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Published On July 3, 2008
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Expression Theme

“Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.”

Breaking that silence, I present to you a refreshingly new Premium WordPress theme called “Expression“. This is a soft-colored WordPress theme with a minimalistic but feature packed approach. Here are some features of this premium theme :-

  • Full Screen-width to fit all resolutions
  • Tabbed menu
  • Advertisement space for 125×125 & 468×60 banner ads
  • A unique Ticker to display custom news & information to your users
  • Social Bookmarking options under every post
  • Excerpt Boxes for older posts
  • Widget-ready sidebar
  • CSS/XHTML validated
  • Theme Options

This is the first time that I am releasing a Premium theme with “Theme Options” that let you change elements of your theme directly through the WordPress Administration panel.

Theme Options

Here is some of the interesting stuff that you can tweak by using these options :-

  • Sidebar Position :- This setting lets you position your sidebar to left or right
  • Blog Position :- This setting lets you position your main blog to left or right (Please remember that both the sidebar and the blog have to be positioned in opposite directions for the change to take place)
  • Excerpts :- Expression lets you display your older posts in small boxes called excerpts under your most recent post. With this setting, you can toggle the functionality of excerpts. When you turn this off, your blog will look just like a regular blog and no excerpts will be displayed.
  • Search Text :- This is the text displayed in the search field in the sidebar. Change the text by typing in the box.
  • 468×60 Top Advertisement :- You can toggle the top banner ad with this setting.
  • 125×125 Banner Ads :- You can toggle the 125×125 banner ads in the sidebar with this setting.
  • Popular Posts / Recent Comments :- With this setting, you can toggle the popular posts and recent comments section above your latest post.
  • Ticker :- Toggle the ticker function on the top.
  • Gravatars :- Toggle the display of Gravatars in the comments on posts.
  • Comments on Pages :- Many people want to display comments on their static pages. This settings lets you toggle that feature.
  • Social Bar :- Under every post, there is a blue bar that lets your users submit your posts to different Social bookmarking websites. You can toggle the display of this bar through this setting.
  • Footer Page Links :- Page links are provided at the footer of your theme for easy navigation. You can toggle these through this setting.

So, you can imagine, that with all the above permutations and combinations, you can make Expression listen to you like an obedient dog that never strays out 🙂

Here is a preview of the Expression theme :- DEMO

I have kept the Expression theme at a very affordable price of $49.99 which is lower than many WordPress themes available in the market today (even less than some of my existing ones). So, what are you waiting for?

Buy the theme now!

20 replies on “Premium WordPress Theme – Expression”

Alice Odilon Reply


I really love Expression Theme for my Blog, it’s the perfect one for me.
Please can you help me to add 2 images to the header?
Which name have I to give them on FTP account?
Is there any change I have to do on stylesheet template?
Many thanks in advance.

Alice ODILON Reply

Hi Jai,
I love your Expression theme.
But actually I’ve got a problem with ticker, which apparently doesn’t work with WordPress 2.8.5.

Any help?

veerendra Reply

i am newbee in this wp theme creating world. i just followed a tutorial which was fully explained and helped me to code a theme. was written by small potato – wp-designer.
jai . u always inspired me a lot. so wana ask u a thing .. can u help me.
i want to add a adv block bar in side of side bar. how to add it. i mean how to add links dynamically.

Raj Reply

Hi Jai,

Seems to be a good theme. Before I buy, I have a few questions.

1. Can I have two side bars with an option to position them as left & right, both left or both right?

2. Is it cross browser compatible fully?

3. Are the template files standard for a WordPress theme? What I mean is if I need, will I be able to modify the theme?

3. How are you licensing the theme? After purchasing, can it be used on multiple blogs?

4. In case an active blog is sold, does the purchaser become the new licensee of this theme?

Please advice.

Geoff Reply

It looks nice until I bump the text size up. The bigger the text, the more everything starts falling apart. Not that this particular theme is the only one with this issue, in fact the issue is all too common. Usability shouldn’t go down the drain for people who prefer (or need) to bump up the font size.

Marine Reply

Great theme!!
I’m liking the way you used Times…and it actually worked! Something I’m not too good at…

Also, the “themes options” page, how on earth did you do that? It’s very nice :).

Great theme altogether!

Ildino Reply

Hey Jai. Well you already know what i think about this theme and it was a pleasure to be one of the first to get a sneak peak before it was released.

Expression is one of the simplest/cleanest WordPress themes one will find out there and the great thing about it is… it comes with some very handy and powerful features which are built right into the admin panel. For someone who does not want to go through the time/pain of editing code.. but still wants to manage a great website.. this is the theme to go for. OH and did anyone notice this… its ONLY $49.99.

You Da man Jai! Keep up the great work!

Piroman Reply

I realy love the theme. How do you edit the text that appears in the Ticker? Is that automated or is it editable via admin panel?

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