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Published On November 10, 2010
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Write for us!

This is an open invitation to all the bloggers and authors who want to write for Blog Oh! Blog.

Why the Invite?

For a long time, I have been managing this website all by myself where I had to create WordPress themes (free, premium and custom), manage the blog, and also write articles for publishing on Blog Oh! Blog. Things do get hectic when you are a one man running the big show.

Blog Oh! Blog’s themes are widely used by bloggers who use WordPress as their blogging platform. This is a major contributing factor for the website’s success and once I get a good team of authors, I will get the time to fully concentrate on that aspect and that will help take Blog Oh! Blog to a much higher level.

Why write for Blog Oh! Blog?

Today Blog Oh! Blog has achieved a respectable status and can be used as a decent platform for any author to showcase his skills and in turn promote his own website. Here are a few statistics that you might want to consider before writing for this website :-

Google PageRank :- 7/10

Alexa Rank :- 13,527

Unique visitors per month (Majority from USA, UK and China) :- 1,00,000 +

Backlinks (I think none of the existing WordPress Theme websites surpasses this number) :- 2,225,392

RSS Reader count :- 10000+

Topics to be Covered

A wide range of topics will be covered ranging from WordPress, Web Design, Blogging, Resource Lists to Showcasing artwork, Tutorials etc. Here is a list of the topics to be more specific :-

  • WordPress (Themes/Plugins)
  • Blogging World
  • Inspirational Articles (related to Web World)
  • Icons (collections)
  • Wallpapers
  • Tips & Tutorials
  • Web Design in General
  • Resource Lists
  • Graphics
  • Tools & Techniques

The topics are not limited to the above list. If I like the article and is suited for the blog, I will definitely post it on the blog.

Writing Guidelines

  • Make sure that the article content is original, written by you, and not copied from somewhere on the Internet.
  • The writing style has to be friendly, inspirational, creative, and overall engaging.
  • There should be no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • You should strike a perfect balance between your textual content and images.

What you’ll get?

  • Any articles that are accepted for publishing will be attached with an author’s short bio that will contains your website/portfolio’s link.
  • A separate page will be build on Blog Oh! Blog where all the authors will be listed with their websites.
  • Best authors will also be compensated with cash!

What Next?

If I have gotten you interested, you can contact me at bob[at] with your articles or just go through the Contact Page.

9 replies on “Inviting Authors on Blog Oh! Blog”

Blogger Finds Reply

That great man are you still accepting guest post. you are right i havn’t seen such a high PR for these kinds of websites. great work .

Eric Reply

Just wanted to comment that there is a typo in your “Unique visitors per month” (you wrote 1,00,000 but I assume you meant 1 million) I just thought it was funny since you are asking for articles with no typos.

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