Say Hello to your New Friend!

Published On November 6, 2007
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Jai Nischal Verma

Hi everyone,

I finally managed to buy BOB from BOB 🙂

Anyway, I am hoping that the transition phase for the website transfer goes smoothly. Also, looking forward to meet all you lovely people and with your support, I will try and take this blog to the next level.

Trust me.. there are lots and lots of nifty WordPress themes coming your way. So hold on tight!

By the way, I don’t know Malay so if you can leave comments in English, it would be great. Though, I am willing to learn Malay if someone is willing to teach it to me 🙂

Cheers Everyone! (**Hands out free Beers**)

30 replies on “Say Hello to your New Friend!”

Arpit Reply

Congrats Jai.
I am sure you will not only recover the amount back in few months but also will take this blog to new heights.
Good luck.

Ades Reply

Hey Jai,

Congrats on the blog purchase. I see that you have done great changes here, I like the neat and proper display of the free themes on the sidebar. I am sure the blog will continue to grow. Good luck.

P.S Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, so we will pass on the free beer part.

catzer Reply

hi Jai,

welcome abroad, you make a good and right investment. This blog got a good potential and moreover you also have a great skill. Nice to meet you and waiting for awesome wordpress theme from you.


JonehRC Reply

Congrats on successful purchase of this awesome domain. I have been using Bob’s previous theme for quite some times and really please of his design. I hope you will continue the tradition and his concepts. I believe your investment will come to no waste sooner than expected.

Welcome Jai.. “Selamat Datang” as in Malaysian style. Thanks for the free beer and I noticed some cool theme already out in the front page. thanks in Advance. 🙂 “Terimah Kasih” in Malay language 😀

Hock Reply

Congratulations on your purchase. IMHO, it was a bargain price not just for the SEO value alone but the potential of developing the brand. I can see that you will get your investment back at least 5x in 12 months.

omarbahrin Reply

yeah…should i welcome u..or u welcome me?ahaha..nvm..hope u’ll proceed to make sure the BOB will more famous and informative…

AfzaiAfandi Reply

Hello n congratulations..Jai.May further maintain excellence this blog.Goog Job, Good Luck and Go Success.

Welcome = Selamat Datang 🙂

Darlanne Reply

Congratulations Jai. I can’t wait to see what you do with BOB. I’m just now starting to get seriously into WP with currently unpublished but on the way projects. I’ll keep your new baby bookmarked as inspiration. 🙂

Jai Reply

@Overclock : That’s what my next followup will be. I will be targetting to recover the full amount in eight months. It will be a real cool story with pictures, stats and the ways I use to do it. Maybe someone can learn something out of it.

Keep Reading 🙂

od3n Reply

hi Jai.. at last u make ur first post.. haha.. i make an entry about u in my blog, but it’s in malay, sorry. but most of them are the thing we chat about.. about ur details, experiences, your plans and hope for continuing making BOB as a great theme site.. keep it up dude!! Reply

hallo Jai! congrates for the take over, and hoping to see more more and great theme created by you and your company.

been using BOB Theme about months and i only can say i love the theme!

USD10000, you will get it back like in 5months time trust me! 🙂

anyways congrates again!

Overclock Reply

Hello Jai..Cal we call you Jai or you have any other nick..
As maximus says 10K is big investment..Are you sure you can recover your investment..??

zaki Reply

Well done to you for having purchase such a very potential blog…Congratulations…Hope to see this blog move to the next level….

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