Mafia 2 Sucks!

Published On August 13, 2010
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Today, I downloaded and played the new release of one of my favorite PC games – Mafia II (a timed demo available free on Steam). But man oh man!…I must say that developers have done a real shitty job. They have pulled out all that the game was good for, and introduced new mechanics which are really not that great.

I am very disappointed since I was waiting for this game to be released for ages now (the game’s already been delayed a lot). Here are some in-depth details on why the game called Mafia II sucks :-


Mafia franchise is always meant to be dark, gritty and serious business. The graphics in Mafia II have a little cartoonish feel to them. I cannot really explain this, but overall the world is too bright and happy, which is not how things should be in a game where cops are chasing criminals and everybody carries a gun under the hood (I hope you know what I mean!).

The textures are sharp but overall the graphics lack depth and seriousness.The original Mafia game looked much better at its time making it an instant hit with gamers. This version looks lame and is definitely not a trendsetter (which I was expecting).

With the introduction of Nvidia PhysX technology, most of the games are losing the performance and frame rates in exchange for a few extra bits of smoke and particles (I mean, new technology is meant to make games perform better and not screw them). So is the case with Mafia II. PhysX can make this game crawl during graphically intense scenes. Also, this technology is not available for people using ATI cards, which again sucks big time (so much for a free market).


I could have lived with worse graphics if they had given me better gameplay to go with it. This is the aspect that sucks out everything that was left of the Mafia game.

The Mafia II demo begins in a safehouse where you get your first mission. The first thing you realize is that your character gets in your way of navigating the interior of the room. This is really awkward, as this is supposed to be a third person shooter game. The interface should be very streamlined and not feel like a hybrid between a FPS (first person shooter) and a TPS (third person shooter). Things do get a bit normal in the outdoor environment.

The next thing that comes to mind is the driving. The driving aspect is so clunky that every car seems to lose control at the corners of a road  (I have been playing games for the last 15 years, so I know how it is). The hijacking mechanic for the cars is also stupid. Why the heck does the player hit the windshield two times before breaking it? If he is so weak then he is not fit to be a made man! ( I would rather not have this glass breaking thing at all – What happened to the basic Grand Theft Auto style?? ). Due to this effect, I preferred walking on foot rather than taking pains to steal a car that didn’t even drive properly. LOL!

Another showstopper is the aiming cursor, which is more of an obstruction rather than an aid, while shooting guns. Its so freaking big that it covers half of the screen. Ideally, a game that is supposed to be next-gen, should have crisp targeting mechanics. Another thumbs down here.

And, what’s up with my player’s health ? He can’t even handle 2 gunshots to his body ?? I mean, I can see that developers wanted to make this game realistic but it really sucks the fun out of the game. What good is a game full of crime, if I have to die at every corner (either because of  the smallest car crash or stupid cops shooting at me every time). And did I mention that all the cops in this game are shooting champions 🙂 They will shoot you dead even when you are in a car driving at full speed. They are the real Mafia here!

The next spoiler is the hand-to-hand combat. In order to fight with someone on the street, you have to lock-on to him/her before you can engage in combat. WTF…Lock on? WHY? Stupidity ensues when the target starts running away from you. You can chase the target but not engage him again (the only option left for you is shoot your target in the head). Bleh!

The list for gameplay issues is endless and I am not going to list them all here.


With every company concentrating on development of console games, I will say that this is another sacrifice of a great game that used to be a classic. I had high hopes for this title that just got shattered badly.

With the game’s release date on August 27, 2010, I don’t think that the developers have enough time on their hands to straighten out all these creases (and anyway, they are not going to read this rant).

Just play the demo yourself and check it out!

Edit : All right guys, I just finished the full game (after investing 11 hours straight). The ending totally sucks. They have improved the gun play and graphics a little but the driving is still horrid. A new thing I just discovered is that the game world is very very empty. There is nothing interesting to do except doing missions one after the another (too linear I must say). I wonder why they made an sandbox world after all. Actually here is a line from Eurogamer’s review of Mafia II :- The remarkable thing about Mafia II is not that it’s bad, but that it masks its awfulness so well. VERY TRUE!

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Ondreekh Reply

Have you thought about the concept of the game? How well it is written? How accurate the voice lines are? Plus, dying after *five shots, and thats in hard mode, and thats just because usually in games you feel like a fucking superheroes but here are the shootouts a little fair.

ritayan Reply

i am cool with almost everything, but come on, when you get killed with a single bullet every time, or get knocked out with one small tap on the head, it’s no more fun.

The Last Melody Reply

Great to see someone use the grey goo in the head.

The cars handle lifelike, the gameplay was okay, but I too felt that the story was too linear, maybe some choices in the story missions would add to that.

thisisnotmyname Reply

For one thing you downloaded the game demo illegally. Secondly it’s on PC; which 2k Games are not great with and thirdly i think it was one of those games that only work better on console. i do agree that the driving was a little unrealistic, but what do expect from 2k?? and it was in an unreal world.
However, i think it’s one of the best mafia conspiracy games since The Godfather and even the graphics are near the same despite the time difference between the two, there are much worse games out there that are made by bigger games developers that promise so much, then screw it up by not producing it properly and not putting all required effort into the product. At the top of my head – one comes to mind, the recent Need For Speed Most Wanted.

So stop sobbing about it, it’s not the end of the world, unless that is all you do in your boxers, in your bedroom with a box of tissues!!!


Scorpool Reply

A demo is free, so therefore it can’t be illegally downloaded, and they downloaded it off Steam, which is the main place for PC gamers to buy their games

osama shk Reply

Great write-up, I am a big believer in commenting on blogs to inform the blog writers know that they’ve added something worthwhile to the world wide web!.

Sajid Rahman Reply

The game was good,but the driving wasn’t good either,but it was made by 2K games so they didn’t even include transport like taxis and buses.

Vito_74 Reply

I igree with this review. Mafia 2 has lost all good things that was in the first Mafia plus you can’t play it with a Direct X over the version 9. So bad and so disappointed of all this.

Chris Reply





Countryrat8 Reply

I started playing this game with the full intention of a top 10 score.And all of a sudden, i see ppl left and right complaining .This is a game of true skill,Pussies,playing Mafia games,too fucking funny.

Countryrat8 Reply

First and foremost,this game was designed for competition,not scrutiny.I did not get to first place in Joe’s Adventures by luck! I had to compete with hundreds of thousands of other players.Your immature words are so fucking senseless to me, it is not even funny.If you are such a dynamite player,then why don’t you try and beat my score,let alone the top 10 players in the world.And you complain about the fucking driving.Wow!!! OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NOT UNLOCKED HYPER SONIC IN THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!.

Countryrat8 Reply

First and foremost,this game was designed for competition,not scrutiny.I did not get to first place in Joe’s Adventures by luck! I had to compete with hundreds of thousands of other players.Your immature words are so fucking senseless to me, it is not even funny.If you are such a dynamite player,then why don’t you try and beat my score,let alone the top 10 players in the world.And you complain about the fucking driving.Wow!!! OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NOT UNLOCKED HYPER SONIC IN THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!.

Billy Reply

Played some more, I like the game. Some people are correct here saying you guys don’t know what u talkin bout. Nothing wrong with Mafia II.

Asinus Reply

“Also, this technology is not available for people using ATI cards, which again sucks big time (so much for a free market).”

This is EXACTLY what a free market does and creates. A free market, totally unregulated, creates anti-competitive practices. It would be against a truly free market for a regulatory body to say, “Hey, nVidia, you have to open your Physx code to your competitors.”

That aside, I just downloaded this from Steam. Fortunately, it was only 15 bucks because this game is just not fun. I guess I’m not a fan of the restrictive control format or the fact that, even though it’s a PC game, I can’t set the controls the way I want them. I instead had to set up my Nostromo, which wouldn’t have been my first choice for this game.

On another aside that leads back to where I started, so I guess it’s not an aside at all, I’m running a hybrid Physx setup with an ATI card as my main and a GT640 handling the Physx. I don’t see any slowdowns at all. The game ties up surprisingly little vram for physx (maybe 128meg), though I do see it really piling up the GPU load despite it only being used for physx. I guess I could see how, if I had just one card, it might get a little boggy.

I do wish nVidia would open up Physx a little more so we wouldn’t have to do tricks to get it to work with our choice of main graphics card (I already bought your hardware, nVidia, why do you have to be such jerks?) or someone would develop or designers would adopt an open physics standard that could be off loaded to any video card. I’m loving the heck out of the effects.

Carlo Reply

Also why the lack of backup in this game? I’m getting pinned down by 1 billion shooters who never run out of ammo and nobody but a fatso to help me

heavy304 Reply

Seriously, after playing gta 4, anything is easier to drive, at least for me. Btw, you cant die by 2 shots, 6 foremost, and its because you need to think before you go rushing in combat, not go diving in. I prefer the crosshairs being that size since I mostly aim for the head. Story was preety good and I liked the ending, didnt feel like a fairy tale like almost every other game.

Rick K Reply

I have the full version of the game and its decent. I just feel like they took the opportunity to make the greatest mafia game ever and completely knowingly destroyed it. the story was passable but the dlc just ruined the entire game. it shifted the game away from its story to a score based timed mission format. they took any interest the player still held after the story and squandered it. for instance Joe Barboro was one of the main characters in the story and a stark contrast from the much more level headed Vito and instead of using his prospective to fill in the gaps of the story. we are given these timed missions with almost no back story. the entire story was a chain of events that was constantly building to its conclusion. instead of seeing how Joe contributed and seeing how Joe’s story ended we got what can only be described as a pathetic attempt to blatantly steal money from the fans of the game. why would they take time to craft such a well made game and then chop it into pieces and ultimately leave the story unfinished when they had the tools in place to make it one of the most gripping crime stories ever told?

krishna singhal Reply

I am not interfering , as mafia 2 is not my game + i am not member of this website + many more…

when it comes to this game , shut your fucking MOUTH !!!

alcatrazs tortured soul Reply

I totally agree with you that this game sucks!

I did it all the way until the 14th episode which I had to get cars or rob a store for this
stupid loser and I robbed a few clothing stores but the cops just wouldnt back off and
after five tries I just gave up and deleted it and have no intention of playing it again

first one was way better sure the graphics are shit(should of been made in america
then the graphics would of been better then stupid chez)but at least I can get
through all the levels in that one.

im never playing mafia 2 again too confusing and stupid waste of time spent 19
hours playing this crap and couldnt drive a car without crashing into another car
cause they have to drive so freaking close to you it was pissing me off worse then the
time I saw big bang theory when a woman was eating and throwing up lobster!

stupid bitch!

but I did love marty though and spending time in his apartment was awesome!

dustin Reply

i think the guy who wrote that worthless paper is gay as hell, a fucking nerd and a little bitch. It just pisses me off how people cant enjoy what they fucking have, instead they pick out every little detail they dont like about everything they see and think theri cool and helping out, well guess what ur not, go fucking kill yourself you worthless piece of shit

Ian Reply

Let me quote you on something.
“I did it all the way until the 14th episode which I had to get cars or rob a store for this
stupid loser and I robbed a few clothing stores but the cops just wouldnt back off and
after five tries I just gave up and deleted it and have no intention of playing it again
Weeeeeeellllll, that is not a flaw of the game. It’s just that you have no perseverance, and that your a fucking prick for disliking such a great game.

Fuckyou kid Reply

Jesus Christ, you’re a faggot.
Mafia 2 was fun, honestly man all you had to do was crush 3 cars, kinda pointless but whatever.. how can you even spend excess of 10 hours on an endeavor, and just say “herp nah this too hard”.
That being said it does have flaws, Derek’s death should have been a cinematic event, and that whole level just felt unfinished, the story feels contrived in a way, and the ending was pretty much bullshit.

Tanner Reply

Alright, I know exactly what you’re talking about with regards to the “feel” of the game. You’re wrong and I’ll tell you why. Mafia was based in the 30s, the depression no less, so of course it was made to feel dark and sparse. I think you’re actually giving the first game a little too much credit, actually. If it was remade for modern consoles, living up to today’s graphics and physics expectations, it would look and feel a lot different. The sheer sparseness and lack of colour of Mafia wasn’t all done on purpose. They were just able to get away with it due to the period. I think the feel of Mafia 2 was done extremely well. The 40s, especially. It probably felt a little less.. dark because it was at the time! It wasn’t the happiest time with WW2 going on, but many people were working, things were busy and with prohibition over, attitudes were fairly different as well. The setting was depicted very accurately, mafia presence or not. Even in real life 1950s, the whole world didn’t revolve around organized crime.

