Unveiling the Importance of Guest Blogging in WordPress

Published On December 16, 2013
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Today, a huge majority of business professionals have started choosing WordPress blogging for promoting their products and services. It’s not difficult to find a WordPress blogging site that’s being used by an entrepreneur for gathering the attention of potential readers/customers. There are tons and tons of blogs being posted on WordPress sites on a regular basis. These posts talk about the quality and performance of products and services delivered by the respective business organization. Guest blogging is considered one of the most crucial aspects related to WordPress blogging. Through this blog, I’ll be highlighting the role played by Guest Blogging in empowering the reputation of a business enterprise.

What is Guest Blogging?

Writing blogs/articles for a website that doesn’t require any registration is termed as Guest Blogging. You can write blogs/articles on a topic that’s related to the website theme. Guest article/blog offers you the opportunity of strengthening your personal brand in the right fashion. Guest blogging allows you to build strong relationships with A-List bloggers from all over the world. In addition to this, writing a guest blog also entails sharing valuable content with readers.

Getting started with WordPress Guest Blogging can take you towards the route of business success

Well, starting off with Guest Blogging for your WordPress site can allow you to hone your site’s performance in a brilliant manner. Whether it’s about generating more traffic, attracting potential customers/subscribers, building powerful links to your site or increasing your overall brand awareness; WordPress Guest Blogging can allow you to achieve all this and more.

With in-built blogging features, WordPress websites help you in reaching new customers who’re looking for products and services similar to the ones delivered by your organization. By installing exclusive Guest Blogging plugins in your WordPress website, it becomes convenient for you to activate Guest Blog feature for your readers. By inviting guest blog writers, you can easily gather feedback on what you do. You can get introduced to new niches you aren’t aware of. By gaining recognition among global writers, you can even get a chance to find new business partners.

Some popular Guest Blogging Plug-ins for WordPress Blogs

Now, let me introduce you to some of the best Guest Blogging plugins that’ve made WordPress blogs work better:

Plugin#1 : Peter’s Collaboration Emails Plugin

If you choose to activate “Guest Blogging” feature for your WordPress website then your first concern will definitely be the effective management of all your guest bloggers. With Peter’s Collaboration Emails plugin, managing your guest bloggers becomes faster and effective.

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By installing this plugin in your WordPress blog, you can activate the feature wherein automatic email notifications will be sent to the guest bloggers about the status of their guest posts. In other words, whenever you take an action for a particular blog post, the particular writer will be notified as to whether his/her blog is in pending state, scheduled state or approved state. In addition to this, you, as the site owner will also receive notifications about new posts that have been submitted and the blogs posts that have been published on the WordPress site.

Plugin#2 : Peter’s Post Notes Plugin

This WordPress Guest Blogging plugin works in collaboration with Peter’s Collaboration E-mails plugin. Installing this plug-in in your WordPress blog offers you the flexibility of adding notes during reviewing/editing your own/your guest writer’s post. If you’re writing notes while reviewing one of the guest posts on your blogs then the respective notes will be sent via email to the respective writer.

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Plugin #3 : Sabre Plugin

Spam registrations have always been a major concern amongst WordPress blog owners. Installing Sabre plugin saves your blog from the people who use automatic programs/software for user registrations and for posting articles/blogs. This plugin offers you the flexibility of adding security features such as a simple or complex Captcha/a math test etc. at the registration level to prevent any fraud writer registrations.

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Plugin #4 : WordPress Guest Post Plugin

Installing this plugin offers you the flexibility of accepting, editing or publishing guest posts on your blog using a Form hosted on the site. Hence, the guest bloggers need not create any type of account on your WordPress blog.

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Plugin #5 : Capability Manager Enhanced

This WordPress Guest Blogging plugin can be utilized for creating and managing roles and responsibilities of users at different levels within your blog. For example, you can offer the image uploading facility to some of the authors while restricting others from uploading their image. Installing this plugin allows you to set capabilities for users at levels including subscriber, contributor, editor, author and administrator.

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Hope this post of mine would’ve helped you get an insight into the importance of Guest Blogging for your WordPress blog site. So, get going and opt for the right Guest blogging plugins that’ll work wonders for your site and your overall online reputation.

If you’ve any questions to ask or want to share your ideas/opinions on WordPress Guest Blogging, please go ahead by jotting down the same in the comments section below.

This guest post is written by Jack Calder. He is a content writer by mood and a web designer by profession. He loves to share his thoughts & Ideas on various HTML to wordpress theme conversion services. You can log on to his business website (Markupcloud) for more information on various other Convert PSD to Joomla theme services


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These are some great tips and plugin suggestions that will help anyone looking to create a guest blogging component to their blog. I’ll be adding this to my WordPress Weekly post I put out every Friday.

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