WordPress 2.5 Compatible Themes

Published On April 4, 2008
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WordPress 2.5 Compatible Themes

After the release of the WordPress version 2.5, a few people asked me if my themes were compatible with the new version. So, I decided to check this fact today and did a test run on majority of the WordPress themes on my local machine which is running the latest version of WordPress (2.5).

As a result, I will like to congratulate myself and inform everyone that all the WordPress themes available on Blog Oh! Blog are fully compatible and ready to use on WordPress 2.5. The reason why they are compatible is, because the new version of WordPress has mostly changed the administration section and ideally there shouldn’t be any problems with the themes that were working with the 2.3 version.

If you are getting any kind of errors or problems using my themes, it can be because of some redundant plugin that you are using. Many WordPress plugins need to be updated to work with WordPress 2.5. So, you might want to inform the plugin author to release an update.

25 replies on “WordPress 2.5 Compatible Themes”

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twist3r Reply

I’m having a problem with the plugin ‘subscribe-to-comments’ . The radio button and the text ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ ar not on the same line. The radio button is on top , and the text in on bottom of it. I don’t know what the problem is, i even tried to put them into a div with ‘nowrap’ tag but still doesen’t work. I see that on this page those 2 are on the same line. What can i do ? I did’t modify anything on the theme in this part nor into plugin so something is wrong.

twist3r Reply

When that tutorial about Gravatar suport for this theme will be published ? I think there are a lot of users who waits for it.

Andy Reply

Like I said, anyone can use single.php to create your own image.php (comparing with image.php from the default theme). However, what more and more people will be wanting are better looking gallery pages. That’s where you could really ‘wow’ people, I think, by adding your own signature to the galleries in your themes. For example, the current navigation (large thumbnails below the image being viewed) is very clunky. It would be better to have small thumbs (better yet simple arrows) at the top of the image so they don’t jump off the screen when you have a vertical image appear. Good luck.

BTW, I love the SimpleLABob theme. My site is under construction, but you can see it at the link above.

Jai Reply

@Andy : Thanks for the suggestions. All my next themes will be compatible with the gallery function of WordPress 2.5. I will also try and upgrade the previous themes with this function.

Andy Reply

Just an update: Every I go online there are people talking about the new image.php page. This page is required if you want to have the gallery feature work to its potential. If you can come out with “gallery friendly” templates you’ll have a rush to your door. To design an image.php page use the single.php page you already have and compare it with the image.php in the WordPress 2.5 default template.

Also, lots of people are complaining about the fact that images are displayed too small, or galleries point to medium size images. There are 2 ways to address this:

1. Increase the size of “medium” images to a very large number (a work-around until WordPress fixes the issue).

2. Also it’s important to open functions.php and add the following line:

$GLOBALS[‘content_width’] = 600;

Set the number as high or low as you like depending on the space in your template. This will allow your “full size” images to actually display at full size.

Again, this is something you really should incorporate into your templates to save people from hunting for hours trying to find out why their images are shrunken. 🙂

Khara Reply

I thought this was a basic gallery not functioning in the theme issue since it works on the default theme. This means the gallery uses CSS to function?

Khara Reply


I found a compatibility issue with the new WP 2.5 image gallery feature in the Rhea theme. I just created a post using the gallery feature as described in this video over on the WP blog:


The gallery seems to generate fine, however, when I click on an image in the gallery, the image displays off center and there are no navigation thumbnails, leaving one stranded on an orphan sub-post.

I left the test post up on my site for you to check out if you would like.

I deactivated the two plug-ins I was using after reading this post to see if that had any effect, it did not. I also switched to the default theme briefly and the gallery feature worked properly in it.

I’m sure tweaking some bit of code would fix it, but I’m not advanced enough to know what to look for. I think Rhea is an excellent them and would love to see the gallery feature working. Please let me know if there is a fix.

Thank you.

SEO web hosting Reply

Thanks for the good news. I’m out searching on the web right now for a new theme for my site and that question is important. Other developers have not been promoting that fact so you have to wonder if their themes are working fine.

Jai Reply

@pemmax: The only thing the older themes don’t have is inbuilt Gravatar support. You will have to add them to the theme yourself. But not to worry, I will be publishing a little tutorial of my own soon.

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