I’ll agree with you on gameplay, though. The whole thing could have been doubled as far as length went. There were so many great places built around the map that could have made great settings for the story, but went to waste. And there are two points in the game that I hate. When he goes to prison, ending the short-lived 40s part, and when his house that he’s had for all of two days it seems is burnt down. The timing of a soap opera, I tell ya. And the lack of a free ride is lame as well, but if you’re complaining about a lack of things to do on the side, I certainly hoping you’re placing side-by-side with Mafia 1. That had NOTHING to do on the side at all. No restaurants, no bars, no clothing or gun shops, interiors; just a whole lot of nothing.

Driving. Have you ever driven a Pontiac Chieftain? By no means would any of these cars compare to the handling found in cars today. Unlike those in Mafia 1, which might as well have all been on rails for how poorly AND unrealistically they handled, I’ve read that the developers created the physics for the cars based on how their real-life counterparts handled. It is a chore to stay on the road when going at high speeds, but that’s part of the experience.

Clearly your idea of a good game and mine vary significantly, but I really just had to point out a few things in your review..

justin904 Reply

yes im glad henry got chopped to death and died very painfully. first off he was a snitch. secondly he never would have been trusted to work in the family in the first place, he would have been killed when vito brought him in to talk to the boss (he was a member of a rival family LOL.. “yeah.. come on in buddy i got some work for you”0 completely not realistic at all, and besides who would trust someone to work for them when they abandoned their own FAMILY when the shit hit the fan.. pussy,,, like i said im glad he died. if i remember correctly vito flipped sides a couple times too. which never would have been tolerated he would have woke up dead immedeately after changing teams. anyways not bashing the game it was good could have been alot more realistic. they could have made it ALOT less like a over-saturated shooter genre(having to kill 100 guys to get to your target and doing it with one or two partners and living.. every time… ) and more like a mafia game(with an actual “hit” type feeling to it – al pacino in the diner talking to the rival family boss trying to talk peace) granted they all werent generic kill a million people then get to your target missions but the couple that were really hurt the overall game experience. but if they took that out it would have alot less MASS APPEAL.. and they would sell less,,, and lets remember this game was made to be as good of a mafia game as it could have been while still being able to sell a gazillion copies… sacrificing game quality/realism to sell more copies… with that said there are a TON of good things i feel about this game.. the wounding/killing with guns on enemies is THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN on an action game.. and as good as ive ever seen on any other game. period. this is super realistic. you shoot someone in the head, they die. you shoot someone with a smaller caliper pistol they drop, stagger, get stunned or die depending on where you hit them. this is the part of the game that im MOST impressed with. making it possible to actually use a machine gun as intended and realistically doing so – if i see you 50 feet away and half your body is exposed, i can hold down the trigger on my tommygun and rain bullets all around you inevedably hitting you with enough to kill you in usually less than a magazine. beautifully done. amazing. i would buy this game just on those two facts alone. as for the player (vito) taking hits, im very impressed with this given the amount of enemys you face (i play on hard and i encourage you to also) you peek out and take a shot to the head with a 44magnum you die. beautifully done. thank you for this. today i was playing and was in the process of robbing a gun store for ammo and money – i scoped it out. wasnt very crowded, not alot of traffic on the roads, no cops in sight. i walk in, walk over in front of the desk, feeling no pitty or shame i pull out my shotgun, aim it at the old man clerks chest and squeeze the trigger only to find out that i had forgotten to reload my gun after before my endeavor.. so the clerk continues to pull out HIS shotgun and blows me away. i was super stoked that this happened for two reasons. when he shot me – I DIED! in some games i would have been able to reload while being hit continuously with a 12 pump action shotgun and proceeded to shoot him once and reap the rewards. secondly, i realized that my guns do not automatically reload every time i holster them. i was overjoyed that when i did not prepare in every aspect i should have in the robbery/homicide i would was about to commit and think of everything – THINGS WENT WRONG!! mad props to the team for the little things, after all… its REALLY is the little things 🙂 the driving was GOOD but not GREAT. givin ive never drove a 30s/40s something ford v8 or any of the other model cars that are in this game, but with driving mode on simulation im very pleased. i cant say that i have payed alot of attention to the driving in the game after i mastered it, knowing what speeds i can take a 90 degree turn or a s-curve, even though im an avid racing sim fan i cant properly comment on this with the super oldschool cars that i have absoloutley zero time behind the wheel of one of these in real life or in a racing sim. i would like to say that i would like to see alot more underseer(the car not turning in) along with the oversteer( the back end washing out) which again i really cant say this is good or bad as i have no idea whatsoever these cars front/rear weight ratio, roll or any other idea of how they made these cars suspension back then. they do have very thin tires which decreases grip tons.. regaurdless the driving in mafia 2 seems fairly realistic to the cars youre driving.. and FUN.. all in all there are a few things i dont like and would change about mafia2.. but there are TONS of things i LOVE about the game!! i would recommend this game to ANYONE who even REMOTELY has an interest in mobster type / mafia / crime games. good graphics too. even though i play on an older tv (no 1080p, high def or anything fancy) i noticed the water in the river looks AMAZING!!! go take a peek at the river at dusk or dawn and look at the ripples and reflection of the sun.. 12/10 on the river good job guys/girls. anyways.. this is probably an old thread so no one will read this but ill shutup now 🙂

dean Reply

Guess you should never play LA noire then talk about nothing to except for missions wait to play that game you literally can’t do anything but missions in mafia 2 at least you can buy things fight people and pullout your gun in public

killuminati Reply

you pathetic hostiles are very annoying here. i would’ve write down a book of curses on you just to make me feel better after reading your suckfull piece of shit. here, because i’m nice i’m gonna tell ya that you fucking cunt. Mafia is not meant to be played like any GTA games, it’s not GANGSTER game, it’s MAFIA, about making MONEY, killing, stealing like mafia do/did if we talk about the year 1950. what did you mean, you will catch fishes and cook pancakes? in the game named MAFIA? they’ve shown us one of a story that may happened in 50’s. of course there’s no rap or metal music but it’s everything in the style of FIFTY’S. fuuuuuuuuuuu***..

and my experience this one i feel the need to mention, i was extremely surprised about graphics and every detail on the street, the story, the atmosphere, EVERYTHING!!! (and you gotta know i’m not some kind of a geek that has 3 monitors and the best fucking comp ever), can you just imagine that team making this game sitting hours and hours to make an impress on us, i’d get lazy after 3 hours of making it, seriously. i’m really happy that i could play this game, damn! 🙂 of course there are glitches in game and maybe cops are stupid but what the fuck people, don’t let yourself get down by small mistakes which you can really easy play along. and have a good day :))

killuminati Reply

i didn’t mean you dean. i meant that main maggot above us who wrote that garbage. 🙂

i remembered the scene when Vito , Joe and another guy i forgot the name got drunk at the strip bar and went to bury a body in woods and they sang the song together drunk in a car and i wanted to change the radio station and nothing worked then they almost raped me ’cause of not singing with them and the nightmare continues!! you had to pull over a car for that blasted wanker to throw his acidized calamari out of his stomach hahaha.. i really love the game, if i could only shake 2K’s hands. 🙂

Peter Reply

hey you
can you tell what gaming rig do you have when you talking this rubish ? I just started to play Mafia 2 yestereday on my gaming rig and I can tell you that I never play game with that kind of details scenary as this, so don’t get me wrong, only what I am thinking of that you trying to play this game on onboard GPU lamo

nikki Reply

Hey guess what? I’m 12 years old and I just love this game!!! My brow got it nd we just love the demo. And don’t even say I’m too young to be seeing any of this stuff but I don’t really care. I love Joe’s and Jimmie’s adventures. So much fun… btw: does anybody like know how to draw bodies on mafia 2 like after a fresh kill? I saw sombody onlone do it.
-nikki 😛

Liam Reply

Mafia 2 is a cool game in my opinion I’ve never played the first one anyways why yous fighting over a game you sound like a bunch of virgins

anonymous Reply

I simply cannot believe how dumb every single person on this blog is. Just cause you don’t like a game does not mean that it is terrible. This game is fun if you want a true mafia story, but if you don’t want to play a realistic story than fine but you don’t need to go around saying that it’s a terrible game just cause you can’t drive. And for those of you who are writing how great this game is fine just do it somewhere else this blog is for those who have nothing better to do than spend a whole day writing how much they hate this game, If you like the game and want others to play it than make a new blog no one who is going onto this blog will be convinced that they should buy it, It’s just too full of people who never understood what to expect from a game like this. For those of you complaining about 2K Czech It wasn’t there fault being rushed to develop the game by 2K games they never got to add everything they wanted, If you want free roaming simply download the two add-ons these let you drive around without being on a mission. So basically all of you should go tell your parents that they did a very big mistake in the way they brought you up and that you will all end up with very sad life’s just because you can not agree about anything. In short if you aren’t interested about the story in a game don’t buy this one.

anonymous Reply

And yes I understand that writing on this blog would also make me seem dumb, and in fact I did but what I wrote needed to be written.

Sam Reply

Wow! you mafia1 haters are douche bags! LOL
My friends even agree that mafia 2 sucks ***!
You people need to study about the mafia more to understand Mafia1! LOL
All of you got served againby 3, 14 year olds! OMG, I COULD JUST DIE LAUGHING!

Tommy Angelo Reply

Ok, I actually agree with this dude. Im 14 years old and I still remember Mafia1 being the best game, i mean i played the game when i was 7 years old! Mafia1 has the best and more realistic story, the graphics are ok (sucks for PS2), and the main character was more serious (Tommy was also very smart of course!). I remember these inspiring words from Tommy Angelo, the very words are: “You know, the world isn’t run by the laws written on paper. It’s run by people. Some according to laws, others not. It depends on each individual how his world will be, how he makes it. And you also need a whole lot of luck, so that somebody else doesn’t make your life hell. And it ain’t as simple as they tell you in grade school. But it is good to have strong values and to maintain them. In marriage, in crime, in war, always and everywhere. I messed up. So did Paulie and Sam. We wanted a better life, but in the end we were a lot worse off than most other people. You know, I think it’s important to keep a balance in things. Yeah, balance, that’s the right word. Cause the guy who wants too much, risks losing absolutely everything. Of course, the guy who wants too little from life, might not get anything at all.”

joshua Reply

hey, i came by here coz i hear there is an alternate ending for mafia II. but instead, i look at you’s just baffling over wether this is a good game or not. well first of all: to my personal belief, this is a good game nonethenless. i like the shooting, the cinematics, storyline, and fist to fist fight. but the ending? f*ckin’ sucks! although i didn’t say the rest of the game is. for your information about the aiming cursor, you’s having a problems with that? i mean, as long as the bullet goes through the middle and your enemy is dead, you’s are supposed to be set right? i can’t understand why you’s are b*tchin’ over it. and i do agree that it is really short, i finished buy it at one day and finishing it the next day and somehow i wondered if it is even to the RP36.500 i spend. oh and you’s better read some history books to know how the people in the 50’s acted like, rather than spending times sleeping in you’s class (i slept through most of my class and i still got a good grade) coz this is completely how i make my own mafia novel, a happier environment in the middle of the 50’s. by the way, if you think that the graphic on mafia is better than the one on mafia II, then you’s must either have a dislocated eyes or a junkyard graphic card. and why do you feel cartoonish about the graphic? i mean, it’s not like mafia were always the shady bastards that carrying gun everywhere to shoot people right? i mean after all, they are still merely business men. oh and by the way, reviewing a demo? dude you almost LOL-ed me out. and the driving is nice to me, except of course if you have a dislocated fingers or slitted wrist. so, returning to my point: you’s ever try breaking a glass with you’s elbow before? it’s hard you know that? and i would prefer the window-breaking style rather in the GTA where all the people ain’t smart enough to lock their own cars. and why don’t you’s try handling a car crash if you’s feel so tough huh? although i can’t argue with you about the fist to fist combat.

finally: if you think that the gameplay crashes/issues is limitless, why won’t you share it to me? i’ll gladly answer you back with smart ass comment


joshua Reply

uummm………..i didn’t say anything about which one is better. i’m only saying that the graphic on mafia II isn’t bad as that j*ck*ss is reviewing about. oh and for you’s three. good luck in your life, i hope everything will get better for you’s soon. and if all else fails, i heard one of them yakuza is opening a new bootlegging operation at shibuya

wdawdw Reply

First of all THIS GAME MAFIA 2,is one of the best games that i have ever played.
The storyline the graphics and the gamepla, are very good.
The only bad thing in this game is that its full of glitches

Jefferson Miranda Reply

The Only Thing which SUCKS in the game is the Music . The Game is Dame Excellent . You Prick install a nice graphic card & then play .You Bum

Lev Reply

You dumb fucks overrated, Mafia II is one of the best games I have ever played, the graphics, the storyline, the whole concept of this game is beatifully portrayed. don’t be such an assholes this isn’t a sandbox the game is defined by chapters, and you can still doing side missions like stole cars for money but I guess your people are so stupid that you haven’t even realize that. since I played the game NON I reapeat NON glitch of BUG gave me trouble. maybe you should stop playing in those lousy computers that can’t deal with a DEMO. before complain learn how to play, dont come here frustrated bucause you suck at the game. But I know that a lot of people appreciate and know how great this game is so for those people I say ” U sure got taste” and for those that are bitching about this and that I say Peace out Muthafuckas and enjoy your shitty-ass computers.

