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Published On June 27, 2008
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I was recently playing around with few online tools that let you measure your Link Popularity. These tools let you compare your website with 2-3 different other websites and show you a chart based on incoming links from Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. I was amazed to find out that Blog Oh! Blog is far ahead than many popular & established blogs (and we are just one year old). Take a look at the following pictures and you will get an idea :-


Link Popularity

These shots were generated using this tool :- Check Link Popularity

All these incoming links are a contribution from people who use the free themes available on Blog Oh! Blog. I thank you all for making Blog Oh! Blog a success 🙂

26 replies on “OMG…We are Popular!”

nico Reply

your code is SO easy to read – thanks for making my job easier and BIG thanks for releasing stuff under Creative Commons!

ConQUIZtador Reply

Better then HotScripts… this is something. But you deserve it, you are doing a great job! I’m looking forward for my next site to use one of your template.

robert Reply

…and don’t forget…presidential contender, Republican john mccain is using one of your themes for his site!!!!!

his main site!!!

I think you should really tout that and grow your biz with it!!!

that is such an endorsement!!!!

CONGRATS on the achievement!!!

Simon Reply

Every site that has a theme from blog oh blog installed on it gives a backlink on every page on the site. So if you think the many blogs often have 100’s of pages, it not that hard to believe that you have so many backlinks. Lots of low auth links…so pr 4 also makes sense…as your site and the sites that have links on them get older, your pr will climb though 🙂

Joe H Reply

That is truly amazing. I’m sure most of it is everyone that comes to you site and just loves what they see and links/blogs about it, but you must be very good with SEO as well. Start your own SEO business, with these kind of results to give as examples I’m sure anyone would choose you!

Heather Reply

This is absolutely wonderful. Those themes of your deserve the recognition. I just started using one and have recommended them to friends. Keep up the great work!

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