TNX Review

Published On February 22, 2008
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TNX Review

Today I will be reviewing which helps you in buying and selling links on other websites. This service is helpful for both publishers as well as the advertisers. The service provides TNX points which can be used to advertise your websites or you can also sell these points.

As a website publisher you will be able to sell links not just on the main page but on all the pages of your website. On top of that, you get a chance to choose between thousands of advertisers registered with their service. TNX deducts a commission of 12.5% on every transaction that you make, which according to me is a reasonable amount. The prices for links are calculated automatically based on factors like link popularity, PR and the number of external links. The code can be easily installed on your website which is used to display the advertisers’ link.

You also benefit from this service if you are an advertiser launching your products or services on the Internet. The main advantage for advertisers is the price of links which is very reasonable and the ability to promote hundreds of keywords with just a few clicks. The prices are so cheap that you can buy 10,000 links for a mere $11 a month. As an advertiser you will also receive well-targeted traffic from relevant websites. You can create different ad campaigns and set the parameters for the websites where your ads should appear on. Click on this to read some simple tips which can help you to rank higher on Google for highly competitive keywords. Also, here is an offer to get free links for your websites as mentioned on Digitalpoint Forums.

TNX has also recently launched an affiliate program where you can earn TNX points by referring people to use their service.

21 replies on “TNX Review”

cheap nike wholesale Reply

PR is important for popularity gain and to achieve more in tips no1 absolutely you will need a higher PR because many sponsored out there will looking into that.

Buyniaga Reply

TNX is surely good. I had joined and had earn multiple cashouts. Here are the latest screenshot of my latest earning:

you should really join it. hehe

Yuk Cari Duit Reply

Greeting, i want to announce that I created a simple tnx widget for WordPress. Visit my plugin homepage for details, and don’t forget to read the readme.txt file.
Thank you 🙂

aktenium Reply

Yes, TNX has also recently launched an affiliate program the promotion of which is quite a profitable idea as well. Concerning the link building, as long as one uses this program to get limited number of links is good. Otherwise he risks a google penalty or something like that.

Lenin Nair Reply

It’s already banned man. by Google. I am thankful that I never used any such services. All those guys who were purchasing paid links from tnx found hit by Google badly.

I suggest you stop promoting tnx at all. TLA or tnx both are paid link campaigns and will be tracked and brought down by google easily. Your best bet to get good quality backlinks is using direct link solicitation and good quality content. post daily, do social media and request link consideration with top bloggers. no tricks to success.

Best Website Builder Reply

As far as I know, there are advertisers that get paid from TNX. But the only complain I heard is their payout is getting much less than before. Is it because most of the advertisers get less PR? I’m not so sure…

Overclock Reply

I notified TNV have banned from Google..I sit true..?

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