Alex L. Reply

Mafia 2 was an OK game.
After experiencing the thrill, awe and excitement of playing Mafia, in the early 2000´s , I was left with such high expectations and standards, that when I heard MAfia 2 was being developed for further release, all I wanted to do was upgrade my computer and buy the game. Unfortunately, unlike the original MAFIA, this was nothing but another sand box game. As I said, Mafia 2 is an OK game, but it lacks the realism that Mafia was so good at achieving. The small details that I noticed:
1) No clutch or gears when driving
2) No free ride (in the original release)
3) We are in 2011, the weather should change in sand box games
4) Different cars share pretty much the same feel
5) Steering wheel support?

I leave the following lines just to wrap up:

MAFIA: realistic, serious, amazing storyline, 10/10
Mafia 2: Just Ok and fun to play.

It has been almost 10 yrs since I beat Mafia, and I still remember it and respect it.
in 10 years, Mafia 2 will have vanished from my mind… too bad

kotendo Reply

mafia 2 suck big time. i loved the first mafia. but this one ……………..

driving isnt that bad. actualy it would be great. if u didnt die bumping a trash can at 10mph.

shooting is fine.

story suck

graphix are good but very anoying with the blurring every 30seconds . cause ur *hungry* and this cannot be toggled off.

overall this game is total shit. 4/20 id rather play a flash game then this shit now.

heavy304 Reply

Dude, seriously, I like Mafia 2, but dont go protecting it saying “OMG, THOSE THAT HATE THIS GAME ARE ASSHOLES!LOLOLOL”. Try putting some real pointers. I respect the guys saying they hate the game and actually say things that do suck ( I didnt find the driving too hard kotendo, but sheesh you are right on the dying when hitting something)

Delos Reply

Worst review I have ever read, seriously, “unrealistic” and “cartoonie”? Dude the graphics are fantastic and you even implied that the graphics of Mafia 1 is better, which it definitely does not. It may be your PC or whatever, but the graphics is terrific and there’s heaps of times when things actually look real. The tone is appropriate, it was designed to reflect the tone of the era; 1940’s was dark to reflect the war and 1950’s a more happier era. The controls were so simple and driving was a breeze. You must be horrible at driving in games and you can’t deal with realistic approach of if you crash you wreck your car. Come on, it’s called realism. You do realize there’s two driving settings right? Wait, you don’t because you are that shallow that you review a demo. The driving is easier than GTA and what the hell are you on about, in GTA, he breaks the windows too. I seriously don’t know what you mean when you say the cursor is so big, the middle is where the bullet goes, duh! The complaint of the health system is stupid, you do realize the health regenerates itself when you are not being attacked (to a certain point), so you really don’t need to pause and drink or what not. In addition, the health diminishes in proportion to what weapon, where it hit and the distance of the shooter, so it’s realistic. This is a horrible review, sure you may not the game, but dude, give a legitimate argument to why you hate it instead of making crap up.

Vito4ever Reply

You dont have any right to say that the game sucks when you just played the demo, that starts in the middle of chapter 5. And you say that the graphics look like cartoon and thats not true; i can tell you easy: It doas look real sometimes, more real than the old Mafia but i can say i am a little agree that the characters is better in Mafia 1 becuase in mafia 2 some of the enemys of Vito survives. You sayd that the ending sucked, but i cannot say that the ending in Mafia 1 is better. Mafia 1: tommy died of vito and joe, Mafia 2: Joe died of Leo. It is the same stuff. If you dont think MAfia 1 is a sanbox, you cant say that Mafia 2 is a sanbox, and the storyline is better in mafia 2 becuse there are some reasons why stuff happens in mafia 2, sometimes in Mafia 1 stuff just happen suddenly. Graphics is better in Mafia 2, Storiline is better in Mafia 2. Characters is 50/50.

I dont say Mafia 1 sucks, its really good, but Mafia 2 is better!

Ritesh Sanap Reply

I have completed Mafia II and i loved it , but as you said their is nothing besides mission you can do that is totally acceptable, they haven’t added side missions or some stuff which are in GTA

Mayan Legacy Reply

I was thinking of buying this game but now I am sure it is best not too. It seems that there are better games out on the market than what they have developed here. THanks for the review, saved me a few bucks.

SD Reply

@Jack – Dislike the game for a real reason? How about horrible graphics and falling glitches??? I can’t even get past Chapter 2, because when I go with Joe to the Lone Star, there’s a point where my car falls THROUGH the street and I keep falling….and falling….and falling. One of the worst games I’ve ever played. I get myself stuck in between doorways, and it takes 2 shots to kill me….horrible game. PERIOD

jesse Reply

I can’t play this game for mor then a min , before my whole screeen gets shattered and this is pretty much only game that does it . i got brand new computer 1200w ABS majesty. phenom 2 965 , rip jaw DDr3 1600 7-8-7-24 , HD 5850, SSD drive and gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 all stock settings . and amd 11.4c graphics drivers.

Chris Reply

I can name several good reasons why mafia 2 sucks

1. poor storyline that doesn’t add up & makes 0 sense.
2. character models are way too heavily detailed & look more like plastic action figures running around with firearms.
3. cars are shiny, authentic & nice, but you can’t fire a weapon while driving a car but yet your AI (artificial intelligence) & NPC (non playable character who is sometimes joe barbaro or someone else) can & your character vito scaletta is simply stuck doing all the driving.
3. the police in mafia 2 are just 100% downright annoying, obnoxious, can’t leave vito scaletta alone just because he would accidentally get into a car wreck & they consider it hit & run & to get the police in mafia 2 to quit pursuing you, you have to stop @ a phone booth & bribe them.
4. vito scaletta seems to have no freedom even though mafia 2 is open world he can’t explore empire bay without having to be doing annoying, poorly created missions that obviously aren’t worth wasting time trying to complete.

Caboose Reply

Agreed! I found this game to be very well done. I have heard though if you played on PC or Xbox that the frame rate was shotty because of 3D grass and crap like that. I played on the PS3 and didnt have these issues.

I didnt find the game to be cartoony at all. It looks like a video game, like it should. But I found it to be realistic enough.

Overall the game is very well done and I hope they make another.

The only downfall I have found is that I didnt go out of my way to collect the posters, I usually do that afterwards like on Assassins Creed and GTA. But on this one if you continue after the game it takes you back to the last mission. Other than that, amazing game!

ceranc Reply

I Agree. but i played this game on a pc and didn have any of the problems he was talking about. just because you dont know hot to take cover or crouch, doesnt mean the game sucks. and beside, the graphics are supposed to be more happy, to make it more realistic. the story is interesting and if you didnt understand it also true, the Mafia seiris were built on the testimony of vito. the game is awsome and your just to stupid to get it

tom Reply

yeah, no wonder they give this game out for free wen u buy geforce gfx cards LOL.

game is a piece.

its fun if u like to jus do mission after mission. theres no point? why do the missions? its like work lol.

soo corny too lol, “yeah they’re wiseguys, you either work for them and your set, or you cross em and ya dead” lol pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttt. go watch goodfellas again.

i think il jus stay wit classic gta. ifi want to do missions, i can. ifi want to drive around freely, i can. lawl

BlaBla Reply

“A highly anticipated game with PC roots being sacrificed for console kiddies.” You can stick Mafia 2 up your ass cause no one wants that shitty PC game anyways.

dom Reply

you are complaining that he hits the window twice? I enjoyed M2..
– made me laugh in places
– decent voice acting/dialogue
– cars are difficult to handle in the 40s on icy roads but are pretty easy to handle after that if your not a shitty person
– shooting handled fine, dying easily from gunfire was great.. I hate all that get shot 100x shit
– radio was funny
– would have liked some more variety in clothes

shittygameever Reply

this game fucking sucks if i want to drive ill play GT5 if i want to box ill get UFC or MMA
no blood no gore… this is so stupid…. especially fighting oneal … fuck this ….

tommy Reply

honestly you probably know nothing about the mafia. so i mean yeah i felt bad for henry AT FIRST, but when i learned he was a rat, he deserved to die. i do feel bad about joe at the end though, but i know when the mafia makes a deal with you (like Vito), the mafia is strict, and joe wasn’t part of their deal. so it happens.

chetron Reply

you must be a moron or it seems like you were paid to say nonsense about it.

mafia 2 is a very good 2010 game except for its shortness. still some free roaming improvements would be great.

billybob Reply

the only thing mafia 2 is best at is its story….but thats it

Vito can only take like 3 hits before being killed, shooting cross hairs take up like half the screen and the police are annoying.

so before you call this guy a moron, you should check to see if you are trying to justify to yourself that this game was worth the money fanboy

hesoyam Reply

A truly great game. If I were a “15 year old kid” I would most likely find it drab or boring even. Being 21 years old I found this game being highly enjoyable, mostly due to its craphcial, physical (driving) and historical realism.

Ok, one thing I agree on with most of the comments here, it was kind of short and thus expensive.

Tim Reply

This game was as good, if shorter, than gta 4. Which in my opinion was fantastic! I dunno what you people mean by the driving being difficult, i found it a breeze. When Joe warned you about the slippery roads i was ready to get pissed off by the driving but i was pleasantly surprised at how easy, and enjoyable it was. Pretty much the only thing that annoyed me in this game was the ending (annoying as hell) and the fact that there wasn’t more to do in the fantastic city.

ps. u say found the city too sunny and happy? you must be retarded. Do you honestly think that just because the mafia world was gritty and dark that doesn’t mean the entire 50’s were! The people and places in Empire city aren’t all caught up in the mafia world and therefore aren’t afeected by it. What did you expect, every second person walking down the street to have a scar on their face and a gun at the ready? Come on!

Yamal Reply

This game is awesome i cant believe fucking people saying this game sucks, fuck you must be freaking halo skunks jacking off with a picture of cortana you hide under your bed from your mother!
this game is real business its real life no fucking aliens or zombies that makes a pointless story, this game really gets you into the character and makes you feel you are vito, its really a great story and the missions are great and of course, if you play on you 3 inch TV the crosshair will be bigger than the screen, i play it in my 42 inch TV with my 360 and man, graphics are great, crosshair is great, driving is great only thing that really sucks is fighting but its realistic i mean you dont go on the streets throwing away combos at people, come on its a realistic game and you can do everything you can do on real life, no more, so all you fucking halo-jackoffers please stay away from this game as you wont like it, its just real life, something you havent even heard about, keep on with your fucking fairy world of all your zombie games…

and about what you say the game is short, damn if you dont have any other thing to do with your life sure you will end it fast but a normal person will finish it in long time, it took me about one and a half month to complete it, i mean its a great game for playing when you get home from school or from a nice party when adrenalin is to the top, well if you can manage yourself to turn on the xbox

great game buy it!

Sideshow Bob Reply


I understand why people dont like either. Because I am not 10, I also respect other peoples opinions and value their opposing views. I dont feel the urge to smash someone online, because their opinion is different to mine. Grow up Tom.

Nick Reply

This game is awsome!

best game ive ever played in my life i just beat the game and i was just blow away im not going to spoil the ending but it as awsome!


Grimp Reply

Lol if you gave Mafia 2 a 5/5 then you like crappy games. Hell GTA4 blows M2 out of the water and I’d only give GTA 4 a 2/5. You need to play some real 5/5 worthy games like fallout 3, fallout NV, Oblivion, GTA SA, and other great games.

Jayden Reply

All of those games has shitty graphics! Great games though! But if you can’t find Mafia 2 funny and awesome. Then you have no sense in reality.

Please, don’t reply to this. I don’t like to argue 🙂

emitsomla Reply

I just bought it this weekend and …
Mafia 2 is one of the best games this generation.
environments are nice… nice action for an open world game… animations are sharp… the devs did a real nice job paying attention to DETAIL. The amount of detail in this game is remarkable… There are not too many games that are on this level.

Your PC must suck, because mafia 2’s Graphics are amaizing.

Eran Reply

of course RDR has better graphics! it was made by the same guyes how made gta sieris but sometimes you have to give up graphics for better gameplay. dont go bitching about things you dont understand

Ezekiel Reply

I personaly loved the game.

I loved the first Mafia and I remember that it too was linear, there was no free roaming except an occasional side mission. There was free ride but i didn’t play it very much. Free ride extreme was fun though.

