Widgetbucks Vs. Google Adsense

Published On December 13, 2007
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Adsense Vs. Widgetbucks

Bloggers love affiliate programs, it runs in our blood, so every time a new one pops up there we go in the hope of coining a few more dollars. Adsense has for many years been the preferred, sometimes the only, affiliate program but with the introduction of WidgetBucks, things might begin to change. But before we trot along, one crucial question should be asked, which of the two provide the best results? Today I’ve decided to put them both to the test by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses in a hope of determining which of the two affiliate programs delivers the most dollars to its publishers.

On one corner we have the experienced, all time champion, no stranger to online advertising, Adsense, the Google affiliate program. On the other corner, the young spirit, only a few months old, ready to take the blogosphere by storm, WidgetBucks, the interactive affiliate network. Let’s throw them in the ring together and see which comes out on top.



WidgetBucks just like Adsense, features a pay-per-click shopping affiliate program which relies on interactive widgets for publishers to make money. According to the WidgetBucks site, ads will instantly display the most popular products based on buying trends of 100 million shoppers, thus permitting extremely targeted, content relevant and highly engaging ads. If everything goes like expected the end result will correspond to more sales, in the case of advertisers and more dollars for the publishers. If you haven’t signed up for Widgetbucks yet, you can do so by clicking here.

Positive aspects:

  • Ads are new and considered a novelty, most people are still not used to them and this might deliver more conversions
  • Ads are extremely interactive and dynamic which tend to capture the attention of readers
  • WidgetBucks works exceptionally well for gadget, electronic, computer and gaming orientated sites given that most advertisers derive from those markets
  • The widget look, together with its interactive approach, makes the widgets look less like an ad and more like a tool. Users are naturally very curious.

Negative Aspects:

  • WidgetBucks is still a very young affiliate program so its long term sustainability is unknown
  • Bloggers looking for ads on more traditional topics can’t rely on WidgetBucks
  • For some blogs the extremely lively ads might not work well
  • Only available for English sites

Google Adsense


Google’s affiliate program, Adsense, dispenses all introductions seeing as it is currently the single most used affiliate program on the internet. All this success can seem a good alternative for bloggers but you are advised to think twice before jumping the gun. Although they are the indisputable market leaders this doesn’t automatically mean they are the best solution for your blog.

Positive Aspects:

  • Stable, reliable and undoubtedly trustworthy
  • Been in the market for many years, good experience in the affiliate advertising arena
  • Many advertisers in nearly all languages
  • Google powered
  • Endless inventory of ads
  • Provides a comprehensive list of tools for publishers (very important)

Negative aspects:

  • Ads are boring, many internet users disregard them completely
  • Ad units very dull and lack user interactivity
  • Secretive about revenue sharing between Google and publishers
  • PPC sometimes very low
  • Sometimes they only respect the advertisers side

These points are very important when trying to analyze the best option but they don’t provide us with a clear answer to the initial question. After running both affiliate programs for some months I reached a conclusion that might produce that very answer. WidgetBucks is an excellent alternative and in my opinion one of the few programs that can compete with Adsense. Extremely pleasing to the eye and interactive, WidgetBucks is an effective solution for gadget and technology blogs.

On the other hand Google Adsense is still that very stable program that can always be counted on. Although many users might dislike it, they do provide a good solution. I advise bloggers to give WidgetBucks a try and compare the end results. Who knows you might find that running them both together is the best option.

26 replies on “Widgetbucks Vs. Google Adsense”

Darrin Benner Reply

I am a first time visitor to your blog, but I am enjoying reading some of the articles.
This is another brilliant one!
You have rightly pointed out about the need to keep CPC, CTR and CPM in mind before choosing the monetisation method for a blog.
Depending only upon adsense is stupidity.

Krishna Reply

I am Using Google Adsense and Chitika. Now I am trying WB. But among all the networks Google Adsense is the Best one and paying high. Chitika calculations are wrong in which 15 Click and 0.3 rate is showing as 0.11 Very unrelated revenue.

Ruchi Reply

Great Information, but i have one question , i subscribed to widgetbucks, but do we have to register each of our blog web page in order to display ads , i am bit confused, any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Dreamer Reply

I think Widgetbucks suck, because my code wasn’t appear when I paste at my site…

I never use my WB account for about 1 years ago, last week I try to login again, and my ads doesn’t appear…

Ashok Reply

First i used google adsense for my blog it earn me some good amount but when i know about widgetbucks i shifted from G to W. Now i am using W but my earnings are not good. I have plan to shift from W – G.

Brian Reply


I currently have Widgetbucks on my site.. Will I not be approved for google adsense if I have widgetbucks ads on my site?

Binh Reply

Your picture is saying WidgetBuck is fighting the big boy AdSense? Why not see it as they should sake hand? Google Image Only ad produce many interesting and interactive ads too.

I agree, if it’s not Tech site, then Widgetbucks sucks.

veeroo Reply

nice review ..
one strong point is Google ads don’t take much bites to load .. so site doesn’t gets slow !

over all great compare !

Mihai Reply

Have you heared how many argues have been because widgetbucks didn’t pay some bloggers?
Jay,have you got a cent from widgetbucks yet do you sustain it because it shoes more money in the account?

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