How to be Creative with your 404 Pages

Published On November 26, 2007
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If you are creative, then your creativity should ooze out everywhere including the 404 error pages on your website. They are the most neglected part when it comes down to efficient website design. Believe me when I say that your 404 page is the most viewed page on your website. All your visitors are not equally smart so expect them to make spelling mistakes and errors when typing out the site URL. Some of the visitors might even try to access pages on your website which don’t exist or have been modified.

Now, most of the 404 error pages are boring. We don’t want to be boring, right? So, here are some ideas to get cute with your visitors. These are from real websites – Believe it or not!

404 Error Page 1

404 Error Page 2

404 Error Page 3

404 Error Page 4

404 Error Page 5

404 Error Page 6

404 Error Page 7

404 Error Page 8

404 Error Page 9

404 Error Page 10

10 replies on “How to be Creative with your 404 Pages”

Sorry but just to add; recent posts and comments, search forms, most viewed posts etc.. but again, what are your best performing/converting pages?? Channel that traffic!

@Tim Halberg
I think so, its a great idea to have such creative 404 page.
may be should be more creative with my 404 page to.
well i’ll try to make a creative 404 page then

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