In comparison GTA IV was longer, but the basic formula was not much different:
– go to a map point
– watch cutscene
– drive
– kill
– drive
– repeat

This is not bitching, I loved GTA IV too. Only thing that anoyed me was NIko’s accent because I speak his language, which he doesn’t. Mafia had good actors, good graphics, gameplay was good, and it is a good game. And my PC could handle it.

jared tananbaum Reply

I fully agree with you!!!! Mafia 2 is a great game I thought. the only things that made me hate it was the death of Henry, even if he was a rat, and the ending. That ending has me waiting for a Mafia 3 to come out!!!

Adam L Reply

I played Mafia I as a kid, got it from the local shop. It was a great game for its time, I had almost as much fun with it as I did with Vice City and San Andreas. The ending was really great, and I liked the way the plot wrapped up – not with the main character becoming the Don in the end, but turning down the “deal you can’t refuse,” and a realistic ending follows.
It’s too bad this one is so much worse, it’s usually movies which go that way, not games.

Jack151 Reply

If you know how to drive properly then this game is brilliant. The cheerful atmosphere is meant to be there after you have done your time in the cold, dark prison. One thing I agree with you is the physics engine creating enormous lag in some cases.

Gamer257 Reply

I think your all wack. The game was freaking awesome. It was worth my money. all of you need to get some $ and buy a good system to play it on. I had no bugs. No problems, i played the story and it was Perfectly Fine. The driving was realistic, because in real life if your car is going 100Mph you wont be able to just skid around a corner 2 feet ahead of you :/

HussainxAbdul Reply

Ok, Mafia 2 is great great great game. It is so great that if I had GTA 4 on the same computer, I wouldn’t even look at it, if Bioshock person went into the Mafia 2 world, he wouldn’t survive 2 hours. And did I mention that it is great? :D:D

Kol Reply

When i read ppl saying that Mafia II is one of their favourite games i really,…..i sware its true…..i am really… 1% closer to suicide. thank god i am still VERY far from it. ;P
now the real deal:

the genre is not new
the engine is awfully heavy (i cant play it on my 1000$ 1 year old laptop, because im using ATI graphic card)
the sounds…….those radiostations make me have a heachache everytime i start the game
they make me move my hands tooo much to skip the cutscenes (let the mouse, move the hand press enter ZZZZZ i am bored already)
the playability is just mud, pure mud lol. u cant stay running against a post for hours, really dumb and stupid aiming experience, u cant punch a guy in the face right away u have to trow him away first….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
the driving experience is really bad in the winter and dont get too much better in spring.
there is not a single building on construction in the entire city. GOOOD Reality emulation.
the game in its whole has nothing new besides all playability nerf and HUGE costly graphics enhance

in the end:
This is a good way to trow 54$ to the garbage!

nipplekiller Reply

first of all…the radiostations try to show how music really was back in the 40’s-50’s. so if there is no music of ur preferences, go to options and turn the volume down (like you didnt know you could do that). then you complain that the driving is realistic due to cars not staying on track at 100 mph and snowy condition but then you say that its not realistic cause of no buildings in construction. actually there are. i call whatever you are doing frustration

Z__ Reply

This mafia II is the worst game i ever played so far:

1- The ATI non support really pisses me off.
2-The missions are REALLY boring since drinving is a total pain and 99% of the game is driving.
3- INSANE bad playability, specially with guns. try to select a gun climb a wall and shoot. u only shoot once and ul be magically using punches after a moment.
4-that mission about transporting crates WAS LOL. I drove half day to that place to earn 100 after beating 2 guys and carrying crates and then have to drive back to my own place. ROTFLMAOSAGALNSAQGKNA BOOOOORING

Marcin Reply

If you review a game, you’re not supposed to over exaggerate, the shooting aim thingy is not half the size of the screen, that is stupid, yes its a bit bigger than normal shooters, but you really can’t complain about that. I think you’ve just been trying to find every single ‘bad’ thing about the game and over exaggerate to the max!

Fode.te Reply

FUCKING dumb idiot.

if u agree to pay 50$ to play a game bad like this GOOD. just get tha fuck out and let brained ppl complain cause i am really fucking pissed.

where the fuck is all the clothes and the big fucking house i want to live in.. where can i go and buy myself a fucking villa and that.. i ended up living in a shithole ( martys old apartment) thats not mafia.. thats fucking looser u motherfuckers

Vito Reply

Ok the thing about this game is, it is trying to tell you a storry. it is a good storry and lots of the time you feel pretty close to the character. the storry isn’t a FAIRYTAIL so somtimes you are gona feel bad for Vito or Joe or… hell even for marty.
and about living in the shithole. c’mon do you realy think that every little mafia punk had a big f*cking villa? i mean now that is naïve.
i loved this game because it was just like a interactive movie. and with just a bit imagination you feel like a poor guy trying to make it in the mafia buisnis. and i still wonder what happenend after the end. (people who have played it know what i’m talking about).
only downside is that there is no freeroaming after you finished it. the other pluspoints do make up for that so…
over all i loved the game. it is not for gamers who want to play the best shooter. go play call of duty. if you want to experience a great story. play mafia 2.

Enter your name... Reply

HAHAHAHA I agree with you bro!!!! exactly i can buy more and do more in TEST DRIVE the new version for PS3….fuckin sick houses and cars … this was a waste of time. aND MONEY

get paid to upload Reply

The next time I read a web-site, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as significantly as this one. I mean, I know it was my option to read, but I basically believed youd have a thing intriguing to say. All I hear can be a bunch of whining about a thing that you could fix should you werent too busy looking for attention.

richard Reply

the story is pretty good but the thing that ticked me off is that at the end of the story you cant walk around the city and do stuff like find all the playboys and wanted posters. why would you make a game in a huge city and when the story mode is over you cant walk around in it!? thats crazy! but overall the story is pretty good but not worth $59

Er, me. Reply

Oh lighten up, its the best game Ive played in a while. So what you can’t walk round a house properly? I play the game for a good storyline, shooting, driving and playboy, not for standing inside a house. Ive always had a place for Mafia and Mafia 2, ’cause ive played them for years, and enjoyed it all. Your problem is that your comparing it to GTA. Why don’t you forget it all, play the game without having expectations and not compare it?

sking Reply

Just got the game on saturday and beat it to day. Like the story line.. Cars are ok, and the ending sucked.. The other thing i hate is that you cant go back and do side jobs and get Wanted posters and more PlayBoy centerfolds.. Just wish you could go back in the game and do alot more…Hope mafia 3 is way better and go back after beating the main stoy

Enter your name... Reply

to all of you people how said the ending sucked, its because the game is based on the TRUE testimony of vito about the mafia, this is a REAL story

maddie Reply

i love the game. i thought for a bit damn the aiming is shit but the reason is its set in the 50’s, these guns from 50 yrs ago didnt have aiming like ours today and that was why it wasntr perfect. what does seriously suck is that once you’ve finished the final job you cant go back in and play the game like finding the mags and posters etc.

MAFIA @ Reply

HI there all..

I was going to say that MAFIA II is the best but….
for a 9 hour straight experience it was fucking ausome.. great

the bad thing, is the very short story on missions… they could have easilly done a better job on it..
AND the shittiest of all is the dam ending..

Mafia-eh Reply

Let me sum up the entirety of the game:

Wake up

Drive to Mission Start Point

Start Mission

Finish Mission

Drive back Home and Sleep

Next Chapter

What I find annoying the most is every single mission start and end makes you drive to and from the destination. Now if the driving mechanism or the choice of cars were the least enjoyable then this wouldn’t be a problem.
Also, most of the missions make you drive from point A to B. That’s it.

Best mission? Loading a crate into a truck or picking cigarettes from a box and tossing it to the fat guy. Really fun real life simulator! Hooray!

I’m glad I did not spend any money on this game. Too bad my friend did though.

Mike Reply

Saved me a few bucks on buying this game. Was keen, but a lot of bad reviews here. Developers can’t escape from the word on the street, gotta work hard to keep everyone happy and they’ll then sell the game for you.

Kim Reply

You guys are talking about the real life in the game. Yeah, it seems right when you died bump by a car. But it sucks when you’re killed by a light punch on your face by an old man in the street. Bull shit! I really enjoy the mafia game and the mafia2 really makes me disappoint. Hope mafia3 will have improvements.

what are you on about Reply

I don’t know what this guy is talking about in half the entire article. Most of the things he was complaining about, I didn’t have a problem with at all. The visual quality and textures were of a standard you can expect from any 2010 game. Sounds like this guy needs a 22″ monitor and a 200 series nvidia graphics card, my 260gtx was chugging away at max settings without even the tiniest frame drop.

The only thing I’ll agree with here, is that in my opinion, the publishers needed to hold off the release date so that 2k czech could add in the gameplay and side missions this game really needed. I definitely would have waited if I had known that 2k games were pressuring 2k Czech into releasing faster by dropping gameplay functionality. The storyline was also pretty poor and could have used some more work, as well as being much longer as well.

2k Czech did a pretty amazing job, and if anyone is to blame here, it’s the morons complaining about the release date, and 2k games forcing 2k czech into releasing faster. Even if we still wouldn’t have had the game for another 6 months, I would have been happy knowing the game wasn’t going to be this bad.

w1n5t0n Reply

Why all the hate? Just because your used to GTA style game play doesn’t mean you have to not like another game. I thought it was fantastic. The graphics were amazing MUCH better than ANY game in the GTA series (GTA 4 is a goddamn slide-show even on my medium-highend setup). The gun play is great and responsive. The driving is realistic. And the story overall left me wondering in a good way. I will be buying Mafia 3 when it comes out. Down with haters and nVidia :3

Geoff Reply

I thought that the driving was done really well – you just have to be careful with the throttle, because those old cars are heavy and carry a lot of momentum around the corners.
That being said, the ending really did suck. They want me to feel compelled to buy the next mafia game by leaving the ending unresolved, but the practicality of that is null because by the time the next Mafia comes out, I won’t even remember the story of Mafia II. I feel cheated.

chuky Reply

lol ya’ll mad
i like this game and just came here to see everyone following the leader
its like a f’kn kids party hahaha
1person: this game sucks
2person:hmm YEAH IT SUCKS
so on so on

Joey Reply

You need to stop being a hater this one of the best games ever,make your own game if you hate it that much and stop tap the glass of a car two times to test how hard it die easy cause thats how real life no cheats real life. Your sapost to take cover when your geting shot at,and you wouldnt run out in real life and stand there shooting without cover.This is made by 2k,not Rockstar.(Big Rockstar Fan) But to totally diffrent games,and play the game before you start b******** about the game.Yea the only thing was story line was to short thats it only thing.I got the add ons and the game is a beast,one of the best games ever.This aint a F****** Superman game this is Mafia II thats why the ending is so bad.Mafias back then were killin left and right if it wasent part of the deal then you didnt get it.Im half Italian so i know my history about my side of the family and they would agree that most of this game is real and it is “strictly buisness”.
Joey Vucaviano

Allar Reply

Lol… the whole point of getting killed easily is to make the game more real life like and to make characters like fucking iron men really wouldnt make a game more fun in my oppinnion since tt would be a no brain shooter game then …. And honestly if u got killed in every chapter or every corner u really have wasted those 15 years of gameplay since u couldnt obviously play…

ko Reply

i was excited to get this game, until the chapters kept comming and i realized you cant do shit in between missions. I wanted more personal dialoge from vito, like having a life outside chapters, i did like at first, how the story went on, the years changed with the culture, like the cars music and clothes. overall the game was too short, and if it takes longer than a year for them to even hint of a mafia 3, i will defintely not be buying…(OH YEA and i have a LED 3D tv and the graphics were awesome…so to those shitting on the graphics, spend some money and buy the right tv, makes a world of difference for true gamers.)

Karlos Reply

Easy achievement points! Good game, bit short. Preferred Godfather part II as you had more control and worked your way up to a big bod to control the city!

Minneapolis limousine Reply

Mafia II is a game in the third person action-adventure, the sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It is developed by 2K Czech, formerly known as Illusion Softworks and published by 2K Games. [5] Originally published in August 2007 at the Games Convention in Leipzig, he was released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows in August 2010.

Mishel Davis

scooterdewd Reply

Lame story … nothing says fail like a mobster in prison scrubbing toilets … moments later hes gotta fight off bubba so he dont get booty pumped…


noname Reply

this game is kinda lame.. i finished this game in one afternoon please… and you can’t continue playing after you finished it lol (big mistake if its a sandbox game!) the grafics are awesome though but i agree with the reviewer on the health factor he should be able to take more pain or the game kinda gets boring because you have to load at every two seconds!
i was hoping for mafia 2 to kick ass like the 1st mafia game (you now the 40’s-50’s, the mafia, america…) but truth is.. it doesn’t. i enjoyed playing the saboteur ALOT more than this one..

maddie Reply

i loved the game but thats what exactly pissed me off. now i’ve finished i cant keep doing anything else like finding the mags and wanted posters.

