Omnistar Mailer Review

Published On March 11, 2008
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Omnistarmailer is a web based e-mail marketing software developed to manage your e-mail list campaigns. Omnistar Mailer installs easily on most PHP web servers, and once it is setup you don’t need to have any technical experience to use it. Everything is managed through a convenient and user friendly backend interface. Omnistar Mailer also includes a form building component that allows you to add a sign-up box or customized newsletter sign-up form to your website in order to gather e-mail addresses, as well as any other information that you may require from your subscribers. If you have an existing list of e-mail addresses you can even import them all at once, allowing you to change over to Omnistar Mailer very easily.

Omnistar Mailer also comes with an auto responder feature, allowing your subscribers to automatically get recurring e-mails on a continual basis. Through the Omnistar Mailer auto responder management area you can easily schedule e-mails to automatically go out to your subscribers at any date in the future. The auto responder feature will allow you to automatically follow up with current customers, send out frequent promotional e-mails or newsletters and even send to a specific target list. Overall, auto responders help improve the quality of the connection that your mailing list members have to you and your products and services.

The mailer can be customized to receive as much information from your customers as you want. This allows you to segment lists based on what your customers have included about themselves. Segmented lists can be set to send to individuals who live in a certain area, are a certain age, or have indicated an interest in a specific topic. By doing this, you can market directly to the right audience. Targeted lists are the perfect tool for introducing new products and up selling new ones alike.

Finally, Omnistar Interactive has offered all readers of this blog 20% off by simply entering the promotion code 34gt5 when you order Omnistar Mailer.

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Greetings, I tried to e-mail most people the article despite the fact is unable to speak to everyone. You should email me personally anytime get yourself a moment in time. Cheers.

Jim Peters Reply

Thanks for the review. I have actually used Omnistar Mailer for the last couple years and I have been very happy. At first I was not using email marketing for my business, and then I decided to try it and I noticed I received sales immediately.

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