Omnistar Drive PHP File Manager Review

Published On January 27, 2009
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Omnistar Drive is a fully featured all in one web file manager. The software is built on PHP and MYSQL, making it compatible with a wide variety of servers, and with the exception of the license management system, you have access to the entire source code of the application. The php file manager is designed to provide your website and its visitors with a web address for uploading and downloading files. This is a superior way to store data when compared to FTP because you can give anyone access to the document repository without having to worry about security issues.

The system comes with robust permissions options, allowing you to create general users, reviewers, and administrators. You can require documents submitted by general users be reviewed, and you can prevent any user from uploading or checking out documents. Using folders you can limit what files a user can access.

The system also includes a user group function, allowing you to edit the permissions of a large number of users all at once. This feature, combined with version control is part of how the document manager software keeps your data safe. You can have as many users as you like and manage as many documents as you need without having issues with lost data or individuals downloading files they shouldn’t have access to. The system is accessible from any web browser, meaning you can use it on any machine you need it, and you can use the software to email files, even ones that are larger than usual email limits.

Omnistar Drive simply generates a link the email recipient can use, and you can set that link to expire after a set amount of time. The Omnistar Drive file manager system is built to provide you with all your document management needs in one place. And because it comes with unlimited uploads and users, you won’t ever run out of ways to use it! All readers of this blog can get 20% off the Omnistar Drive document manager by using the promo code : blogohblog

15 replies on “Omnistar Drive PHP File Manager Review”

FTP Server Software review Reply

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this website are actually awesome for people knowledge,
well, keep up the nice work fellows.

cabj21 Reply

I bought this script a while back, but I bought the most costly one because I wanted to modify a few things. Well now my license expired and i submitted a ticket to get an updated one and they told me that I need to pay 50% ($97 dollars to get a new license)…. What??? I spend close to 200 dollars and now you want more money?? For what? They told me because your customer support expired…

I don’t recommend this script! Searching for a different option….


Bill Tucker Reply

Installed and customized, not for a novice.
They have little or no customer service.
This tool is perfect for skilled developers needing most of the work already done.
The tool is very comprehensive and 99% open source.
In addition the the clunky java interface, i added a cool flash interface.
You will need to add alot of things, like the knowledge of large file uploads and
the extensive security concerns.

When you read kids say they could get something comparable for free.
They are just talking through their hats.

After over a dozen years professional internet development and 30 years in the business.
What do we know about the internet kids, they don’t know how to finish.
They leave clients with unfinished debris all over their client’s web servers.


Barry Reply

January 2011 update – This software is still awful and the support is still non-existant. Filled out a bug-fix ticket and the response was “please fill out a bug-fix ticket”. There is a lot of free, open source document management software out there. Don’t bother wasting your time with this company. I have never worked with a company that closes every support ticket as soon as they read it! If their reading of your problem doesn’t produce a workable solution you get to start over again, and as soon as you do they will close that ticket too.

Russel Morris Reply


I bought one of their other products and agree that their support is not awful – it is simply non existent. I have had them contradict themselves, tell me things that are just plain wrong and the latest dusie was: they said that the latest version would have 2 distinct features in it, one of which was absent.

Spend the extra money – get a better product. I am going for a refund.



Dom Reply

I purchased this product to test for deployment for a customer. The installation went fine but there was a problem with an expired cert in their Java upload tool. I contacted “support.” This company’s support was absolutely awful. Three to five days for an email response saying “we’ll get back to you.” This went on, back and forth, for a month, and I finally requested (and received) a refund. Pity, because the software has some very nice features.

Joey Reply


I just purchased this software and I can say their customer support is garbage. I asked a question whether a user permission can be set for each folder. I got one line answer saying Yes it could. No instructions, no link to a guide, nothing. I then tried Live Support. They hung up on me. I tried again, and after waiting a minute they kicked me off.

Terrible, unprofessional customer support.

Leslie Reply

I am a realtor and I think this is the best product I have brought for my business. It worked great. I was able to get it installed with no problems and I had a few questions and the support was great. I seen some of the bad comments above and decided to come back and write a review since it worked great and the support was great. This is a great company and their product has saved my business so much time.

Phil Johnson Reply

I am a graphic designer and I love this product. I have been able to give each of my customers there own folder and they can easily get access to there files only. The setup was easy and support is great. They even have phone support for free after you submit a ticket. Great product, thanks for the review.

Mick Reply

Seems to work great for us. We host it on a shared server, and we had one little problem in the setup with permissions on a folder (the instructions said to set the /dm folder to 777, but the shared server wouldn’t run it with those permissions, so we changed it to 755 and the install worked fine), but other than that, the installation went smoothly, and it seems to work as advertised. Great value to easily replace FTP and provides an easy management interface.

Lewis Johnson Reply

I am surprise to see all this bad reviews. I have Omnistar Drive and it is great and their support is great. I run a real estate site and this software has helped me to stay organized and great large files to my clients without any problems.

sifromeire Reply


Richard thanks for the warning I was just about to buy this product but Omnistar Article but I decided to look for reviews since they dont offer a free trial of the product which makes me wonder about software when they won’t let you try use if for free first. After reading your horror story I will not be going with this product. Customer Service is high priorty for me.

Thanks Again

Richard Reply

The product looks pretty good in the online demo. I purchased a copy, to find it doesn’t work on my local web host because it requires a PHP license-management software that my web host doesn’t support. (After the fact, I find this requirement is, indeed, documented on their web site. Buyer beware.)

Trying to resolve this issue with the vendor has gone like this:

1. Email from support denying this problem, saying it will work on any host;

2. Acknowledgement it won’t work, and offer for “one year free” of a related hosting service as compensation.

3. I point out that this related hosting service offers a year free to anyone, so it’s not truthful to call it “compensation” for the non-functional software I have purchased. I ask if I could have a refund.

4. Email saying they’d be pleased to give me a refund, just ask.

5. I say “yes, I am asking. Refund please.”.

6. Email from a new party asking how I like the software – unaware of the above.

7. I reply the software doesn’t work on my web host and that I am in the process of asking for a refund.

8. Go to step #1 above and repeat. Second time through it becomes obvious that #2 is a form letter and a standard response. Again, offer of a refund, again, no response to request to get one.

This has been going on for two months now – except that communication from OmniETools has now essentially stopped. No refund.

I’ve given up and written off any hope of getting my money back.

Beware of doing business with this company.

Josh Reply

I tried Omnistar and their customer service was awful. Really awful. They installed it on my host for me and forgot to install some things, its still buggy and its not worth the bargain price they dish their services out for. Theres tons of free stuff out there that’s better

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