Mandi Reply

Seriously? I have never read a more nit-picky review in my life. It bothered you that it takes two blows to break into a car window?? Jesus H. Christ! Personally, I have played through this game twice already, I couldn’t stop playing! And I typically stay away from any type of shooters because I am horrible at them, but I got accustomed to the controls quite quickly. The graphics are beautiful, the story is great, and there is actually plenty else to do in the full version besides missions, like crushing/exporting cars for money, robbing joints, scouring the city for the wanted posters.. lots! Mafia II is easily one on my favorite games.

Tom Reply

Well, i don t know about the graphics, gameplay or whatever(average) but the story is exceptional. The plot, everything…. When you look at it, it s a classic mob story, and that s why the game is called mafia????!!! I think that the game carrys a strong message. A lot of people think that it would be a cool to be a “made man”, but we all know how that story ends… In the end we are all mad because the game is over and not because the game sucks. And yes, te story is incomplete defintely.

sonny Reply

I’ve read many of the past posts and i am just so mad i need to vent as well. This game effing sucks!!!! They dropped the ball big time, so much hype and excitement waiting to be released and its all crap. i absolutely loved the first Mafia, everything about it….basically gangster GTA. you had fun and challenging missions, could collect cool cars, free roam anytime looking for side quests to earn even more baddass cars. and the story line was great to me. Mafia 2, the ONLY things that made it semi interestinng was being able to store as many cars as you wanted and tune them up performance wise, and rob stores for cash and ill even throw in being able to change clothes if you want (if that is even something to get excited about) There is nothing to do in this game except 15 missions…which at best are gay cause you are driving miss daisy everywhere. your not in the mafia your an effing errand boy! id like to see something along the lines of Godfather where you can rise through the ranks and maybe even call the shots on what actions to take against other fanilies, a desicion making process that evey action creates a different route to take and pplay the game in several ways. one other thing that found amusing was the cameo of actually driving to whack the previous Angelo from the last series as it ended in the first mafia,but still…mildly thoughtful that they added that. i thank god i borrowed this from my friend and that i didnt pay 60 dolars for this game and would not advise anyone to do so. rent it, beat it in 10 hours and return it. well done on creating a shite sequel worst mob/mafia game ever made, fire the writters and the directors and the creative staff and hire actual gamers. magazines giving this a 9 and a 9.5 out of 10. pfft more like a 3

needysamurai Reply

So i really loved the game up untill chapter 14 and one glitch led to another and i still can’t finish the game and ive read enough to see allot of people are haveing this problem. First glitch was i couldn’t get into mona lisa to start the bruno crap then i got all the way to the bottom of the construction site and a guy kept surrendering and joe was no where to be seen and i couldn’t finish the mission. I did this 3 times the whole dam chapter!

Gere Reply

The same thing happened to me in regards to the nonappearance of Joe.
Then what I realized is you have to go down the stairs, and go left of the fire,
Vito will be able to climb over the wall, where Joe is.

BIll Reply

He means right down the bottom when the mission is almost over. The fire part is obvious how could you get stuck there? the reason he isn’t there is most likely becuase you went through the mission too quickly and he glitched and got stuck somewhere up the staircase. I had the problem of getting too far ahead of Joe too but all you have to do is take it slower and make sure he’s following you.

everlong2510 Reply

Reviews should be made after the game is finished. The game had a lot more to offer in the full version than the demo. And I found the demo level to be a lot more enjoyable in the full game.

DJ Drum`n Reply

And what about the end… We end the game and we think: “Ok, so now I can finaly go to the street and make some shit around…” NO YOU CAN NOT!!!

There is NO free running on this fucking game…

RAiDeN-209 Reply

I completely disagree with most of what you have said here. I respect your opinions, but I thin that Mafia 2 graphics were mediocre, the gameplay was good, and the game was really fun. Personally I love the game.

2kCzech Reply

The only problem is that Mafia 2 is too fucking easy! The first when was amazingly hard, and it was the greatest game i ever played, but mafia 2 doesent’ quite live up to the first.

Cunz Reply

really this game sucks…

making curves with the car without almost stoping ur car is impossible. okay its 1950 but it still sucks

u have the hole map and nothing to do besides selling cars to the junkyard (forgot the name of the place) and buying clothes. THERE IS NO FREE RUN!!! u cant do anything without being on a mission.

but the worst of the game is the history itself. nothing to do, every mission u lose half of the time driving through the city. it looks more like u are more of a mercenary rather than a mafia guy. u are always trying to gain some money and when u finnaly start working for a family u just watch some screens of u and Joe doing some ‘mafia job’ but u cant do it urself.

and WTF with the start of missions, every single time u are sleeping when someone call u. coulndt u just call somebody to ask for a job? no they are the ones that choose when to wake u up….

the end really makes u think it will have something else but if they charge for it fuck it, its not worthy.

Cunz Reply

oh and one other thing

what are u god? at the end u almost destroyed 2 and half of the 3 families in the city alone, u just go out there and start killing everybody in front of u WITHOUT help (maybe Joe… great change).

there is no war between the families, there isnt time for that because u killed everyone else..

alex Reply

the reason driving is so hard is because you are driving a real car not some crappy japanese junk or 90s car that has easy handling but nothing else. these cars dont have power steering or anything so yea its difficult if you have it on simulation, but they’re awesome cars with good looks unlike your honda civic

robert Reply

I have to agree with every word the reviewer said. It’s a pitiful game. Shame on you 2K Czech. You should have invested more time in fixing the rough edges.

The driving is HORRIBLE. The Ai is atrocious. Those 2 things killed the fun for me. The guy stand next to a car, and after several times pressing F he finally decides to get in. Same with building, and missions.

The driving itself pretty much ruined everything for me. I’ve since sold my copy and made back almost the whole cost, and deleted the game after chapter was a relief to remove it..

I reinstalled GTA EFLC. Pay attention 2K Czech, this is how it’s done. Go back to the drawing board. YOU FAIL!

robert Reply

Other things that annoyed me. Players walking and getting stuck behind doors. Or joe walking into clemente’s men near the conference room, and getting stuck there. I had to restart missons over and over because of bugs like this. Another one was at the greasers location. Vito gets out and doesn’t jump up on the truck. WHAT THE FUCK WERE THESE GUYS THINKING!!!!!?

When I went to the falcone restaurant, got my orders came to leave you have to line up Vito exactly so you activate the E button and exit.

Also the driving is just horrendous. Every single turn you practically spin out. braking is retarded, it’s either skidding or nothing. I was so nauseous from the camera angles try to over compensate on every turn. Every car tries to cut me off, even if I’m going straight. Too many bugs.. too many issues.

Vito staring at the wall while answering a phone..WTF WERE YOU THINKING!!??
Everything is so robotic. press e to give Joe a pack of smokes and Vito takes his sweet ass time walks a millimeter to line himself up, then turns left, and jiggles left and right a millimeter pauses, then bends a robot..

and WTF does a Czech company know about mafia, let alone an American Italian mafia..the programming is just a joke..
I thought I was going color blind by the horrendous use of is so vivid, it makes my eyes blind compared to the dead muted colors of the environment..

Cut scenes have bugs. Like the jackets on some of the people seem to have spazms. and for a 7GB game you would expect better detail.
What a shame..first and last czech2k game ever..

robert Reply

Oh, and the worst bug I’ve ever seen in a game was seeing Joe or other slide across the room. No, not walk, they simply slide. Specifically, when joe came to open the door down in the hotel they came to blow up, and he simply slides to the door. Another time is when we get to the 18th floor and the good escorts us to the first door. He simply slides to the side of the table with chairs, next to the window, and Joe again get stuck at the door.

In the game when youre indoors, Vito doesn’t run, but that fat fuckin Joe doesn’t walk. I always have to wait up for him or walk back to make him catch up. These are smallt hings that annoyed the hell out of me. I got so frustrated dealing with stupid bugs instead of enjoying the game.

To all the morons playing down the problems in the game, 1, you either have very bad standards of what a good game is, 2 you either work for the company or are paid by them to post positive reviews, or 3 you psyched yourself up so much that no matter how bad the game is you were going to enjoy it, or 4 if you paid for the game you were going to enjoy it no matter how horrible it is.

I’ve since sold mine, and will not be buying a Czech game again. I also don’t buy THQ games , Ubisoft games, gameloft, or Activision and only a specific game here and there from EA.these companies have tons of issues with their games. Very bad programming. and very bad support. Ea seems to be the worst as they just dump garbage upon garbage to the public. All NFS games are unpolished and released before the bugs are addressed. I’ve stopped buying them after NFS most wanted. Cop cars going sideways really was the last straw..

To those saying you can’t roam the world and do side’s not that kind of game. You should not expect it to be a GTA type game. Still

Alexandra Reply

I loved this game and think its been judged way too harshly. Mafia I was a fantastic game and I’ve played it several times and do agree that it was better than the second, but I was careful not to compare every aspect of it with Mafia II. I really loved this game and I’m definitely going to play it again. There are some really good aspects that out weigh the bad in my opinion (e.g. great voice actors, really realistic, a good storyline that’s intense and believable not to mention great music!)

I understand that there are cons to this game; it is short and there is limited gameplay but I think the pros of this game far outweigh the cons.

Its really disappointing to see people just slam the game needlessly, without pointing out any positives. People who just say: “This games Sh**, not even worth playing” aren’t being informative, their just flaming it. I think this game is being compared way too much with other similar games (e.g. GTA) since most of the complaints come from aspects of those games which aren’t in Mafia II (e.g. free roam, side missions etc), bit spoiled are we? lol.

Come on guys, this game was fine! For me it was engaging and entertaining and I loved it 🙂

ZaNo Reply

I just finished the game…When mafia 1 came out (at ps2) with the big map included…It feels like haven..whoever played mafia 1 and 2 knows the difference..and agree that mafia 1 was way better than this one.I enjoyed the game but with so many buggy things,little submissions?!not a good mix with all the features..and many many more..something doesnt feel right..and i know deeply inside that it wasnt meant to be like all..I got this by ingame dialogues *sorry vito..I got nothing for u right now*..and by some mini trailer-like-videos of the game…where Luca’s profile was in place of Eddie’s..I dont know if it meant changes to be made so there can be a deal with more dlcs,meaning more money.
Also I am not whining ^^ the game was good…it gives u the feel of a gangster by not being so deeply fake inside..nor let u be a tinny criminal do business for the capos .Also the playboy collectibles were nice 😉
So my opinion is that the game should be many years passed.they should do something to get things together fine and gives us a very good title.They dont have Halo’s budget!but money doesnt make good games..and mafia 1 is an example of this..

Mr Tommy Reply

Well I agree with some of this review I guess, but I think you guys might have been a little too harsh on it in some aspects.

I really loved playing Mafia 2 and definitely enjoyed the environment in the game. It soaked me right into the 1950 mood and provided a great city to lounge about in. Broadsiding cops off bridges, blowing up cars and gas tanker trucks, robbing stores and gas stations and taking out street gangsters is all great side fun to the main story.

There is plenty to do in Mafia 2 if you have the imagination to get things rolling. As for the story, it was better than most games imo and I felt like i was reading a book that all of the characters were in.

I enjoyed the ending because it left the entire thing wide open to a DLC or sequel or something like that. I loved the ending BECAUSE it teased me and got me mad for a few minutes. If the ending pissed you off, then you obviously were enjoying the storyline.

I hope that there is some choice based missions in the next one and maybe some other things like more sandbox encounters with families, crooks and other types of “shady” people in Empire bay. Give us a goal to reach and give us hundreds or thousands of ways to complete that goal.

I loved being stopped for speeding, hit and runs and assaults on the street. It all added to the criminal feel to it and the very realistic and challenging 1-2 hit deaths made me pay for my mistakes while running around on my crime sprees.

I would recommend this game to anyone in the future as it has more than enough in it to be worth the measly 50$ tag. Ill trade less then an hour of work for countless hours of fun any day of the year.

Don’t listen to the flaming about Mafia 2. If you appreciate a good story, some humor and some good old fashion shootouts and car chases then you don’t have anything to worry about with Mafia 2.

... Reply

You guys are so stupid. If you’re really going to base this game off of the demo, then get the game and you’ll see that it’s so much better with controls, graphics, and detailing than mafia 1. The rest, I won’t even comment on cause it was just too stupid for me to.

Abelius Reply

It’s obvious that you didn’t read even a tenth of the comments if you assume we played only the demo…

And it’s very sad to see how “brave” you are calling us stupid, covering in the anonymity of Internet, just because you enjoyed the game and your opinion is not in line with ours.

Grow up.

