Reviewback Is a Free Blog Review

Published On June 27, 2007
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Reviewback Is a Free Blog Review

Why Reviewback?

  • It’s 100% free. No payments. Ever.
  • Increase your traffic. Blog reviews increase your exposure and open your site up to new, targeted audiences.
  • Improve your search engine rankings. Link backs and reviews are essentials for SEO purposes and vital to increasing your rankings.
  • Registration and setup is a snap. Our service is completely user-friendly.

How it works?
Step 1 : Locate a blogger with interests.
Step 2 : Review each others blogs or services.
Step 3 : Tadaaa!! Generate Buzz and links! Awsome! Cool! Wow!

Browse the Bloggers : 80% users will point the mouse to PageRank and Alexa Rating link. In the same time can be a Topsites rank by Pagerank & Alexa. Haha, huhu, hehe.

Clever idea by Nick Mazza and Kyle Johnson. Guy! you blog me, i blog you and we create buzz!

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