Hope to see more posts like this one.

Gustavo Costa Reply

Bob, great theme ! tks !
However my wordpress blog is configured to work with brazilian portuguese and when I installed yours, I did get part of the words in Portuguese, part in English…Is there a way to fix it ?


awesome theme, thanks a lot.

there is a small change i made to the css though, by default content tends to run across the page. i need this for writing formatted code into blog entries.

a simple fix, is to add the line below to the style.css file –
pre { overflow : auto;}

I looked hundreds of theme and reached this theme!! Of all the theme, it is absolutely the best!!!!!!!!!! Arigato-gozaimaaaaaaaaasu!! Thanks!

this is so cool..
i do like black and white theme.
want to know why???
b’coz i think this combination is hot and elegent!!
can i have one????

just deployed my blog. I’ve edited brian garder silhouette themes but stuck because of my limit in creativity…argh!

but this themes complete my needs before launching it. so this I’ll use your Black and White because minimalist themes rulezzz!!!

Hey, (sorry If I have posted this is at the wrong place!)

I’ve been working with your Black and White theme, but I’m trying to configure the sidebar.php file to allow me to widgetise another area at the top.

Basically a widget that spans across the lsidebar and rsidebar, but I cant seem to do it!! Any ideas?

Cheers 🙂

I love this theme! Is there a way to remove the “borders” around the images? Please see my site…
Right now it’s by default blue color if not visited, and purple if visited.

Brilliant template.

2 things:

1. Is it possible to only have one column. I removed one on my site but want it moved to the right, so there is more room for writing.
2. Is it possible not to have any sidebars on the other pages (landscape etc) where I want my pics.

Thank you in advance and thanks for the beatiful template.

Faming Reply

I like it much.
yes,The theme is a little wide .
,you can fix it by change padding-right and padding-left into 6px in style.css

Do like this

#wrap{background:#fff;width:990px;border:#000 1px solid;margin:20px auto;padding:10px;}


#wrap{background:#fff;width:990px;border:#000 1px solid;margin:20px auto;padding-top:10px;padding-right:6px;padding-bottom:10px;padding-left:6px;}

I installed your theme for my blog and love it. I translated it in french and everything went right except for the (more…) link to read the rest of an article in the category, archive, tag pages but not the home page. I looked at all the files and couldn’t find anything about this “more” word.

Hello again

I am looking to put a jpeg on the top of another site I am putting together. Could you lend a hand on what code needs to be adjusted to replace the header with a banner? I want to keep the bar that had the pages listed, but want to replace everything above that part with a pic.

Thanks again

Ellie Reply

The theme is a little wide on my screen; unlike this theme, I do not have the striped background showing. I used a 15″ monitor and even a 20″ monitor, and the same thing.

Doug Reply

OK, I’m lost one more time. Can you tell me where to plug in the script for Kontera Content Link? I am going to try that along side some adsense.

Thanks again

Matt Reply

I modified the template a little but noticed an error in when viewing in internet explorer. Just on the homepage, the right sidebars disappear. When you click on a category link or on a specific post and go to that page, then the sidebar links reappear. I have noticed this on other blog templates and am wondering if you know how to fix this or why the problem would be caused?

Also, how would I replaced the date and time on the top right section, with some sort of custom fields. I wanted to replace theme with a subscribe to RSS feed option and maybe a bookmark this page option.


I was able to get some color changes and font changes done. It wasn’t exact, but it works.

Could you please tell me how you get ads between posts? I want to put in some adsense.

Thanks again.

Great template! I am using it on my site with a few tweaks. I admit that I am not a CSS genius, but I hope to change the icons to little folders for categories and arrows.

As you can see, I added a little color to the theme 🙂

This is the theme I have been looking for.
Is there any way to get tips on the stylesheet? I am having issues with thing like font size and colors I am hoping to tweek.


admin Reply

Lee Doyle @ theme update for this issues. may you download it back and replace with my new style.css file.

Thanks Lee Doyle

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