Enter your name...Tip Reply

You shuld have more freedom in the game also a bigger map next longer game like 30 chapter not 15 also more clothes hair styles and car fixes cuz thus is to be u an u shuld be able to do wat u want with him an get more drunk manet be able to buy drugs to use but in general the game culd be way better like gta 4 like tht big at least


Just finished this game the ending sucked ass! theres not free roam or side missions and the only way to get bit of a free roam is in between missions but then you have to go back again. NOT worth £40

Demonseed Reply

I loved the game and I thought the ending was absolutely amazing only because the game makers set them selves up for a great to be Mafia III title. Or at least a great premise to start on Mafia III. I found the ending to be sad and meaningful. Dont diss on a great game just because you feel the need to hate it in all reality you didnt.

Kevin Reply

People aren’t saying the game is incomplete because it lacks certain things they want, or it doesn’t have what this other game has… the judgment is within context. They made a map and what appeared to be a detailed game world, and then squandered it. Virtually no side tasks, no deviation, no reason to drive around and explore once you realized there was absolutely nothing there waiting for you. Aside from the linear missions, the one and only job you could do whenever you wanted it was crushing cars for money, which involved driving in a circle around the junkyard to get the car near Mike’s shack to respawn. Of course I stopped collecting money, weapons and clothing because the game repeatedly took it all away from me.

I’ll go a step beyond what others have said… I found the story frustratingly predictable, the tie-ins to the first game contrived, and the voice acting cliche. Get up to a ringing phone, drive 3 minutes, get a mission, drive 3 minutes while partner drops 27 f-bombs in Jersey Shore accent, gunfight involving lots of hiding behind cover and getting shot through walls, 3 minute drive while partner drops more f-bombs while your characters wonders how they’re going to deal with this mess, then drive back home to go back to sleep. Because if I had made enemies of several mob families and could smell the child-like progression towards “climactic double-cross” the first thing I’d want to do is go back to my place of residence, take off my clothes, have a snack and climb into bed.

Mafia was great. Mafia II was a tremendous disappointment. I will likely not buy a third unless and until it gets glowing reviews.

Acedshot Reply

well it suck as a sand box game because you can’t do that much, but the driving I had no problems with. BUt wait for True Crime Hong Kong.
Thats a game that will even kick some GTA OV but.

Piet Reply

I really liked the story!!!
But, i hate it that you can’t explorer when you finisched the game…

I would like to stay walking aroun’d and fucking whit the police…But no.. when you finisched single player.. No way of Free Explorering the world.. And go Stunt for fun…. All your money gone gone gone.. Just Story End of Game.
Sad Sad Sad here..

Ted Reply

Well, i sat and messed around with it for 4 hours this evening. Full version at a friends place.

I am not a huge mafia genre fan, (Flamesuit ON!!!)

But the writing for the main storyline was pretty good, from what i played, it gave you a bit of a reason to like the character. BUT. It drops off quick. Voice acting was great, but the story started getting flat… The whole part about his sister and mom could have been SO much better played up for a side quest or 4. The game is incredibly linear. One of the great things about more modern games like just cause 2 is being able to attack priblems in a different variety of ways, based on how you like to play. This was very straight ahead and you pretty much did things how they asked. Money seems like an afterthought in the game. I didnt have much use for it. Car customizing was interesting, but again, like a lot of people i didnt like the driving. Cars felt unrealistic. And floaty…. Sure those old cars didn’t handle like modern cars do, but they also weighed 3x as much… A buick roadmaster was a tank, not a float around corners and crash sort of vehicle. And on that note, the driving is also too long, i agree, driving across town to nap is BS!… Maybe it is more realistic but it is annoying.

Still not a fan of the combat, but that seems touch and go with

Ted Reply

Damn ipad typing 🙁

Overall, i stick by my previous reviews for the most part. Voice acting is good, and story starts off compelling, but a few hours in, meh.

If you are super hardcore fan of the genre, it might keep you into it. As long as you arent expecting nuch in the way of sandbox play.

Steve W Reply

Mafia II started off as a great game, you could see a lot of thought went in to the immersion as you returned home from the war.. People talking in the street, a shop owner paying protection money behind closed doors, the cat in the apartments, the cleaning lady and occupants…repairing the ladies car in the street.

Then boom.. just like that it becomes lifeless and very linear !

Wow, I can turn a light on and off, why bother with that kind of detail when the game does not even cycle between day and night.

Why bother letting the cars run out of fuel / including the ability to refuel if you are not going to add a ‘real’ free roam.. has anybody (without trying) actually run out of fuel or even repaired there own engine yet ? Great concept, but no chance of using them in the game as it stands.

Such a shame ! But still worth playing..

Smilterdude Reply

Since playing the (excellent) first Mafia game and since the announcement of the second game, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch to play it. Now that I have I got to say I’m kind of disappointed. Graphics are great, voice acting is excellent as already said earlier by lots of people but I got to say that the open world concept of this second episode really comes short. You can’t even continue exploring after the game is finished, that’s a real bummer. Apart from following the story line, there’s not much to do which is a pity.
I hope, if they make a third one, that the makers listen to us (gamers) and take up our advice. I will surely read and watch reviews the next time a mafia games comes out to see if they fixed all this, otherwise, I may download it instead of buying. This time, it wasn’t worth while the money at all.
Just my humble opinion off course…

Abelius Reply

I’m mostly agree with the list of bad things you’ve analyzed. But as you wisely stated at the end, the game masks their flaws very well… because it has good things as well, REALLY good things like the splendid voice acting and a good starting script which, however, decreases its quality like a rocket mid-game.

The thing that is really unforgivable is the lack of a free roaming mode at the end, even considering that the story ends like that, so it would be perfectly normal. But… I see your point. Why would be a free roaming mode after the end? To collect Wanted Posters?? Come on… 😛

And yes, the end of the story is horrible. I’m wondering if the scripting crew was fired in the development of the game or something. Because I was really sucked in the game at first, but just after you exit the can… pfft.

Anyway, I’ve passed three funny days dodging bullets to reach the end of the game, but now I don’t see any reason to play it again. Not even the few Playboy magazines I’ve missed. It’s the oldest trick in the world…: if you doubt about the quality of a product, put a (almost) nude girl on top. xD

Winters Reply

I thought The Godfather game was O.k. I hate this game.

You may enjoy it and see all of its plus points. The only thing I see is 50% of the game taken up by droning cut-scenes, followed by driving somewhere on the other side of the city, shooting some people and driving back again.

derp Reply

story tends to drift off into who’s gettin whacked next every time, money is nearly useless, *spoiler*, clothes are pointless cause they burn up in a fire, much like this game should. can’t go back to a roam mode after the endgame. tuning cars and whatnot seems like an afterthought that was halted at some point and it doesn’t matter that you can anyways.(maybe they are trying to milk you of your $$$ on DLC for something that should have been there in the first place?) There’s nothing to explore, no side quests, hardly anything interactive about anything. game has zero replay value.
-3 on a scale of 1-10

Jamie Reply

I felt the game was way too short and after completing it you then had absoloutly nothing to do afterwards. Overall though I really enjoyed it, I liked how you got a ‘Call of Duty’ type experience in Sicily and then when Vito gets sent down, I didn’t expect that one bit. I felt there wasn’t enough variety in businesses and side-missions. I liked how you could order food and drinks but there was no entertainment to go with it i.e. billiards. I liked how you could buy several different outfits but it still wasn’t as detailed as the appearence options in Godfather I.

Conclusion: If there was to be a Mafia II i’d suggest a longer story-line including several side-missions, more variety in clothes/costumes, and finally bring in more variety of businesses and entertainment, e.g. billiards, gambling, prostitution.

MinDBlanK Reply

My PC is better than any console and PC games are better than any consoles, it’s an undisputed fact. It needs the development that consoles get, because they can target a bigger audiance and make more money. ie Wittle kiddies!

Just because games developers continue to rape PC users for everything they’re worth doesn’t mean that your console is better, now THAT’S mentally retarded!

Mafia Creator Reply

Hi Boxer,

You have one thing right in your comment, the game. It’s very well done. But PC is by far the best “graphical machine” in the industry. Check what Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, what they use. What kind of graphic card, processor, soundcard etc. And then compare in the market, what you can get.

I have a PC that has the latest in it and one pc for my job with a graphic card PNY NVIDIA® Tesla™ C2070 GPU.

So please, do some research before you make any nonsense replies.

And remember: ALL consoles and games are made by computers first and tested. (PC)


y3kgin Reply

I played mafia 2 on the pc and i loved the main story and the voice acting. the driving sucked just to much of it for nothing. As far as side mission’s i’m sure you will see them with more dlc but my biggest complaint is all the glitches . for me when i got to the end of chapter 14 at the end when i had to bring joey to the greek i’m standing under the street. i see joey standing above me and the whole city but when i move or punch i fall in to this never ending white void. when i googled it i found lots more glitches on all the systems. just google :mafia 2 chapter 14 glitch: it’s sad. for this i would have to say the game sucks big time.

Steve Reply

this game fucking sucks!!! it was so stupid with boring missions. I got so sick of driving across town just to sleep. Games like GTA and Red Dead are way better because after you beat them you can still have a ton of fun playing them. If mafia 2 was made by rockstar it would have been insane. But instead a company that makes sports games made it and thats why it sucked. The Godfather games were way more fun!! the fighting in the godfather was so good!!! THIS GAME FUCKING SUCKED!!!!! and MOST IMPORTANT!!! it looked lame as hell when you killed people!!! the company that made this game should stick to sport games

Winters Reply

You’re even more of an idiot than Steve.

Not least is the fact that you actually pick apart a post which you think is moronic. Picking apart a well constructed and thought-out post has merit.

Madgamer Reply

Let me just say I have played mafia 1 and its longer and better I can’t believe I waited and even reserved this disapointment of a game mafia 2 has made me a renter not only are ther no true side missions besides taking cars to be scraped or sold at “derricks” all u can do is main mission it felt like I beat the game in 2 hours and who gives a tish about p boy mags I think they added the collecting of p boy mags after they realized the game sucks before development I am a real gamer that plays all genre of games this was a real let down and I have seen better endings with my eyes closed can I have my 65 dollars back 2k.The “Madgamer”

mike Reply

I played the original game years ago, and still have it. I just finished Mafia2 this evening. All I can say is you are all a bunch of cry babies and have no idea how much work it is creating a game like this.
This game is a bit linear, but you can choose to not go through the story so quickly and just have some fun. The gunplay is very well done, and a lot of fun. You can easily go back into this game and have fun again and again. Granted, there needs to be more random things to do (I’m disappointed there isn’t a strip club), but who is to say they won’t be adding these things in the future? Not to mention, there are probably things to unlock in the game that we don’t know about yet.
Who ever says the graphics are shit needs to make their mommy and daddy buy them a PC. I run a modest system that can be built for fairly cheap now (phenomII 3.4ghz, hd4870, 4gb ram), and this game run at full detail other than the fake ambient acclusion that isn’t needed, with silky smooth frame rates all the way through. The lighting model in this game is fantastic, and it’s pretty amazing to see the affect of car headlights on objects or other cars. It’s amazing to see the shadow play from the sun light and multiple sources of light. A car sitting under a street light at night looks very natural. The lighting is some of the best in a game, easily. The textures are fantastic for the most part, trees look phenomenal, and colors are very bold and very nice to look at. So what if this game is colorful? Is the real world dark and shitty just because there is violence? No. There is color regardless.
I only ask for future content to add replay value to the game, like more interior locations, some more jobs, and some interesting locations in general to visit and have fun with.
The ONLY thing I didn’t love about this game is the ending…. and boy did that piss me off. The only thing I can say about the ending is, this could be a setup for future DLC to see the rest of that ending, the way it should have ended. Just remember, you didn’t actually see anyone get killed in that ending, did you? Right.
AMAZING game, and held up the reputation of the original exceptionally well for the most part. We need more content, more unlockables, a few more missions, and a better ending for the future.

