Remembering those First Pages

Published On December 7, 2007
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I started out with web designing about six years ago and today I was thinking about the initial web pages that I had built. Yes, they looked crappy and were hosted on free sites like Tripod, Geocities and are no more there. But they still have that sentimental feeling and I feel warm inside when I recall all that hard work (supposed to be) that I put in making them. I still remember that one of the few pages that I had built was for my dog when it died and that was on Yahoo Geocities. In all these years, I have learned a lot but I still cherish those old times when I was struggling to learn new things. Recently, I left my full-time job to pursue my online career, so that shows how much I love it now.

There are people who are starting out with their web design careers so I would like to tell them that “Old is really really gold”. So, if you have any such experience, share with me here… and also leave your comments.


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corym Reply

Like you, I started out with a free host [ Angelfire ] with one of their templates. Oh the memories of animated gif backgrounds with Times New Roman font in a colour that would clash with said background.

From there I played for a year or two in Notepad, followed by a blog I started in 99 in Dreamweaver and manually updated for a few years.

I still use Dreamweaver, albeit not very much, well, not since being introduced to WordPress last year. I still like to edit my theme of choice to add a bit of originality.

Just don’t ask me about Flash. We could never get along, and thankfully I gave up once the trial expired.

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