The Loop and Multi Column

Published On August 25, 2007
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Refer to WordPress Codex – The Loop. How to create layout like my current theme? Ok lets we start using Default WordPress Theme (Kubrick).

Q – Which files should we edit?
A – only index.php file.

Open your index.php and look at

Change it to be

have_posts()) : $firstpostquery->the_post(); $firstpost = $post->ID; ?>

ID)) : ?>

'; else echo '

'; ?> ';?>

Full code

have_posts()) : $firstpostquery->the_post(); $firstpost = $post->ID; ?>

ID)) : ?>

'; else echo '

'; ?>


Not Found

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

Live View – Test Run 🙂

15 replies on “The Loop and Multi Column”

Jake Reply

There seems to be an error on this post, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts on a multi-column layout like the theme mentioned above.

Thomas Reply

I want to see on the index-site the newest post only. But the newest post is on page 2 on the top too. Where i can change this? Thank you for your help.

Bob Reply

Mayed,Josh,Rell @ How? I’ll release my current theme next week. couple things need to update, of course all sidebar will be drag n drop. Kool! 🙂

Rell Reply

Hey, I was wondering the same. I would like to organize my blog like yours. I use the same theme, I just get confused on how to make the code above work for your theme. Please help or provide the code if you dont mind… thanks dude or dudette

Bob Reply

flisterz @ thanks. ermm may i know your safari version? i tested on my safari (win) v3.0.2 and it look ok maa. browser lain ok kan? 🙂

flisterz Reply

wow. thanks for the full code!
this makes your site looks more professional 🙂

i was using safari just now. the demo pages does not work. the text is no visible. only entry title. maybe because of the safari(window) bug. but your site works great pulak. haha

thank you 🙂

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