Cem Reply

I really don’t understand this behavior ” have no idea how much work it is creating a game like this.” So you play, spend time-money, etc. do this game and it is not important? And they all do this for our entertaintment only? You pay money and you want to be satisfied.. And this game have none of it…

Trefiori Reply

Have agree to you that the “review” is kinda stupid. However it’s not totally wrong. This game can’t reach more then a vote of 2-3/10. Lemme explain you why, so you dun end saying childish thing like “you are just a crying baby”. First of all the pro of the game:
-the graphic, the light, also the weapon system (the fact also that some gun miss so much as they should do) is pretty good.
-the 15 mission of the main story are well done and till the end the plot looks awesome.
-the whole map is a perfect exemple of how the life was during 1950 and “mafia” theme looks perfectly real (I’m Italian and during my life i joined more then 27 convection about mafia and mafia crime, mainly cause i study law)
and now all the negative things:
-the ai of the common people barely exist, the dun run if you point them with a gun, if you shoot their car most of the time they continue their life without any problem,even if you take out a granny from the street phone she start fighting you like a made killer.
-the mission: except the 15 main mission there are nothing/or just some side mission. No secondary job. You can’t pick up main mission and if you want to free roam you have to stop during them and just go around.
-there is nothing to do except the main plot and running around killing people.
-you don’t even have many building where you can enter, and there is nothing else then some pub for “have some fun”. You can’t play booling, biliardo or other stupid thing that at last make the game funnier (not a lot, but it’s still a good thing).
-if you don’t play in hard difficult, from what i saw, the cops are completely dumb. They dun know how to follow,shoot,capture,block you in any way.
-the ending: never saw a worst ending ever.
-gameplay time: idk if i’m so much good at that game, and i don’t think so, but i finished it in less then 6 hour and a half. Kinda low (in my opinion).
In conclusion from what most of the gaming site and magazine said about that game, before it officialy came out, it was supposed to be the “best alternative” to the old and famous gta4. However it comes out to be just a fail. It looks like they understand that their work coulb be any better and they start selling the game just to make “some money” out of it. PS: dun think i’m just a idiot kid who have fun writing things on the internet, i have 24 year old and before writing this and the other comment i took the opinion of more then 30+ people about it (i’m the owner of an internet cafe, mostly made to play but ehh, in my city).

Abelius Reply

“you are all a bunch of cry babies and have no idea how much work it is creating a game like this”

Well… if seven years are needed to make a game so unfinished like this one, let me cry at my fullest.

And to think that Dungeon Keeper III was cancelled because Bullfrog wanted to focus on the PS2 market… to make more money selling simpler games to the kids, I suppose…

“This game is a bit linear, but you can choose to not go through the story so quickly and just have some fun”

Are you serious?

A “bit” linear…? I can “choose” to not continuing the storyline…?

Just as I could stop breathing right now, right? 😀

“Granted, there needs to be more random things to do (I’m disappointed there isn’t a strip club), but who is to say they won’t be adding these things in the future?”

You think this is World of Warcraft, pal? They took your money already, and have no intention of fixing anything now! 😀

“I only ask for future content to add replay value to the game, like more interior locations, some more jobs, and some interesting locations in general to visit and have fun with.”

I think that at this point in your comment you were finally realizing what the BIG problem of the game is…

“We need more content, more unlockables, a few more missions, and a better ending for the future.”

Yes, we do. Again you’re admiting that the game is UNFINISHED.

Don’t get me wrong. I really had fun playing it. But c’mon… “replayability”? It’s over! Even Mafia I had a free play mode with A LOT of side missions to get rare cars, and all of that even considering that the main character dies at the end! Pfft…

I understand what you say. The game is good. It DOESN’T SUCK like a lot of people is saying. But this is MAFIA II. We had higher expectations, much higher for seven years of development.

Lawrence Reply

Mafia II is a good game. I enjoyed it. Its not GTA, its not Just Cause, its not Boiling Point, its an 1940s and 1950s gangster themed sandbox game. You can compare it to them, but its pointless and stupid because they are totally different games. Mafia II is more realistic than GTA, the police are much smarter and harder to evade. Good Store, exceptional action, and very accurate portrayal of what life was like in New York in the 40s and 50s. A good amount of the game is stealth as evading the cops as well as performing some missions requires you to sneak around unnoticed.

Great game, 8.5/10.

Dialogue and cutscenes are excellent, the graphics are very good (you need a decent computer with a good Nvidia card).

Trefiori Reply

It’s right. U can’t totally compare a game like mafia2 with gta4 (mainly cause of the settings). However as you can see in most of the internet review by professional site (also on youtube like machinima insidegaming ecc ecc) this shoul be “a good alternative to gta4”. There is a good graphic and weather effect. The 15 mission are good, nothing to say. On the other hand there is nothing except the mission to do in it. Not many side mission, not many event, you can’t even play biliardo or booling or other stupid shit that raise the game style. You don’t even have to “pick up” the mission. So everytime you freeroam when you finish the game you have to see the cutscene (u can’t completely skip it) and then? you can just run around and shoot. Finally you can’t say the police is “so much smarter”; yes if you play hard difficult they are some, not really more, smarter then gta4’s one. However if you try for the first time in medium difficult they are just a bunch of idiot, you kill them easy, you run away without any problem, they dun even know how to stop you when you are in a fking uberslow car. Vote: 2/10

Sam Reply

The ending sucked, but you suck even more if you can’t handle the difficulty or be stylish enough to actually take cover when mobster tommy hell breaks loose. (I played it through on hard first time) . LoL, mafia 1 failed cause you did not take enough damage, but it was better overall with the story and characters.

Trefiori Reply

Hey. I just finished the game. It is simple a fail. It’s short. There’s nothing funny to do except the 15 mission of the game. Not many weapon and car (but it’s acceptable cause it’s 1950). The IA is completely idiot. U can shoot a car and it doesn’t run away, u aim a person and he just say hello and continue walking. And the ending…omg…never saw a worst ending ever ( no spoiler dun worry ). Vote: 2/10. It’s much much better gta4 and everyone know how many year passed since it came out.

Mafia 2? Reply

The game was pritty good only that i hate there isnt any side missions/jobs that you should get from derek or anyone els, And becuse of that the game becomes Short I made my way through this game in Seven Hours. It would have been cool with free roaming in the end of the game and that reminds me I hate the ending becuse of whats happends to joe. And like in the middle of the game you loss your Money House Youre Clothes, Other then that its good.

I hope they make a Patch or somthing so you get alot of Side missions/jobs.

N8 Reply

I like how in GTA u can run around and kill cops and civilians after the ending…. here i will have to figure out a save point where I can mess around… because of the game spitting you back at the main menu and only letting you reply the final part of the last chapter (who wants to replay that bummer) … all in all the game doesent suck its just a depressing ending … but hey who needs it to be happy… its well written (whole story line is). The graphics are great and realistic driveing and ammount of health I happen to find refreshing however some may not. all in all I wouldent change the game other than to allow you to mess around in the city after the game, instead of haveing to do it all over agen (and some online deathmatch or coop would have been nice) but i dont think it sucks

ZT Reply

I found very few flaws with this game. It played a bit like GTA, but with an immensely better story and not so much boring fluff. I’m tired of games with a million pointless sidequests. Although I’m sure this will be overlooked, I definitely think it deserves to be GotY.

Goodfella Reply

Here are some flaws…
Apartment on the 3rd floor is just annoying.
Missions you are forced to loose
Restarting a mission puts you way on the other end of town. REF. 27,000 mission
If you drive fast enough the cops wont chase you. (gta style)
Gas runs out?? How about a gas gauge 2k idiots!
DLC was worthless.
Your partner has 3 trash talking lines and uses them over and over.
AHHHHHH the radio stations play 6 songs OVER AND OVER!

Its just plane bad. I like RDR Just cause2 and GTA. I know what will fit on a PS3 disc and a xbox disc. I think the demo download was the whole game with the walls removed. A blu-ray disc holds 50gb and they only used 1 or 2gb. What a rip

Jai Reply

You hit it right on the butt :- “demo download was the whole game with the walls removed”. Apart from 14 new missions, the whole empire city was dead beat.

misha Reply

Overall I liked the game and all though it’s no GTA IV the graphics were alright. This was good because it meant I could play the game on my laptop. However, in the end after a good mission there is no option to free roam it just puts you back at the main menu. This really ticked me off since I wanted to do some of the extra things and find some wanted posters and magazines (lol) I guess the only way to free roam is to re-load a mission. After playing for 10 hours (don’t worry not straight) I was looking forward to free roaming. Not being able to wander around after beating the game is the worst thing about it. Wait a couple months before you buy this and let the price go down.

Overall— storyline is too linear
– the game needs more random things to do in between missions
– maybe worth about $40
– Graphics were good enough for me
– the ending was somewhat predictable

zeno Reply

graphic are good as it should be with current hardware and hd monitors,but as usual non mapable controls.ok there is a real story and some what believable characters but what is with the ugly zombie women,1957 fords in 1951,music released in 1957,58,59 featured in 1951,and playboys first issue was dec 1953,a short game with half the time on long drives through a sterile empty world . i did very much enjoy the winter season and loved the music . cool moments were peds falling on the ice and bribing the cops . i wanted this game to captivate and be the open world game with 50s cars ,music,women and wise guys that i have been dreaming of since gta 3 and it is not .

Cold Reply

AFter finishing it, it must say its a decent game, but not worth 60 dollars

-Very good history and characters, unprecedented in a video game
-Good gunfights and driving
-Amazing graphics for a decent computer

-Way too easy even in hard mode, u can get shot 4-5 times and still dont die (i don’t even imagine easy or normal mode)
-Too f**ing linear, u just basically go from one mission to another, no point hanging out in the city, there’s nothing to do… main flaw
-Too short, like 10 hours or so
-Cops are totally useless and are no trouble at all

jesse Reply

way to easy? i shotgun shot and you’re down.

also the ending was terrible….i just sat there thinking “thats it? i paid 130 bucks for this?”

Chronic Reply

This was SO F’ING HORRID compared to the first! After investing 12hrs into the game ignoring the 2 generation old graphics, clipping, control issues etc only to find that the ending sucked donkey D**K, there is not free-roam mode after the ending, it just kicks you into the menu. There’s no unlockable content like cars and guns in the first Mafia, The whole story seemed really dry compared to the first and then they have to rub salt in the wound with this huge let down at the end. I’m hard pressed to give this a 5/10! PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!! You will most likely regret it!

Psyco Reply

Man guyz why is everybody ranting this game, I kinda like it.

Sure it has a little cartoonish graphics, cars do “slide” as hell but hey its a game. I have GTA IV on my PS3 and I think that cars are more manuverable here…

As for 2 shots kill, its the part I love the most. U need to be carefull to survive, its not like a MW2 “run and gun”. I havent played first 1 jet tho, but I prefer this game to any GTA.

And cmon unlocking cars is the fun u dont just look at radar and steal a car u have to plan the whole thihng through.

And Im not saying its realistic, its not. Its only more realistic than GTA.

Ryan Reply

Mafia 2 is very well done. The actual release that is. I do not know what you played but the way they captured (new york) during war times and the great depression at first was very well done. Just because its the mafia does not mean it had to be dark. It was trying to capture the mood of the times. Which it does VERY well.

Car handling is great also for what cars there are. Do you expect a T Bird to handle like a modern ford. Your one of the punk asses that QQ because all the cars do not handle balanced like an arcade racer.

The only legitimate debate you give is the shooting. Its a bit annoying but nothing horrible. Resident evil delivers worse.

Seriously though I dont know what you expected but go watch the godfather. Its a bit more than your outlook with this so called Dark and Gritty world.

Joe Reply

I hardly found any sequel games that was better than its predecessor, for instance
God of War III -> God of War II was fabulous, but III was, way down…
Dynasty Warriors -> it’s getting weirder since 4th installment, but 6th was okay I think
Starcraft II -> I enjoyed it, but wasn’t as legendary as 1st Starcraft

Perhaps GTA and Metal Gear Solid are the games that at least, keep maintained their predecessors’ success, if not better

I am a huge fan of Tommy Angelo and Mafia I installment, especially the (spoiler) Lucas Bertone’s side job

I didn’t expect that Mafia II would be lot better than the first (I read Wiki and critics gave good score, not great, around 7) but I think I’m gonna try it.

I did enjoy Godfather II better than the first one. II was more unrealistic I think, but it’s more fun, since we can bring henchmen along the way.

Perhaps I would find something new in Mafia II.

Thanks for your information.

JLF Reply

Are you guys trolls or what? Jesus christ. I just started the game for real and it’s f’cking awesome. Don’t listen to this hack who

A) reviewed the demo, not the game

B) can’t drive for shit in a realistic driving sim

C) is obviously playing on a console and so his review of the graphics is irrelevant, it looks great at 1680×1050 with settings on max

D) actually LIKES games where you can get shot 50 times and still live. Sorry, I actually like games with believable and realistic gunfights, not the arcade crap that this f’cking MORON is clearly so enamored with

This is one of the most graphically impressive games in the past 10 years. It rivals Crysis. Furthermore, the cinematics and writing and storytelling are way above the bar. Kudos to 2k and fuck this idiot.

SuperMario290 Reply

I don’t see how one could be a troll who’s telling what they think of the game. That’s like saying “oh man, your review is so biased”, when really it’s someones opinion. If you don’t like the review because you like the game, then don’t read it. I mean it’s that simple.

