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Published On December 27, 2008
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When building forms for your website, there are always some elements that you want to modify graphically but are unable to do so. Styling web forms can be a tedious task if you haven’t done so before. Elements like radio buttons, check boxes and item lists are the hardest to style due to their cross-browser differences. There are different techniques available all over the Internet to help you style your web forms, but I will give the prize to Niceforms – A set of ready-made files to make the task of styling web forms easier.

Niceforms will replace the commonly used form elements with custom designed ones. It uses CSS and JavaScript to manipulate the HTML form elements and renders them with graphical appearance. You can either use the default theme that is provided or you can even come up with your own look with minimal efforts.

With Niceforms, you can transform :-


into this :-


Niceforms is applied to all forms that have the class “niceform”. You can have other classes in there as well but one of them has to be “niceform” in order for the script to work. One of the important aspects of the script is that it requires a correctly coded form, including properly declared labels and values. There’s not much room for error and, if anything, it will force you to code your forms correctly. Niceforms is fully compatible and has been tested with most major browsers, with the exception of IE6.

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14 replies on “Nice Forms”

PCLife Reply

Hello Jay, thanks for the info – I’ve been thinking about trying the NICE FORMS software for a long time and now maybe I’ll give it a try! Is it free?

webspicer Reply


i’m using norforms in my project, how can i use onclick function for each and every radio buttons? soes anyone knows about that? please reply asap. i’m struggling lots..

i’m having three radio buttons, i need to show divs, according to the user selection. how can i do that?

Irfan Reply

Hi Jay…
Thanks for the information, I thought it is an online program. But I need to download it first.

Long time no post. Your blog is going down now.

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