What does his Blog have that mine doesn’t?

Published On December 11, 2007
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I am sure this question pops up in your mind more than once when you go through a successful blog on the Internet. Well, for a start, just try to notice the following things. And if applicable, make a change.

– Better Colors & Layout

Try and change the colors and layout of your blog if you feel that your current color scheme is drab and does not attract enough visitors. A way to find this out is by asking your visitors or just creating a poll. Repositioning your content in creative ways can also help in sustaining interest for your blog. If using a theme based blog, try changing your current theme to a more suitable one. If still in doubt, hire a designer to redesign your blog for you.

– Better Content

Content is King. These three words say it all. So, make your content as original as possible and try not to copy stuff from elsewhere until you are planning to spam the Internet with just another mundane blog. If you cannot create content on your own, hire a content writer who can do it for you or just ask people to contribute towards your blog content. They might do it if you offer them some kind of incentive. It’s another story if your blog is already popular.

– Interactivity

Remember that you are running a blog and not a dictatorship. Hence, you will have to interact with your blog visitors either through your posts or the comments and not let it become one way communication where you are just forcing your posts down the throats of your visitors. If you do not interact, your blog will soon be full of cobwebs and spiders only. So, keep the action alive.

– Regular Posting

Make sure that you are posting actively and on regular intervals. It might vary a little bit but do not expect your readers to be patient and wait while you come back from your vacation. Set aside a time for each day or whenever you make your posts so that it is periodical just like a newspaper. You like fresh newspaper every day…Don’t you? Same goes for your posts.

– Use of Images

I have seen blogs which plainly rely on text but are still great blogs. Using images in your posts is always a good idea and helps to grab the attention of your readers. Try to associate the picture with your post and create a link between both of them. For free images, try sxc.hu

– Too many Ads

Try not to fill up your blog with advertisements completely and show people what a greedy pig you are. People understand that you need money to keep the servers running but just keep the advertising under control. Just think before putting another ad strip on your reputed blog.

Be Friendly to your Readers

Remember that without your readers, your blog is like a haunted house, so treat your readers well, and do not make statements which might hurt the sentiments of a few. Things spread like fire on the Internet so make your reputation a priority.

5 replies on “What does his Blog have that mine doesn’t?”

Nicholas Cardot Reply

These are good tips. I’m constantly looking at other blogs trying to find ideas and best practices to make mine better and these are good ones. I agree with you about advertising. It’s good to have a lot of advertising and to make a lot of money, but not if you put so man ads up that it degrades your users experience. That’s selling out in my opinion. I don’t like it one bit.

Aizat Reply

Hi Jai!

Very useful tips for bloggers.
Especially for newbie like me.
I just change my layout because I feel like want to use my own. In fact, i’m learning to create theme, to be a pro theme designer like you.

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