Matt Reply

OK, this game is actually pretty good. I say this because I purchased it… but it is all worth it while you are in prison (In game) As you search for Leo Galante you wander around talking to surly persons but next to the central tower in the yard is a crazy man repeating the versus to the beginning of Zero Wing, aka ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. Awesome, 10/10

Steve Reply

I JUST BOUGHT IT TODAY!! ITS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! i seriously waited years for this game and its so bad! the gameplay is awful! Red dead is way more fun!!! MAFIA 2 SUCKS!!!!!!! DONT BUY!!!! MAKE THEM RE DO IT!!

gamer_geek Reply

yeah i’ve seen the trailer and its more likely unbelievably modest which never i would expect it to be in the real thing.
it lacks crankiness.
lastly, you mentioned about the players health which is really hilarious to think.
great insights!

A2D Reply

Waited almost 3yrs for this game .. Very unhappy with the demo.
The mechanics of the game feel clunky and awkward while driving, shooting, or even just walking around.

Of course i had the original mafia on PC .. not the lame console/port every game has turned into today .. so i am sure that explains some of its crappy feel.
Consoles just suck at most shooting games.

Wont be buying Mafia2 at all – Consoles just suck and the PC version is not even a “PC Game” its a “PC Enabled” game – (AKA) another shitty port.

JLF Reply

Not everyone is a kid you moron, some of us have a little disposable income that we can spend on our hobby, because we’ve got jobs and all.

It doesn’t take a rich person to scrape together $1,000 or so to build a top-of-the-line gaming PC. Get a job, you fucking lazy kid.

Nathan Reply

The main reason that pc gaming is in decline is because of hardware, Laptops, and retailers like PCworld. Usually when the average consumer needs a new computer they will go to the nearest reailer to buy their Desktop/Laptop. What they don’t know is that retailers ship PC’s with very poor hardware to keep costs down and profits up. Unlike the old days, PC games today have very high hardware requirements to be playable the way that a developer intended a game to be. So many find that their PC’s simply are just unable to meet these hardware requirements, or have a very poor experience because they played a game on low/medium settings with a laggy framerate. Therefore they do not buy games for their PC’s and instead go the console route.

JLF Reply

I don’t know how bad the demo was, but the final version doesn’t feel like a console port. I hate console ports but this was well-tuned for the PC.

Reaper Reply

Ok, look i enjoy the realism of the game and as another had said this is a different Era of time so the area around you may look different ( put it this way If the released the same Exact game again just a differ story line How PISSED would u be) 2 ALL CARS IN EVERY GAME ARE NOT THE SAME. The vehicles are going to act different in fact this is how cars a ment to be drivin at the time u cant just E brake And slide every where, u got 2 slow down n take the turn. I agree with the cross hair comment, all though it DOES NOT TAKE UP HALF THE FUCKIN SCREEN, It is a little large BUT i can deal with it. also, Sir How many bullets do u think u can take, the idea here is to TAKE COVER U MORON and then shoot, they train military units this EVERY DAY! They eat breath and shit this idea. You sir are not intelligent 2 do this well then why wonder why ur Death rate is higher then your kill rate. I do agree graphics could use some work but atleast they are not horrible. Anyways did u see any of the extras like the resturants and the gas station the clothing Stores and the CAR MODS??? Faster engines better controls? Fuckin rims and paint jobs??? Why dont u wait for the product to be released before you start spewing 0pinions all over the ground, u should get a mop and clean that shit up. REALISM FOR THE WIN!!!

Reaper Reply

THANK YOU SIR! I agree with every word u just said, it is all true, although i do think camera angles do need 2 be fixed, but lets not forget the demo Isnt the FINISHED Product so guyz get off the developers Dick and lets them finish the job.

Kenney Reply

If you fools are seeking realism go out and do these things on your own time. Personally, If I’m seeking realism to the point I judge a bloody video game right down to its nitty-gritty I think its time for a real REALITY CHECK. Go outside it seems the majority of your have lost focus in the gaming industry. The first priority is having mindless fun for hours, not too see if you can have a wife and kids within he game and whether or not the wife acts like an actual woman in real life.

Saints Row 2 for example, it stupid-fun, mindless mayhem with complete customization is what I’m after.

But for you people to judge a game because you can’t control the majority of the things your character can do, maybe its time to take control of your own life? Its a god damn game.

And as for the original rant about this game, 2 thumbs down.

ted Reply



Look, I will admit that the game is “realistic” and that I prefer gaming to have a hint of fantasy, I am not saying that I want to run and gun without ever taking damage, I just want to not feel like a clumsy paper cut out man. THe control was shit. “realistically” i can walk around my apartment and drive myself to work… in the game I would never make it to work on time, since I would spend an extra hour each day trying to get around my home and i would never make it to work cause i’d be filling out accident reports all day.

I played it on PC, so that might be part of it, but the control on PC is shit. maybe i’ll pop onto xbox live and try it there, but if it controls like the pc, there will be a zero percent chance of purchase.

As to complaining that i am saying the game sucks because of the demo, YES!!!!! I played the demo and it sucks, so by proxy, the game sucks. Game companies release Demos so that we can try it, and companies make sure that the demo is “the best experiences” of the game to hook you. if this is “the best” and it sucks, the rest of the game would SUCK MORE!

I prefer the world in the game to be realistic, did not like Kane and Lynch or army of two or any of that genre, but like i said, in reality I can drive a car, I can walk from my kitchen to my living room and I can obey traffic signs… none of which seems possible with the crappy control.

I posted my comments agreeing withthe review… looking out on all the sites, it’s getting positive review pretty much, so i doubt this review will kill the sales, but i think there will be some dissapointed gamers in another week.

Jai Reply

I would have really admired the game if it was totally realistic (which it is not). It looks like a shallow arcade game that wants to LOOK realistic. Remember STALKER? That was a realistic game and I am a huge fan 🙂

Cool Hand Luke Reply

Yeah man this game is way to realistic, I was shooting one guy, and I ran out of bullets and it was telling me I had to reload. WTH IS THAT. I have to reload in a game. I should have infinite bullets.

This game is also lacking zombies. I would really hope to see motorcycles in the game to. AND theres no ray guns. THIS GAME IS SO REALISTIC.

I read that whole thing jake. After I read this authors rant, its really obvious he does not like realistic game. Some one should remove his rant, simply because hes not thinking of others, I got a xbox live friend, who plays nothing but that mafia II demo, its funny because he only gets 10 mins, but then he just loads the demo up again when his times up.

I played the demo, it was good, not a type of game that I usually play, I’m in to Left for dead lol. Well after playing this demo, it seemed pretty promising. I think I will go with a review from a more trusty source, (IGN)

Reaper Reply

WELL I gotta say you should take ur aliens and zombies and your ray gun and save them for Halo because i HATE HATE HAAAAAAATE!!! those fake peices of fuckin fantasy TRASH! and i appreciate the realism i love the fact that if i shot someone in the heart they fall to their knees clenching their chest BECAUSE THATS WHAT HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. No i dont want to pretend i have a wife and kids in the sims pretending its real life, i already got that but teenagers Eat that shit up, Because they enjoy just like you like hitting zombies with bats and shooting them up in a mall. You dont like the game then fuck off, if not that save us the time and jump in front of a bus.

James Reply

I played the demo for literally 5 minutes. Right away I knew this was a horrible game Nothing looked right. Looked like a cheesy poorly made rip of GTA. I feel bad for anyone who pays 60$ dollars. I wouldn’t even pay 10$ for this game and I’m not cheap. Worst game ever…

James Reply

“clumsy and cartoonish” sum up this game. I wouldn’t pay 10$ for this crappy game. Mafia? More like lame cartoon wannabe mafia.

imacomputa Reply

wow, this is a very uninformed blog post.
for one, physx in this game is simply amazing.
2. you can use physx with an ati card. Im doing it right now.
just skimmed it because i don’t agree at all.

mr. judge Reply

haha, you’re so losers…. “can’t drive the car because you lose control”, omg, if you could drive you would enjoy it, haha you say it sucks, if you don’t like that it’s realistic then play godfather, or gta, or i don’t know, and quit whining, damn… laughed a lot on your review though, so thanks

Ted Reply


Felt clumsy and cartoonish. I have a pretty powerful pc (high end quad core with 12 gigs of ram and dual graphics cards) and i didn’t get any slowdowns, but sections of the audio just dissapeared. especially during asshat’s speech about leaving italy. so i skipped it. The aiming was clumsy, and being a fragile girlie man made out of paper ruined any fun i could have had. I realize they want it to be tough and realistic, but i just got bored and gave up instead of finishing the mission. I just quit, i had no desire to complete it.

Having a powerful pc means that everything moves fluidly, so the environment has no slowdowns, but vito runs like a waterhead who took cold medication. The driving sucked ass, I could barely drive in a straight line. which alerted police to a “hit and run” driving was so crap i couldn’t evade them, so i had to get out and shoot them to get to my objective.

Bad combat, bad manouverability, bad driving… is this game a punishment for being a fan of the genre?

gary Reply

man u maybe suck at playing games and all u say its not realistic u go on the street with guns blazing and the cops will put a whole in ur head within a sec dumb ass not realistic lol

ted Reply

I didn;t walk down the street guns blazing and expect no cops to attack me. I tried to safely drive my own car down the street… which caused cops to chase me. I tried to evade them, but the control was shit. so I HAD to get out and kill them! just to get to the mission area! and once i killed them, meh… nothing happened. I would think that in “reality” someone who hits another car would get followed by the cops, but getting out of your car with a gun, i think, would cause them TO CALL BACKUP!!!!!! I would think even in the 40’s-50’s area, a radio car could call backup with a description… where as at least in GTA, when you shoot at a police officer, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and they go after your punk ass.

Lawrence Reply

Wow, I never had that problem. Both Mafia and Mafia II have their bugs so far and its reasonable, but driving is not as diffcult as you said it is. Put it in Normal Mode, and driving is what you expect it to be, W-foward, S-brake/reverse, AS, left and right, Space for hand brake.

It is difficult to run from cops, so I drive to a clothing store, kill everyone in the store, and take cover. Then I wait for the cops to come in and kill them too. Then I rob the register and steal clothes, giving me a new look and cops off my tail. Other times, you have to have a fast car, so either you soup it up at the shop, or you drive on an open road with a decent car like a Smith Mainline. Why are you complaining about a hit and run, In Mafia 1, you get cops chasing you when you run a RED LIGHT.. lol.

The Cops do report your car and your stature if you actually listen to the game once in awhile, and you get a wanted poster sign and wanted plate sign.

This isn’t GTA, stop comparing this game to it. This is Mafia. Mafia is placed in the 1940s and 1950s. The cars, the voice work, the sounds, the dialogue, the music, the atmosphere and scenery are all historically accurate. This is a good game. The action scenes are fantastic, the fights and the gun fights. Taking cover is ideal, recoil is accurately implicated. This game is fantastic. Downside is there isn’t as much action as there should be, and you need a decent computer to run this game. You don’t have to have PhysX to enjoy this game.

For all your Nvidia Haters, and ATi Fanboys, understand this, Nvidia let the developers of Mafia II use their hardware and therefore licensed the game to them. In the intro there is a Nvidia Logo, hmm where did that come from? Free market? Please… there is never a free market, its two giant competing against each other, and Nvidia is winning.

All in all, at least an 8.5 out of 10. This game is very good and realistic. This isn’t GTA, so don’t expect it to be. There are 15 missions, pinups, playboy mags of that era, and artwork. Don’t expect much side missions, dates with girlfriends, and cars that drive really fast, or helicopters and armored vehicles with rockets.

SuperMario290 Reply

Worst game ever? I’d vote for ET on the Atari 2600 that crashed the game industry in 83′ but that’s just me 😛 haha

Transmetal666 Reply

So I am very pissed at this game, one of the biggest game dissapointments
along with Just Cause 2! Back in mid-June, I preordered this mafia ii because
I was impressed by the trailers and what not… To my surprise, about 15 min ago my demo finished downloading then I started playing it! Little did I know that this game was a piece of shit! I literarly played the demo for no longer than 4 mins! First thing tomorrow I’m going to cancel my order and perhaps preorder another game! Anyone know about that game LA Noir?

James Reply

Lol you pre-ordered this? I played the demo, it sucks so bad. I wouldn’t even play this game if they payed me to play, that how horrible it is…

DEMO Reply

CAN WE QUITE COMPARING THE GAME TO THE DEMO! Your missing out on the story and cinematic affect- which is what makes the game “tolerable”.


Hippy Hop Reply

I was planning to download the demo and try it out since I had enjoyed the first one. But upon reading your review of it, no thanks man. I will just waste my time with it. Thanks for the warning. Even though they cant or will not read your article, they lost one gamer.

Reaper Reply

Do not just take his word for it. It takes less then 15 minz 2 download and its free, I personally enjoyed the demo and recommend that you atleast try it. Good day sir!

the full version took me just 9 hours to complete!!
graphics is good….gameplay is same, old, ordinary..
this game is so so short….
i am taking about the full version!!
its the shortest game i have ever player in my life!!
i think there will be a next part….
the story is incomplete at theend!!

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